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July 23, 2019, 01:45:05 AM

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Author Topic: Animal Friends, interest check (beastiality / orgy / freeform)(LGBT Friendly!!!)  (Read 3137 times)

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Offline EvilBeast

i may have to bow out. i just don't have a lot of time right now. unless you don't mind waiting. work screwed up the week for me.

Offline Biles

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(What sort of creature, Biles?)
Creatures such as penis fish, fish, octopus, squids, big worms of various size, caterpillars, millipedes, slugs, and snails. Those types of creepy slithering creatures.

Offline ThisWildeGirl

Oh dear. I was planning a very rough, domineering canine friend with EvilBeast, so if he's bowing out, I'd love to hear from anyone who was interested in taking that place.

Offline Dhi

The premise of some players being dedicated to writing just the role of an animal is a little strange to me. If I were writing just an animal, I think I would get bored of not really being able to interact, and not really understanding the world around me.

When I write bestiality stories, I'm usually writing the gal who is the owner, and also the beast, because they aren't nearly as demanding of NPCs as a second human character. And I can see the advantage of letting someone get immersed in just the role of a wolf or whatever, but Chreestafer if you allow, I'd be willing to play Catherine and her beast for another player, and close the gap a little bit.

Catherine is made with a stallion in mind but I could go lighter with a wolf for you, Wilde.

Offline Mikem

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Yeah I just realized that. I thought of my character with the intention of keeping her to herself sexually, and having control of both her and her "partner" means I won't really have any collaborative posts with anyone else, besides it just being casual conversation. I guess that's still okay though.

Offline JoanieSappho

And I was thinking of just not having a set partner. Of Sandy going from Wilde's dominant wolf to Bles' squid to a random horse, to one of the people ...

Offline EvilBeast

Oh dear. I was planning a very rough, domineering canine friend with EvilBeast, so if he's bowing out, I'd love to hear from anyone who was interested in taking that place.
not gone yet! i'll be able to evaluate this weekend. i have the idea, just need to write it down. if it all goes south (and not in a good way!), then i'll let you know before sunday.

Offline EvilBeast

I've sent my info to Wylde. If she likes it, I'll post it here.

Offline EvilBeast

ThisWildeGirl has yet to respond to my "character". I hope she's still interested, but here's what I have. No pictures as of yet.

A little work still needed, but how's this for starters:

Player: EvilBeast
Name: Ulric
Animal Type: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Photo: Forthcoming.
History: The Alpha Male of his pack, Ulric's lust was unnatural among his kind. He mated with every female, fathering several cubs, eventually even his own daughters. As the pack grew, he began to abhor mating with his own kind, and lusted after a different prize: the moon. Oh, if he could just fuck the moon! That beautiful, bright circle at night, casting it's light upon his throbbing, reddish-pick cock. He tried several times to mount the lunar maiden, but it was not to be. Disgusted, he abandoned his pack.

He found a new pack, and the Alpha challenged him. Ulric fought, and forced the male to submit, forcing him into the mating position. He drove his cock deep into the males anus, and mated with him, forcing his submission. Ulric then proceeded to plant his seed in the remaining females. Not long, and he was bored again. The cycle of life was not one he wanted, breed and make babies. He wanted to fuck without consequence. He soon left this pack as well.

Traveling south, he came upon a two-legged creature. Human, as the old legends would remind him. Hunter of the wolf. But this human was female, and alone. camping by herself, he stalked her as she bathed nude in the river. His eyes took in the globes of her breasts, the milky white skin, and her round bottom. If he couldn't have the moon, maybe he could have this maiden. He approached her as he would the females of his pack. Nipping at her ankles, he could smell the fear, sweat, and musky odor from her vulva. He forced her down, nipping her thighs and calves, and even her ass, until she was on all fours, presenting herself to him. He sniffed her cunt, licked it. Too dry. His cock was engorged and ready, but she would need to be willing. He coaxed her, driving his nose across her pussy, licking her labia and anus until her pussy and ass were slick with his saliva. When ready, he mounted her, his cock slipping easily inside her. Oh how her vagina gripped him! He humped, nipped her neck, keeping her down as his cock swelled within her, the knot forming until he was tied with her. He fucked her hard, filling her with his beastly seed. When it was over, he withdrew, but stalked her from the shadows. He took her again the next night, and the next. He could not get enough of this two-legged goddess, and decided he would claim her for himself.

He sat with her, ate with her, and spent the nights inside her. This was his moon-goddess, and he was her god. Ulric never thought he'd have a mate for life, but this...woman, just may be what he was looking for.
Ons: (TBD)
Offs: (TBD)
Extra Photos
No cock photos found as of yet.

Offline ThisWildeGirl

It looks like we're coming up with a significantly heavier human roster than animals. Dhi, I think your idea about people playing dual roles as humans and animals is probably the best way to get people to intermingle and play amongst one another, so if Chreestafer is up for it, you've got my vote.

Player: ThisWildeGirl
Name: Katherine McLellan
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
History: For most of her life, Kat always wanted more. Throughout her early years, all the way through high school she had never really been satisfied with any relationship she'd had, it always seemed like something was lacking. Growing up in the sparsely populated suburbs absolutely did not help with that feeling and before she knew it she was looking at colleges somewhere, anywhere with skyscrapers just to escape the suffocating grip of small town living.

She attended college in New York City, hoping that it might help her find what she was looking for, at least there would be more around to explore, a better chance to find out why she always felt something missing, but it was no use. Though she ran through a string of boyfriends and girlfriends and enjoyed their company enough, she still felt like there was something lacking in her relationships. Even her forays into the BDSM scene in the city failed to make her feel whole. Though it scratched an itch for a while, nothing stuck for the long term and she found herself wandering again.

After graduating, she settled into an office job for little pay for a few months before deciding that she might as well make peace with it, she'd never really feel complete. It was when one of her friends from college contacted her, telling her that she was planning a trip to hike the Appalachian trail and wanted a hiking partner, that she decided to make one last grab at finding what she was missing. Unfortunately, tragedy struck and only a few days into the hike, her friend broke her leg in a freak accident. After visiting the girl in the hospital, Kat decided to try and finish the hike on her own, thinking that maybe the time soul searching would point her in the right direction.

That was when she met her Wolf.

She was bathing one afternoon when he approached. She spotted him far too late, ambushing her on the river bank, nipping at her soft, pale flesh until he forced her down onto all fours, mounting her and claiming her as his own. He left her there after he'd finished, exhausted, terrified, thrilled, somehow feeling more alive than she ever had. Leaving from the river, she wondered if that's what she had been craving all of her life, the way the fear and arousal mixed in the pit of her belly, the way it felt to have to submit to another creature so totally. She thought she might have the night to sleep on it, to consider it, but he came for her again. And again. Before she knew it, her Wolf was a regular part of her life, as constant as the dawn. When it came time for her to leave the trail, she took him with her, and when she found out about the resort, that it was a place she could enjoy her lover freely among others that understood, she couldn't book her time there quickly enough.

Ons: Submission, anal, cumplay, bondage, caging
Offs: Watersports/scat, pregnancy, extreme pain, snuff

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Hey all, just checking in, I'm in the midst of remodeling my home so it's taking me a while to get things cleaned up enough to get to my desktop.  I should have something up by this weekend.