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Started by Eren, October 13, 2008, 03:54:42 PM

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Please look at my O/Os before reading the ideas. I am currently especially looking for partners who would like to play dominant male characters in M/M scenarios. However, any kind of M/M is always welcomed. If you have questions or other ideas of your own, just drop me a PM. The ratings after the names of the ideas are mostly theoretical and if you would like to play the idea with a different rating, that can also be discussed.

The ideas are listed in order of interest, but I wish to play all of them.

Just So Lonely BON

He is young, and he is pretty, and the thing he does best is fucking. Keith flunked high school when he was 17, was thrown out of home and never went back. For the past five years he has been living off those who do things to him for money. He thinks he's good at this business, since he goes past limits most whores don't. And he is pretty good at acting whatever they want him to be.

I am looking for someone to play his latest client, who wants him for more than just a casual fuck. It could be a rich man who is lonely and willing to pay for company, or it could be simply someone who starts liking him enough to keep him around, whatever you want. ;)

Demon Lover BON (slightly NCish)

Darren and he used to be best of friends. A lonely boy who had only his grandmother as company, Darren was delighted to have a mysterious stranger visit him and show him all kinds of interesting things. The man never told Darren his name, and as to where he came from, he only replied: from very far away. They were supposed to be friends forever, at least that was what Darren thought, but one day his friend did not come. Nor the day after. Not for an entire week. Not for the next twenty years.

Twenty years later Darren is in his thirties and married to a wonderful woman. While they do not have kids of their own, Samantha brought along with her two teenage daughters from her previous marriage. Darren has a well-respected job as a manager in a fairly upstanding firm in the city, and to the outside they look like the perfect family. However, Darren is often restless and angry, because he feels he was abandoned.

What he does not know, is that his mysterious friend has been watching him all this time, growing to love him more and more with each passing day. What will happen if they meet again? Can Darren resist the stranger he once considered a friend, but who now wants to have everything of him, body and soul both?

I play Darren, you get to play the mysterious stranger, who can be a demon or slightly fae or anything, as long as he's supernaturally beautiful and has some powers.

A Wild Soul EX

Now, this is a more extreme one, both on the sexual content and violence part. This is obviously a fantasy/sci-fi world.

He was an elf once, but after he was captured and experimented upon, he forgot most of what it means to be ethical, just and good. With each year of captivity he grew more feral and angry at the world, angry at the people who had done this to him. He could not really remember who he was, but he knew he did not deserve this. He managed to escape one day and took off into the distance, craving for revenge and blood. He had literally become dependent on blood, the more, the better. And with the new enhancements he had, getting blood was not a problem.

Well, obviously this guy is quite mentally disturbed after having been a lab rat and being made dependent on blood. He has several enhanced abilities, mostly being able to be quicker and stronger than your average elf. His senses have been heightened and he spends most of his time in a haze alike to drunkenness.

Now, he needs somebody who would not get killed right away, could stand up to him and would feel pity for someone who has been twisted so much. Due to his maligned nature, he obviously revels in violence, but I do not want to make the level of gore ridiculous (I think that a balance can be reached). Of course, this one needs some discussion. (I would play the vampiric psycho elf. ;))

A Flame In The Ice BON

Sharin has known very well since his childhood that as the fourth and youngest son of King Danares, he will either be married off to a princess of another country or sent to be the concubine of whichever lord his father wants to please this time. Considering that he himself has discovered that women do not appeal to him at all, he would rather prefer the second option. He has been well-educated in everything that an entertainer should know - dancing, singing, philosophy, lovemaking (think something along the lines of a geisha) and is very beautiful to boot.

However, what he did not expect was for his father to ship him off to the next ship going to the far-away cold Northern kingdom of Valasyen, along with countless of gifts, to the enigmatic king. Sharin will now have to please the king in every way, while dealing with the fact that he will not ever see his home again and is in a place that he has only heard about in stories.

[I play Sharin, you play the king. Discussion before-hand is good.]

Alone In The Spotlight BON

Nobody knows who he is. They only know his face and his name: the Sphinx. He is an internet celebrity, with pictures and videos of him all over the world, millions wanting to know what he does every day. He has never appeared in public, yet they all want to see him. He is the sex symbol of the current generation and a franchise that could put several big corporations to shame.

The truth that nobody except a select few know is that his true name is Liam Carson and that he was kidnapped and forced to serve the interests of the Sphnix Group at their quest for world domination through money and fame. However, after a year they have become worried, since their superstar has turned moody, angry and even violent, with a tendency to distance himself every time he is being disciplined.

To solve this problem, they have hired a man whose task is to get through to Liam and make him submit to the demands of the firm once more.

[Many roads this one can go. I play Liam, you play the currently unnamed guy. While Liam has been abused quite severely, I would like to keep the non-con to off-screen, obviously.]

Dragonriders BON

Basically two young men becoming dragonriders. Confusion and difficulties ensue when they can't keep themselves and their dragons straight. Would need for us both to play two characters, a boy and a dragon each. Some already published setting like Eragon (or something else, just tell me) could be used as well. Please note that I am not looking for dragon porn or anything (though the issue of them mating can be addressed, it would just not be my main concern).

Some that are simply concepts:

* A young mage on a mission to get information/his target, a wealthy noble of good status
* Vampiric artist/his next pretty boy
* College student/some supernatural creature (vampire, werewolf, demon or something else) stalking him
* A gungirl/man on the run (steampunkish setting)
* female assassin/lord
* changeling/faerie lord
* hunter/vampire lord (NC-ish, a bit)
* Demon lord/demon hunter
* Catholic priest/schoolboy

* Assume that the role named first in the list is the one I would prefer to play.


I'm interested in "Brothers". Which of the two parts were you looking to play?


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