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Started by Jayna, February 09, 2015, 09:18:08 PM

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Hello all! I am Sarah, and I am on the prowl for some new partners.
These are just a few of my ideas. If you don't see anything that catches your eye still send me a message! :)

As far as the actual roleplaying here are the mains points:
I don't really have any limits. I am good with just about anything!
I enjoy mature content, I will admit that, but I am fully willing to do an RP without any!
I can double if you are willing to!
Also, If you have someone you want in as well I am okay with having multiple people in the same RP


I am mostly looking for an adventure. A world of some type set up for one of us to adventure for and face all the positive or negative interactions that come from our characters actions as they venture through the cruel and perverted world.
Also really craving Star Wars ideas :)

Female Warrior
Being a warrior is not easy, especially as a woman! One wrong move and you could be dead, but as a woman it is worse. One wrong move and you could be enslaved, turned into a breeding cow for the demons and hordes of perverted men!

Zombie City
The city has been overrun with mindless "zombies". They aren't normal zombies, they are alive and yet full of rage and hate. They form hordes and packs, running through the streets and destroying everything they cross. For the few women left in the Resident Evil-esque city, it is even more dangerous—as these "walking dead" humans seem to be just as lustful as they are hungry.

Fall of an Actress
She got her big break, her one chance to prove to the audiences that she was a leading lady! The problem is, the contract she signed was not what she thought it was. It was a gag, a joke by a porn director to celebrate her birthday. He never expected her to sign it and mail it back. Now the actress is locked into a contract, and she can't get out of it … filming a XXX parody, that will ruin her career via a lot of big hard cock.
Secret Agent
I am interested in following the story of a young woman. A fresh (or veteran) agent. She gets a big mission. Perhaps it's invading some corrupt corporate world. Or some sick twisted underground. Whatever the mission, it is bound to hold danger for our young heroine.

A young woman trapped by a sick perverted mage. With endless spells under his control, who knows what terror awaits her.

A Jedi's Path
A young Jedi receives her first mission and learns the galaxy is a far crueler place than she could have ever imagined.

A new medicine
A young woman, seeking treatment for her headaches agrees to a new program. Only she figures out far too late they have no intention to fix her headaches. But to pervert her mind and body completely and turn the sweet naïve girl into their helpless bimbo

Fall of Samus
After helping humanity so many times, she has been betrayed by the people she protected. It seemed that a member of the government has other plans for the beauty, and they don't envolve her every leaving their facility without their permission

The Elevator
She thought she would take a simple elevator ride, but of course, this time, she was destined for ride that was anything but simple and nothing like she would of wanted

Spoiled Princess
A young princess had everything she could want, all she had to do is ask to get anything. Her father spoiled her completely and would of done so as long as possible. That was till, things turned and she was taken away to a new country where she was in for some rough treatment and a rude awakening

Last Train Home
She has gotten on the train to head home, she is in a part of town you normally don't go to. So the train ride is longer then normal, now also it seems that someone unknowingly has targeted her to have some fun with on the train, approaching her while she can't move.

Turning the tables
She recently arrested a man for a series of crimes, and was going to put him away. As she walks with him though the station the power goes out. The whole thing was a setup by the criminal as he takes her captive and escapes with her, deciding himself and his fellow criminals could use some revenge.

The Humiliated Traitor
She is a knight of a kingdom, she spent most of your time out in the country. She just made her first visit to the city, after which the king caught set his eyes on her. The next day she was charged and convicted for treason, with the harsh punishment that goes with it. After the punishment things don't get better as the king gets to decide what to do with her

The Boogiemen
She always believed that stories of boogiemen who lived in closets or under the table were jokes and made fun of them. Now after this night, that isn't ever going to happen again 

Breaking her down
She is a diva, who things she is the hottest stuff ever. Everyone around her dislikes her and many want her brought down a peg. A group decides to do this and bring down the Diva down     

Unlucky Heroine
She thought she were tough stuff, and that she would put criminals in their place as a new super heroine. Yet, when she goes out, she quickly finds that she is not cut out or good enough for the role of the heroine and she pays for it harshly

Corporate Punishment
She has worked for a important business for a long time, she has managed during her time to raise her way though the ranks. So when she is told of a important overtime meeting she thinks nothing of it, thinking nothing about it being a possible setup for her

Angelic War
She is one of a group of angels sent to deal with a demonic uprising, unfortunately for her, her forces are severely out numbered and things seriously don't go her way

The way things are
She is a new nurse who just started in a new hospital, she notices things seem rather off, but she can't figure it out. That is until one day when she is asked to go to a room only to find it empty except for one doctor who wants to show her the real ways of the hospital

General Pairings
So for this I am listing some plots that I found and really liked, but this is not all I am up for. I mean it, pitch me anything! If I feel like I can do it I will. As I said before this is just a few example pairings.

Here are a few examples of stuff I will do or am seeking:
Non consensual
Magic User x Evil Magic User
Magic User x Non magic user
Assassin x Target
Something with mystical creatures ((tentacle monsters or something))
Would love me some Firefly right now.

Or really any sort of pairing. Pitch me your ideas! I want to hear them!

For these scenarios, they will be erotic content heavy. If you are not comfortable with that we should probably find a different idea!
They will involve teasing and all sorts of fun other stuff, so if you are interested in anything on here please PM me!

These can have male or female characters!  I just use him and her as general terms. Also I am okay with taking the submissive or the dominant role in these!
Gypsy's curse

It all started at the travelling fair. Her friends took her out since she hadn't landed herself a guy in some time whether or not she's been too shy or busy. Near the end of the night they all think it'll be a hoot to go to the quiet tent near the back. The one with the little old gypsy woman reading fortunes and promising magical cures and charms. They put her up to asking for help with her love life thinking "What harm could it be?"
The gypsy cast her spells and.... nothing happens. Surprise surprise.
However the next day when she wakes up odd things begin to happen. Firstly no matter what she puts on her clothing seems to become slutty, trampy or just outright revealing no matter what she does. Then the attention begins. First her family, then total strangers. The people at school and work. They seem to loose self control around her either going wild with lust or jealousy, and when they catch her well...

I see this playing out with a fair wack of smut:  Gangbangs, Public scenes, Humiliation, Lesbianism, Maybe some incest. That and the odd bit of comedy as she is forced to adjust until a cure is found (if there is one of course).
Thats the rough draft - contact me with any idea's of your own or just volunteer!
Superpower Scenario
Scenarios: Okay, this one people always seem confused about. There are plenty of scenarios we can do, doesn't just need to be straight up generic. For an example, it can be something as normal as someone just learning their abilities, and using them to molest their next door neighbor/baby sitter. Such can be applied to most any normal setting. Below are by no means all I am open to, just a few examples.
Scenario 1: Hero high. A rather boarding school for the gifted. In this RP, any number of things can happen. Bullies can be a little more fatal than normal, and your crush might be able to accidentally crush you with super strength. Most come here to learn to use their abilities safely, but others come because it is expected. The few students that are already fighting crime are often the most popular at school and seek to further train their powers. They get special treatment, and for good reason. Many of them have to run out of class with moments notice. In such a rich environment, nothing ever gets old. From the knew kid, to a possible member of Villain high sneaking in, to that attractive new teacher. (Shoot me an idea if you have one. This will likely require playing multiple characters.)

Scenario 2:
The League of Heroines believe they've defeated all their rivals, but new villains seem to be propping up, and in the shadows, a darker, far more powerful organization finally shows itself. Or perhaps just a single villain. All when the Heroines are most confident, and unsuspecting. They might find themselves in a trap before they know it. (This can have multiple characters as an option.)

Scenario 3: Only in high school, this teenager is just beginning to realize his potential to use his powers which only started showing up recently. Now, he uses them to get revenge on those that bullied him, especially the annoying girl next door, who had been bullying him for ages, and even lets the entire school know, that his parents have him baby sat by her, even at his age, because they believe they can trust her. (This can go in any direction, multiple characters isn't likely, unless this focuses more about him getting revenge at school.)

Scenario 4: Someone recently moved in next door to my character, and ever since, my characters always get the feeling their being watched inside their house. Truth is, the neighbor is a villain, who recently unmasked my characters identity, whether it was from reading their mind, or something else. Killing the heroine isn't what the villain has in mind however, not when the heroine is as attractive as she is, and there is plenty of fooling around to be had, as well as black mail.

Laura's final tomb
Laura Croft, famous and brave explorer. She heard some rumors about a tomb, supposedly it had fortune like she had never seen before. But what she didn't know is about the evil within the tomb. Once she finds the tomb, there is no escaping it. What is inside the tomb? Monsters that take her and ravish her? Maybe it was a trap set for her? Maybe it's an evil spirit that takes control of her and leads her from humiliating situation to humiliating situation. Options are limitless.

Star Wars
I would love to do something with Star Wars! Some scenarios I have run before:
Jabba took a young Jedi as a slave and raised her, getting her the best training and training her to become his personal slave and deadly Sith Assassin. Follows the Sith through her various missions
A Jedi Master and her Apprentice are taken captive.

GM/World Scenarios
I am also looking a GM to run a dirty, dangerous world for my character to explore and work her way through. The options are endless for this. I already  have ideas for several types of worlds from Fantasy to Sci Fi. I just need someone to help run the world and see what king of mayhem they can try and inflict on my character.
Or I can run this world for you!
Or alternately we can maybe do both of our characters in the world together adventuring. ((FxF is preferred for this option though!)

Here is an example of a couple worlds or systems we can run something similar to.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic RPG-style (Domination, humiliation, plot options)

This is from a friend I was going to this RP with and he never responded to get it going.

Star Wars.  Can be either in the Empire or the Republic.

This system is mostly for a female character. I can make a male version.

There are a lot of races in Star Wars - but I really want to focus on a few.  At least for the main female character.  If you want something more here include that in your message.
Here are three races for the Submissive female role I can think of now, (again, message me if you have another idea):
Twi’lek (“hair” is called lekku)
Miraluka (largely humans, but without eyes, see through the force and always cover their eyes)

Possible Kinks:
Various kinks that can be included either as a focus or as an occasional instance.
+Bondage  -  Light to medium.  No total restriction of movement please, but restriction of the arms, chained to an object with one limb, all good.  Some exceptions, but briefly.
+Torture  -  no broken bones, no severe wounds.  I'm thinking more clean torture, stretching, choking, striking... blood only used lightly, something like whipping or spitting blood
+Sex games  -  Toying with someone sexually, having someone participate in a game that sexual stimulates either as desired or punishment
+Sex toys  -  Some device or object used in a sexual way.  Collars, leashes, vibrators, strap-ons for female dominators... more imaginitive devices.
+Sex torture  -  Torture based on sex instead of pain or fear.  Not only rape.  More - triangle horses and the like.
+Slave breaking  -  The act or "training" someone who is desired to become a slave.  Involves breaking the spirit and often various kinds of abuse.
+Verbal abuse  -  fairly obvious.  Insistently insulting someone, harsh tones, coupled with more direct domination is common.
+Kidnapping  -  more of a plot element.  The act of kidnapping someone and imprisoning them for your own purpose.  You want them, you take them.  There is no choice.
+Cages/Chains  -  a method of keeping her where you want her.  To inflict fear or to simply trap them.

An optional kink that deserves it's own section.  Involves abuse that is humiliating, often because others are witnessing it.  Some plot ideas come with this.
+Cage fighting - slaves dress in Hutt slave outfits and battle for the amusement of others.  Wrestling is how it starts.  The winner humiliates the loser in the middle of the ring.
+Slave sports - sports other than the one previously mentioned.  Perhaps a survivalist game, or throwing a slave in a pit with a horny or hungry monster.
+Public sex torture - Sex torture, but in public.  Maybe people pay to see it, maybe it is simply to humiliate her.  Can be slave, revenge, or simply lust oriented.
+"Pay to abuse" - She is placed in a room where people who pay can have their way with her however they see fit.  Can be public or private.
+Blackmail - A less specific plot element, something is done to her and then used to blackmail against her.

Extra Assorted elements:
+Orgasm controller: A device that uses electrical impulses to force an orgasm with the push of a button.  Works like a slave collar, but more of an implant.  May be various settings if desired to force orgasms, hold them back, or to only instill a certain amount of stimulation.
+Hymen regenerator: A device that reverses the effects of sex essentially restoring virginity in females.  Removes the pain of sex, but also makes each time hurt as much as the first.

RPG style rules
As I said - these rules can be followed loosely or strictly.  At minimum - I will require a character sheet with stats.  We may never look at them again, but they will help me (or you) decide when a player is successful at a certain action, and how much to reveal to them through the RP.

Stats are grouped in three types.  Body, Mind, and Allure.
Body Stats affect physical prowess and fitness.   They affect kinetic skills.
Mind Stats affect awareness and intuition.  They affect observation and instinctive skills.
Allure Stats affect how appealing the character is.  These scores are reversed in the sense that higher scores are less desirable.

Body Stats:
Strength: How strong she is and how much force she can put into an action.  Affects melee damage, struggling, and wrestling.
Vitality: How tough she is and how much damage she can take.  Affects how much HP she has and how much a single strike stuns her.
Stamina: How fit she is  Stamina lets her fight longer and harder without weakening.  Affects how much Endurance she has and how quickly she recovers.

