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May 25, 2018, 07:51:19 PM

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Author Topic: The Adventures of a High Class Escort {Seeking longterm partner's M or F}  (Read 312 times)

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Offline beautifulexhaleTopic starter

Hi everyone!

I'm actively in search for a long term writing partner to take part in a couple prompts that I have.

I'd LOVE to find something steady as sadly it's been hard to find a consistent partner. Please PM me or add me on YIM if you're interested. :)

The big themes I want to hit on are:

  • Gender transformation: This is for MC and a huge kink of mine. For myself, I'd love to embark on a transformation where my character is slowly turned into a woman with an amazing hour glass figure. 28 inch waist. 37 inch hips. 32DDD bra size.
  • Sensuality and romance: I am absolutely, one hundred percent, totally a sucker for romance and titillating sensuality. I think it makes everything else stronger.

I understand not everyone is into these themes, but if you are contacting me I'm going to assume you're on board and are okay with them.

++The Prompts++

"The Senator & The Intern"

One of my favorite fantasies is to be emasculated, molded, and utterly transformed by an older man - to begin as a shy, impressionable young man and to end as his totally devoted, slightly submissive, ultra-feminine girlfriend or wife.

In this story, I’m Alex Fordham, a freshman at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been starry-eyed for DC and the federal government. Other boys idolized football players and movie stars, but for me it was always politicians. I had posters of both JFK and Reagan in my room. And now that I’m here in Washington, I’m ready to get involved with the glitz and glamour of government.

So I decide to get an internship on Capitol Hill, and for me there’s really only one choice: You. Senator John Martell. Charismatic and charming. You’ve always given me the impression of a guy who knows how to roll up his sleeves, wield his power, and get the job done. And you revel in it. You’re my hero, and I couldn’t imagine working for anyone else. So when I’m hired as your newest intern, I’m ecstatic.

Little do I know that all is not what it seems in DC. Despite my idealistic visions, Congress is not full of people fighting tooth and nail for what they believe in; it’s a club for the rich and powerful who care only about amusing themselves and remaining rich and powerful. Interns are usually hired as potential mistress material, or sometimes as future trophy wives, which is why they’re normally ultra-feminine, young blonde girls (like my girlfriend Madison, just hired as an intern for one of your closest friends, Senator Richard Dinsmoore).

But you’ve grown bored of the usual game. It’s too easy. With me, you have a more ambitious project in mind. If you have your way (and you usually do), there will be nothing left of the Alex Fordham I used to be by the end of this Congressional session. Aubrey Fordham has a delightful ring to it, don’t you think? Or even Aubrey Martell?

PM me or add me on YIM if you have any questions or leave them here. Please check out my ONs/Offs too to see if we match up. I consider myself a quality writer and partner and willing to write as other characters in this story to enhance it. :)

"The Adventures of a High Class Escort"

Synopsis: Fed up with his mundane life, Christopher's' alter ego, Charlotte, is offered the chance of a life time to join one of New York's most exclusive escort agencies.

My name is Christopher Riley. Two weeks ago things were going pretty well in my life, okay, maybe that's a bit of a lie, but they weren't bad! I've been working at CompTech for about 6 months doing data entry. It's boring work, but it's something. My girlfriend and I have been fighting a lot because she's very career driven and I seem stuck in stasis.

Presently, I'm also a bit crippled by debt. Between student loans and some poor spending habits in college, I'm in the hole. I thought taking a loan out would help, but it's only made matters worse. Then, one night, after a particular nasty fight with my girlfriend, I stumble across an online ad for Madam Vivian's Escort service. It's an open call for new escorts of all types. My eyes almost bug out of my head when I see the possible pay-offs for just four hours of work.

On a whim and pure nerves (and some liquid courage) I send in a photo of me dressed up to the nines as my female persona of Charlotte Upton. I go to bed that evening and forget about it by morning... Who knew one little phone call could change your life??

~Flash forward two weeks~

My boss (YC) is a great guy. I'm a bit intimidated by him as he's much taller and such a guy's guy. Which is like the exact opposite of me. I stand about 5'7'' and maybe weigh 140lbs. I'm also a bit envious at how successful he is too. Hell, his watch alone is probably worth more than half the stuff in my one bedroom apartment.

So, imagine my surprise when I find out he's my first client. He tells my madam that a high school reunion is coming up and since he's recently divorced he has no one to bring and after two others had cancelled he was in a real bind. So he asked if I'd pretend to be his wife for the evening.

There's no way I can do this, I tell myself, but then my madam tells me how much he's willing to pay and with her resources she can make me look completely unrecognizable so my boss will have no idea.

I thought this would be a easy way to pay off my debt, but boy, was I wrong! You see my real dilemma is this was just supposed to be a one time thing! Now since the reunion we're to make an appearance at a country club this weekend and then one of the other wives invited me over to a party she's hosting where they'll be selling sex toys.

Then I get an email from my madam telling me that a famous football player is looking for someone to provide the 'Girlfriend Experience' for one week and an overnight stay is required.

How did this happen to me? And will I get my old life back?

I hope you enjoyed reading. I kept some of these a little vague as I like building ba