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Author Topic: Interest check- Silent Hills  (Read 253 times)

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Interest check- Silent Hills
« on: February 17, 2015, 12:37:59 AM »
A simple introduction: Silent Hills is a Silent Hill inspired mild horror free form sand box centered around a small isolated town called Cold Creek. Its a
beautiful place, there's a small amusement park, lake and two accommodating hotels. There are plenty of sights to see. On the surface it appears to be a normal small town surrounded by thick temperate forest and a few small farms. But appearances are deceiving. Cold Creek  is ruled by a powerful supernatural force that has pulled characters in from all walks of life and worlds, drawn to some darkness the posses, some dark secret.

There is a thick fog that surrounds the town boarders that prevent any one from leaving once they enter the town. Those who find themselves trapped in Cold Creek will find out that monster are real and so are nightmares. Every little thing your character knows in the corners of thier mind awakens  and the town itself crawls with creatures spewed from the abyess.

Sometimes a thick fog rolls in and your character can get lost. Other times the town becomes run down and unlivable.

Silent Hills is a panfandom and original character game with a deceptive town as the setting. Most the time its normal and perfect as can be. But at times its a purge from hell and its out to destroy you. Can you survive?

These are the town rules and structure.

Who can leave and who can't?

Delivery people can leave, well as non-local authorities as town does not want to bring trouble. Tourists, weary travelers, characters from other worlds and so forth, will be unable to leave. Any one who tries to leave will find it impossible, the forest surrounding becomes vast and confusing, cars break down once they the town, it becomes foggy outside of town etc

The motels and hotels are free for your character to stay until they are officially stuck, then old residents will put your character in a home for free. To eat your character has to find a job. Most residents are understanding and find work for your character. Cellphones and computers are also given to your character for free if they do not have them though neither work once the town changes.

Why can't the townspeople warn new people? 

Characters living and surviving in Cold Creek can not warn others about the town's descriptive nature. ts physically impossible since their lips will close up as if glued shut. If they continue to attempt to warn outsiders their throat will close up and they will be threatened with suffocation. Trying to write a warning results in an unseen force that controls and dominates your hands into scribbling and eventually the characters hands will cramp up and becomes unusable for a short amount of time as a warning from the town.

After a week of being trapped there, a character can talk about the town though not to new outsiders until they have spent a week in the town

How long does the town stay normal?

Its verries. Some times months will pass by with no to little super natural activity, other times the activity goes on for weeks to months at a time. This is referred to as Hell Season by those who have been there the longest and they stock pile food, water and supplies when they notice the subtle signs of the town beginning to turn.

What happens to the town during Hell Season?

Cold Creek becomes foggy, twisted and macabre.  There are regular monsters and things that roam the town but most monsters are based on a characters fears and guilt. And its not always monsters, it can be loved ones, both living and dead and the like. It depends on your characters sitation.

Game Rules

-Adhere to all Elliquiy rules
-Please respect player/character ons and offs.
-There is no posting order
-Please make sure to use the tagging system
-These rules are subject to change at the GM's discretion.
- No godmodding
-If you choose to leave the group, please inform the GM and anybody you are RPing with so we're not left hanging
- IC Posts should have substance, no one-liners.
-Please try not to keep anybody waiting on a post longer than one week. Real life happens but inform any one you are RPing with that you will be longer
-All gender types and sexualities will be accepted, including Asexual and Agendered characters.
-This is going to be plot heavy\character interaction heavy RP. That being said your characters can have all the sex they want just don't let it become all your character does


Almost anything as long as they can fit through a doorway and have enough intelligence and ability to communicate, both Fandom and originals. Just no fantasy based characters.

You can currently have up to three characters.

Fandom or original:
offs and ons: