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September 24, 2017, 04:19:57 PM
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Author Topic: Corruption of Champions - Characters looking for new game [PF or Rules-Lite]  (Read 1385 times)

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Offline VonDoomTopic starter

Early January a game called 'Welcome to Mareth' (OOC thread, IC thread, Recruitment Thread) was started, a game that was situated in the world of Fenoxo's Corruption of Champions, featuring the very same premise as the original except for the fact that it was an entire group of Sacrifices Champions being sent.

Sadly, its originator seems to have vanished from Elliquiy. I spoke with the other players and after some deliberation we arrived at this conclusion:

We aren't looking for a GM to continue the existing game, but rather for an entirely new game that would adopt my own character, Marissa, as well as ThatOneShrroth's character, Canin and her loyal wolf Dog.

In their original form for Welcome to Mareth, which was a Pathfinder they started as Level 1 Gestalt characters. Marissa was a Blade Adept Arcanist|Inspired Blade Swashbuckler and Canin a Cavalier (Dune Drifter)|Bard, though the Dune Drifter included some homebrewed changes. For a new game, of course, their mechanic bits would be remade according to whatever setup the DM prefers (though we of course wouldn't mind being able to use the old ones).

That said, after further discussion with Shrroth, we are open to trying different systems for a new game -- rules-lite like, for example, a DRYH derivative or FATE. Shrroth has never tried any of those and would need some information in advance to see if the specific system is of interest.

I can only speak for my own character here, but my class choices were mostly made because I wanted a more intellectual fighter-mage  character while also trying out the new Hybrid classes. Marissa actually didn't receive the proto-black blade that the Blade Adept Arcanist receives to begin with, because I had discussed the inclusion of a corrupted weapon that would slowly reveal its true nature and evolve along with Marissa's own fall to evil.

I'd be sad to lose the intelligent corrupted weapon aspect, but as a single class Marissa would probably work best as a Witch, Alchemist or perhaps Investigator. Or just the Blade Adept Arcanist.

I've also informed Kimmy, our third original player, about this thread but haven't included her character by default due to getting limited feedback when I asked around about a potential continuation. Feel free to chime in if you want to, of course! We certainly don't mind additional players and characters if a prospective DM wants 3 or more characters, though I personally prefer a smaller more tightly-knit group.

Between Shrroth and myself, the main CoC-relevant shared Ons and Offs are as follows (feel free to correct me and/or expand, Shrroth):
Ons: Transformation, Corruption, Demons, Monster Girls, Non-Con, Light Bondage, Futanari, Lactation, Pregnancy, Tattoos, tentacles, potentially implanted kinks, parasites, eggs, piercings ...
Offs: Anything human waste related, age-play, gore, vore, anthro (specifically, muzzles/snouts are a big turn-off, feel free to inquire for a more detailed explanations on the difference between monster girl and anthro if it's unclear) more than two sets of breasts/dicks, absurd proportions (big is fine, but comically ludicrous proportions are just that and not really sexy anymore).

We both prefer a focus on strong writing and character-development -- so if this sounds like it would be up your alley and you enjoy weaving a compelling story, give us a reply, whether to declare additional interest as a player or to adopt this adorable duo (plus one pet).
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Online MiraMirror

Bloops. .w.;

The homebrew changes that were mentioned were basically: Dune Drifter gets their basic Challenge replaced by Far Challenge, and it's eligible for use with firearms, and the mount was replaced with a wolf companion that follows druid animal companion progression, minus armor proficiency and share spell.

Offline VonDoomTopic starter

Re: Corruption of Champions - Characters looking for new game to call home
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2015, 01:41:53 PM »
After further discussion, we have opened up the potential for running the new game under a rules-lite system rather than Pathfinder, though we would still enjoy the latter.  :-)

Offline Interdiction of words

Greetings, so I was wondering slightly if you would allow me to join?

Offline VonDoomTopic starter

That would largely depend on any prospective GM.  :-) Though if you want to post a character proposal, feel free.

Offline Interdiction of words

That would largely depend on any prospective GM.  :-) Though if you want to post a character proposal, feel free.
Alright, a few questions though. Will you allow a male character? So are you going to a rule lite then, if so do I need to go that way? Third, is there any restrictions to cleric?

Offline VonDoomTopic starter

Err, all that depends on a future GM, really. This isn't a thread to promote characters in general, but specifically to find a GM (and potentially interested players) for a single CoC-inspired game that features the two characters mentioned above in the opening.
« Last Edit: February 13, 2015, 02:07:27 PM by VonDoom »

Offline Interdiction of words

Ah I see, afraid not on the DM part. Not much of a huge DM or that good. I play better as a character.

