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Author Topic: *TAKEN*-Male soldier (me) x Female Drow Elf [NC-H], some [BON]  (Read 727 times)

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Offline SharidenTopic starter

*TAKEN*-Male soldier (me) x Female Drow Elf [NC-H], some [BON]
« on: October 13, 2008, 02:33:07 PM »
[NC-H], [BON]
Status: TAKEN
(If the status should change to TAKEN, please feel free to leave a reply or send a message anyway. If you share the same tastes as me, I'd like to keep you in mind for future roleplaying.)

This roleplay will get pretty kinky and is mostly sexual in nature, just to forewarn. Drow are dark elves, blatantly evil, underground counterparts to their surface dwelling kin. Some familiarity with the Drow will likely prove necessary. For those curious, Wikipedia has an article you can browse at your leisure. (If you come to the part about "Drow in various campaign setting", it is the Forgotten Realms setting that will be the best known and familiar, though this RP does not have to take place in a D&D setting )
If you wish to give it a shot despite lack of previous familiarity with the subject, perhaps we can work something out.

The scenario is as follows, briefly. Human soldiers break up an attack by Drow raiders and pursue them through an ancient forest. Many from both sides become separated and lost. Certain, small areas of the woods have a power to suppress the potent magic powers of the Drow Priestesses and it is one such secluded and uninhabited pocket that my character stumbles into. There he finds a vulnerable and exhausted priestess and proceeds to make her submit to his will through constant, rough sexual slavery. In more length...

The Drow, when not engaged in their own endless wars and intrigue in the shadowy depths of the Underdark, often venture to the surface to indulge in slaughter and to capture slaves. Those taken alive by Drow raiders are among the most unfortunate of souls, for there are few beings in this world capable of such sadism and cruelty as the Dark Elves. Better to die in battle than to be brought into the horrible pits of the earth where only endless toil, misery, and pain await.

Such was the fate intended for many in the small settlement of Rynwine, but as much as the Drow hate all who live in the light of the sun, so too their surface dwelling kin return that hatred. Elvish scouts have forewarned those in charge and soldiers from the Vannul Kingdom just manage to arrive in time to give the Drow a fight. However, the Dark Elves are no mean foe and it is only the timely magical assistance of the surface Elves that manages to disperse the raiders.

The soldiers attempt to give chase, but the night suits Drow eyes better than their own. Despite that, many on both sides become separated in the ancient Elven woods they have become entangled in. One such soldier is hopelessly lost in a part of the forest that even Elves seldom venture in. There, he stumbles into an area that is imbued with such powerful magicks, that even his relatively crude senses can detect it. And there also, weakened and bereft of her formidable sorcery, is a Drow priestess.

The Dark Elves are a cruel and evil race... but also very beautiful and fair. The soldier knows he should kill her, but he cannot bring himself to. Mercy plays a small part, but it is lust that drives him. He resolves to have his way with her, to punish her, to violate her, and make her submit to him, even if he must needs spend months in the process.

Something like that, I suppose. I am always open to ideas and suggestion, so please feel free to tell me anything. This RP can be carried out in the forums or in Private Messaging, I am fine with either. I am open to both third-person and first-person writing, again, your preference. My own schedule is a bit capricious (usually on at 11PM eastern, though occasionally earlier) so I am not one to criticize or harp on anyone for less than timely posting. If interested, please send me a PM or just reply here.
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