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Author Topic: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(Seeking subs!)  (Read 1704 times)

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Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(Seeking subs!)
« on: February 09, 2015, 11:08:38 PM »

Ghostly's Fantasies

About MeHi there! I'm Ghostly, and these are my stories. I love M/M stories, and if you have one in mind don't hesitate to run it by me. In general I tend to write Dom males, though I will write subs on occasion.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Roles I would prefer are in bold, but as always this is negotiable. If both parts are in bold, then I will play both. If there is an asterisk, that means I actually have some vague plot notions to go with that pairing. List to be updated.

Thief/nearly anybody else

Stuff I Love

(I'd your story idea contains one of these, there's a really good chance that I'll be interested! )
  • Sub Master-- any situation where a master is dominated by his slave.*****
  • Hurt/Comfort -- beatings/lashings, it's all fair game
SciFi Stories!
Space Race --- (M/M)
Every year, the galactic core of planets hosts the most dangerous and grueling inter-planetary race ever devised. Ships must navigate through solar winds, asteroid fields, corrosive nebulas, electrical storms, and more if they want to pass the finish line.
MC and his brother are one of the few two-person teams, with a ship that is held together with both duct tape and prayer. What they lack in equipment they make up for in years of experience out on the black.
(I have a few ideas for mc on this one, I intend him to be the dom one, but I'll probably mold his personality to fit yc's.)

Some possibilities for YC:
  • The heir to a massive fortune has always longed to be a part of the race, but his parents have expressly forbidden him from registering. He arranges for a 'vacation' during the weeks leading up to the race, and with a fake identity in hand goes and tries to get hired on to one of the ships. He's a brilliant mechanic, but he forgot to give his new identity any work history or qualifications, so the only ship that will consider him is MC's...because they're broke and desperate.
  • One of the ships favored to win suffers catastrophic damage during the first leg of the race, and YC is the lone survivor. He's left floating alone in his spacesuit, while the corrosive gasses around him are slowly dissolving his helmet. Luckly, MC's ship was trailing behind and picked up his beacon. They manage to scoop him into the airlock just in time. The rules for this sort of thing mean that YC is now an official member of the crew.
Fandom Stories!

The Quarter Quell
(Hunger Games AU) (M/M)

The Quarter Quell is known for shaking up the games, and for the third, the gammemakers have something special planned. After a day of games, an announcement is broadcast to the tributes. Each tribute is randomly paired with another- and if they both make it to the end, then they can exit the games as dual winners.

How are YC, a survival-savvy tribute from a poor district, and MC, a career tribute from district 4, going to survive when they're paired together?

Random Stories!

Here are a few plot bunnies that could turn into a great game with the right partner.

  • Sub master/ Dom slave--- I really love stories where characters with considerable wealth and/or power are dominated by an underling. Not that it has to be masters and slaves, it could just as easily be a rich young man and his personal assistant; a bodyguard and his charge (see below for a variation on this idea); or a prince and his squire. Bonus points if the relationship is completely scandalous.
  • After the end of the world... More of a setting, but I'd really like to try something set  100-1000 years after an apocalyptic event. Humanity has picked themselves up by their bootstraps, and managed to rebuild a semblance of civilization. Your character and mine could make an unlikely pair, thrown together by fate and tested in this new and harsh world.

Fandom Stories!

"The 100"
The 100 (M/M M/F) Craving!!!
(I actually like the premise of the show far more than the show itself, so no, you do not have to be a fan of the show for this, but a cursory understanding of the different groups would help.)

It's been 100 years since a nuclear apocalypse devastated the planet. YC has lived his/her entire life on a space station, where resources are dwindling as the station has slowly but surely started to break down. A desperate plan has been put into place, where 100 of the station's juvenile delinquents are sent back to earth in a drop ship. The plan has two goals; to see if the surface is actually livable, and to extend the resources of those left behind.

Upon landing, YC's group discovers that the earth has been transformed into a savage place, and scarier still, they are not alone.

This story would be between YC, one of the people sent down in the drop ship, and MC, a 'grounder' (or someone native to earth). Like the show, the Grounders would not be pleased with YC's group mucking about in their territory and wrecking all of their stuff. The tension escalates into an all-out war, which would be the point at which our characters would meet.

Fantasy Stories!

"The Prince's Mage"
The Prince's Mage (M/M)
When our characters were young, they were the best of friends- though hardly conventional friends at that. YC was the heir to the throne, and MC was just a servant. Nevertheless, they spent nearly every day together until they had a rather nasty falling out.

In this world, magic is quite common. The royal family even has their own unique and powerful magic type (up to you). MC is a demon mage, a rare and somewhat useless and stigmatized subtype that gives the mage power over demons.