Offline OyabunKyuubi

Im not much of a GM either my own excursions into the World of Dming are slow at best at the moment.

Ill place my interest here as a player as well though for the Pathfinder portion of it My life is too heavy to even consider trying to learn something new at the moment.

Offline VonDoomTopic starter

Uhm, well, I don't want to dissuade, but your post there doesn't really lend me much confidence towards the strong writing department. The lack of punctuation makes it really hard to read. :-\

Maybe it'd be better to only open up for other characters if a GM is found and they want more than just two.
« Last Edit: February 14, 2015, 03:17:41 AM by VonDoom »

Offline eternaldarkness

Ooh. I've been playing CoC for several days now and if a GM shows up, the system is NOT pathfinder and said GM wants more than two players i'm down to give this a shot.

Offline frost rose

Re: Corruption of Champions - Characters looking for new game to call home [PF]
« Reply #11 on: February 18, 2015, 01:38:21 PM »
Bloops. .w.;

Gawd Shrroth, I still cannot understand your smilies. What is with all the w's?

That said, I'd be willing to consider this at the very least. Were you considering a forum based thing? I can run Pathfinder with some competence, but I admit it would have to be done very carefully on a forum, and it would end up being fairly combat lite and story heavy, as via post Pathfinder combat can potentially slow things to a crawl without a lot of coordination. I can think of a few things that would run quicker, but on the other hand wouldn't be Pathfinder, so it depends on what you want and why. Either way I have a few house rules (for PF and others) that helps speed things up a bit, but you can only do so much, especially with something as 90s crunch-heavy as Pathfinder.

On the other hand, CoC is the best. It's like one long Deck of Many Things stuffed with only sexual transformations and fetishes.

Offline VonDoomTopic starter

Heeeey, it's someone else who shares my pain! About the undecipherable smileys, that is. Hello!

That sounds pretty good, actually -- and yes, it was intended as forum based.

Though focus away from combat and more on story and interaction is definitely very much a want, Pathfinder isn't a must and rules-lite systems are definitely an option, though you'd have to convince Shrroth of the merits of whichever specific one you'd like since he never played one before. I'm somewhat familiar with The Window, a bit with Don't Rest Your Head and have heard good things about FATE but never looked too closely at it.

Offline frost rose

Heeeey, it's someone else who shares my pain! About the undecipherable smileys, that is. Hello!

I know! I can usually sorta get what they're intended to mean, but for the most part they're just... mysterious.

Pathfinder in my experience is a system that does a pretty good job of getting out of the way and letting you play the game, as long as you're playing the kind of game it wants you to play, something with a certain sort of tiered high fantasy flavour. What it isn't good is streamlined rules that let you do a lot without GM feedback. Tabletop this isn't a huge issue, as a conversation to adjudicate a set of die rolls to attack, hit, and damage might take a couple seconds, but in post? It can cause problems unless you play half over an IM, or otherwise set up some method of making sure you don't get bogged down. There are ways of doing it part way, but given the nature of the core resolution mechanics it's hard to get around entirely. It's a system that suffers disproportionately when you're not in real time.

Now, if there are more puzzles and story and interactions that's not a critical flaw, since you can intersperse rolls in what is mostly description, but that just sidelines the problem most of the time rather than getting rid of it. I actually have FATE variant rules that let it be played in a post format to keep things moving along swiftly, although I've never had the chance to play them out. It's already a much quicker system with shorter contests and less die rolling to do per round which helps, and it just needed some tweaks, and I personally like it anyhow since it suits my very narrative driven approach. I can even see it working very well for a CoC flavoured game with mutable aspects to guide character transformation. That'd actually be really cool, and support the flavour in a more organic manner than just having working out what feats or traits or other bonuses to hand out and track with the various changes and events.

Don't Rest Your Head CoC would be awesome and terrifying and probably pretty frenetic and hilarious. Sadly something I'd want to do in realtime as well, but oh man would it be a trippy mindfuck. DRYH is an amazing system that everyone should play before they die. For CoC you'd just have to shift the rising crescendo of horror into one a bit sluttier, but the system would work surprisingly well. DRYH is like that in general  I'm always amazed when I keep coming up with new things it'd suit extremely well with or without a bit of refluffing.

All that said, I'm sure PF could manage in a game like this, it just would provide certain challenges that really oughtn't be ignored, as those would kill such a game. I've seen more than one fall prey to trying to run a PBP post like a tabletop, and wouldn't want to see that happen.

Offline VonDoomTopic starter

Weeeell, I don't want to say too much before Shrroth had a chance to reply as well, but the first incarnation of Marissa on E was run on a version of DRYH modified for CoC by Datawych (see here). The fight/flight responses received a third option in 'flirt' and we had Arousal and Corruption as scores rather than Exhaustion.

I could PM you how it was handled, if you're interested.

Offline frost rose

Yeah, that seems like a fair idea, letting Shrroth actually get a word in. I would be interested in seeing how the DRYH variant worked, tho', if you're willing to explain.

Online MiraMirror

Doom sort of gave me an explanation of Don't Rest Your Head, though I've never played it yet,'d be a learning experience. <.>;

Offline VonDoomTopic starter

Did you two have a chance to read it over? I'm not saying we should use that version, but it could serve as an inspiration. It was pretty easy to use, though we didn't get that far and I never had to use any of Marissa's Responses.
« Last Edit: February 20, 2015, 11:48:53 AM by VonDoom »

Offline eternaldarkness

If we're wanting a system that can handle CoC and work smoothly on a forum I know of a bajillion different ones or could easily hack anther system or build one from the ground-up.

My first suggestion off the top of my head are: The Window -  - a light, infinitely customizable system I have a ton of experience with.

Failing that i'll build something functional from a d20 base. It wouldn't even take me long.

Online MiraMirror

I read it, but I do better by actually trying the system so I can experience the gameplay myself, sort of like being coached through it.

Offline Interdiction of words

I agree, I understand a system when it is in action rather then being in the read.

Offline frost rose

Did you two have a chance to read it over? I'm not saying we should use that version, but it could serve as an inspiration. It was pretty easy to use, though we didn't get that far and I never had to use any of Marissa's Responses.

I have now gotten a chance to look it over, and it doesn't look like a bad conversion, although inevitably I might have a tweak or two. Mostly what'd concern me about using it is that the core underlying mechanics of DRYH make for a very particular style of gameplay, with a continually rising tension and threat of falling into a bad end as you go.

This actually wouldn't be a terrible fit  potentially  for a CoC game, but only if everyone was on board with the tone of the campaign. You'd inevitably have themes of loss of control and losing yourself. Lots of the transformations would threaten to take you over in a sense, and there would always be the risk of essentially bad ending by going native.

FATE by contrast still has a lot of machinery to support CoC style gameplay. Aspects are perfect for representing transformations, both physically and mentally as I start compelling people to represent how their transformations are influencing their behaviour. The big difference is that you'd never really run the risk of losing complete control. Bad ends would be negotiated rather than be dictated by dice rolling. I also happen to like the consequences system, but that's partly an aside.

So both would work very well, I think, and both can be gotten to run smoothly forum-based, it's just a matter of flavour and theme. PF could also work, but it'd support the flavour of the game less, and might distract a bit more in terms of turnaround time, especially for fights should they happen.

As far as The Window goes... okay, I will admit up front I am not a fan. It's partly that their tone is even snobbier than I am, but mostly it's that the people who designed it seem to be of the mind that any numbers that move you away from playing magic tea party are a bad thing. One, we're a freeform site mostly, it's hardly like we can't just go freeform if we really want something that rules light. More importantly I think their attitude both obscures the vital role numbers play, and because it leads to the mechanics still getting in the way of the story, rather than supporting it.

Even in their examples they talk about "interrupting the narrative" with dice rolls, that then can randomly kill you. Compare with something like FATE where the mechanics are taken to support the narrative, providing more flexibility and guidance for what you can do, and incentives for good roleplaying through a narrative currency and supporting mechanics like compels. DRYH does similar things with madness/pain/exhaustion dominance, for example.

So I'd personally favour a base of FATE or DRYH (or I could go searching through my archives for other options), although obviously I could do something a little more crunchy. But it does to some extent come down to intended flavour. Do you want to be disempowered (DRYH) or empowered (FATE) as a character? Legitimate options in either direction, but very different styles of gameplay.

Online MiraMirror

I also have no idea how FATE works, though I've heard it's an amazing system.

Offline frost rose

It's not hard to pick up. It's quite simple, and the rules are free online. Of course, I don't want to force you to abandon Pathfinder if you're really set on it.

Online MiraMirror

I'm all for trying something rules-lite if it means the game goes places, to be honest.