In the years since, MC has become a licensed mage and demon hunter in the kingdom. Demons are generally scarse, but he's still able to make a meager living for himself.

YC has ascended to the throne, only to find the kingdom in shambles. His father had been more a warrior than a leader, and so had appointed a group of ministers to take care of the kingdom for him. They were hopelessly corrupt, and while YC has been unable to completely overthrow them, he's managed to greatly reduce their power. They hate him for this, and use every opportunity given to humiliate him. It's not that hard to do- YC has always lived in the shadow of his father and has always felt like a disappointment.
So, when demons begin to swarm the countryside, the council assigns him a bodyguard, and not just any bodyguard, MC.

I'd like for this to be a long and sweet action/adventure, where our characters explore their falling out, rekindle their relationship, and fight some monsters. PM me and we can create a great plot together!

Cursed (M/M)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A prince is cursed at birth by an evil witch who's sorceress daughter was burnt at the stake by the king. The curse will grow with him, growing stronger and stronger until it kills him. The court magi informs him that his only hope to lift the curse is to find the vessel that fuels it. Usually the vessel is a living creature, and with a curse this strong the vessel is likely a magic-user of some sort.

I was thinking of having the prince go on a last-resort sort of quest on his own to the defeated sorceress's citadel. He shows up, and finds a young man living there, a mage who seems to be able to help the prince. He knows of a (insert magical place here) where the witch originally gained (insert random magic ingredients here) that dramatically increased her powers. Time for a roadtrip!

Looking for someone to play the prince, please feel free to add and change details at your leisure.
Prince (sub)/ Mage (dom)

Bewitched Bodyguard

This is from a rp on another board which I liked but fizzled really quickly :( this is just an outline, if anyone is interested I would love to have your input!

Setting: fantasy/historical/modern day
Your character is a witch/magic user living in a small town*. He runs a little magic shop and makes a living by selling spells and potions. Though his business and magic in general is legal, he's far from popular. In fact he's endured taunts and even violence because of his profession his whole life, though he'd never consider moving. There are still people that depend on him, and this is his home.
The harassment has started to get increasingly worse. The town's new mayor hates magic users and suddenly what little protection he had before his vanished. He's openly taunted in the streets, his shop has been repeatedly vandalized, he's received threats, and it shows no signs of stopping. He starts to fear for his safety, and with no one willing to help him he takes a drastic step- buying an ex arena slave to be his personal bodyguard.

Note: I could see this working in nearly any sort of setting, even a modern one. (the thread before actually took place in the 1920's) This would be a fight for dominance type thing at first, since MC isn't going to be very happy about the arrangement, and arena slaves are notoriously difficult to handle. After all, it's pretty difficult to make someone be a bodyguard. Magic might be employed to help keep him in line, or maybe YC is desperate enough to trade sex for protection?,

*revised- this could also work in a large city, if magic is stigmatized to an extreme degree.

Rite of Passage

YC is a young member of a peaceful, isolated commune dedicated to the worship of their Goddess. She is the Goddess of love and fertility, and under her protection the clan has remained safe for generations. Every spring a great festival is held in her honor, both to usher in the new year and to be a rite of passage where younger members go through a trial to become recognized both as adults and full members of their clan. This year it's YC's turn. During the final night of the festival, he is required to spend the night with an older member of the clan- and YC knows exactly who he wants, MC. MC is a few years older, and an adopted member of the tribe. YC's had a crush on MC for what seems like forever, and he's been both anticipating and dreading the moment when he asks him to stay the night.

((I have some ideas on what happens after, but I would love to build this story and world with someone))

To be continued...
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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(M/F)
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Updated with The Reluctant Bride

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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(M/F)
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New 'The 100' plot.

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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(M/F)
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updated with plot bunnies.

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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(M/F)(Seeking subs!)
« Reply #4 on: August 12, 2015, 12:50:30 AM »
Updated with Quarter Quell

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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(M/F)(Seeking subs!)
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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(M/F)(Seeking subs!)
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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(M/F)(Seeking subs!)
« Reply #7 on: November 30, 2015, 02:31:52 PM »
Added new random stories.

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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(M/F)(Seeking subs!)
« Reply #8 on: March 29, 2016, 09:00:05 PM »
I've been away from Elliquiy for a few months now due to some personal issues, but I'd like to jump back in. Now accepting new games.

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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(M/F)(Seeking subs!)
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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(Seeking subs!)
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Added Space Race

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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(Seeking subs!)
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Reviving this!

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Re: Ghostly's Plots!!(M/M)(Seeking subs!)
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