*HP = 50 x Vitality score
*Endurance = 10 x Stamina score

Mind Stats:
Perception: How alert and vigilant she is  Helps her make observations, perceive reality, and detect traps and ambushes.
Instinct: How intuitive she is.  Helps her see through lies and bluffs, sense danger, and perceive someone's pure or ill intent.
Willpower: How determined she is.  Helps her resist negative effects and torture.  Also resists "Force" abilities (if applicable).

Allure Stats:
Vulnerability: How vulnerable she appears.  A high stat here encourages others to take advantage of her.
Pheromones: How lustful she makes others.  A high stat here makes more people want to abuse her body and affects how much they want to abuse it.
Desire: How much her body craves pleasure.  A high stat here makes her body more easily react to pleasure.  She may not want it, but her body wants to give in.

Stat Recap:


You allocate numbers by selecting a spread and placing those numbers in the stats you desire.  Some spreads are more balanced than others.
You select 2 spreads.  A Body/Mind spread, which can be used in the Body/Mind stats.  And an Allure spread, which is for the Allure stats exclusively.  Spreads run horizontally.

Body/Mind Spreads
8    8    8    8   6    4
10  10  10  6   4    2
14  14  8    8   4    4
16  12  10  6   2    2
18  14  8    4   2    2
18  12  10  4   2    2
16  16  6    4   2    2
12  12  10  4   2    2
10  8    6    4   4    2

Allure Spreads         
12  12  12
14  12  10
16  10  8
18  8    6
20  6    4
14  14  4
16  14  2
20  16  14
40  2    2

Affect our characters and potentially the plot.  Logically should probably have mentioned this first - but there are stat bonuses and requirements that wouldn't make sense without the explanation of stats.  Requirements always are a single stat value of 8.  If a stat bonus is +2 Body, it affects all three Body Stats.  Same goes for Mind and Allure.  There is a natural stat bonus, and a choice of stats for each character class.

Dancer - Dancing is her life, either as a slave or as a freelance dancer.  Dancing is a dangerous world, hopefully her friends outweigh her enemies.
Dancers can dance for a long time and can be very... persuasive, but her body is very desirable to all who see her.  It makes others want to protect her (usually for their own profit), abuse her, or own her.  Either try to survive as a slave, or struggle for freedom as a freelance danger.
Requirement: 8 Stamina
Stat bonuses: +4 Stamina, +4 Allure
Choice of Stat bonus: + 4 Pheromones, or +4 Vulnerability
Perk: She is more likely to charm someone to do what she wants

Gladiator - She is a warrior who battles for fun or because she is a slave.  She is very physically capable, but lives in constant danger.
Gladiators are trained to fight, either for survival or for sport.  She may try to escape her predicament, or she may fight to be champion.
Requirement: 8 Vitality
Stat bonus: +2 Body, +2 Allure
Stat choice: +2 Strength, or +2 Stamina
Perk: She does more physical damage with melee attacks.

Slave - She is the property of another.  A Hutt, a sith lord, a mercenary.  She is not her own master, will she give in or fight back?
Slaves are born or captured by slavers early.  Who bought or purchased her and why?  Is she behaving to receive bonuses or thought only as an object?
Requirement: None
Stat Bonus: -1 Mind, +8 Desire
Choose Stat: +8 Vulnerability, or +8 Pheromones
Perk: Her master may abuse her, but they protect her too.  It may be enough to discourage others from abusing her.

Princess - She is well known and has some power.  That power can be a gift and a curse.
She might want to change something politically.  She might be the target to be ransomed or simply kidnapped.  Others might see her as a prize.  Imagine a slave who was once a princess but broken.  Such slaves are highly desirable.
Requirement: None.
Stat Bonus: -Body, +4 Pheromones
Stat Choice: +8 Vulnerability, or +8 Pheromones, or +6 Vulnerability and +6 Pheromones
Perk: More people want to please her, and more people want to see her on her back screaming.

Jedi Knight/Master/Padawan or Sith Apprentice/Warrior/Lord - She is a powerful wielder of the force with the intimidating lightsaber.  Her power is great, but so are her enemies.
Her destiny greatly depends on her rank.  Either way, she will have a mission or goal but others will be working against her.
Requirement: 8 Willpower
Stat Boost Jedi: +2 Mind, +2 Instinct, +2 Allure
Stat Boost Sith: +2 Mind, +2 Willpower, +1 Allure, +6 Desire
Stat Choice: +4 Will, or +4 Instinct
Perk: She can use the force.

Scoundrel - A smuggler or thief, she works outside the law.
She might work on her own, or have close allies.  She may have become caught, either to be punished by the Sith or made a deal to work with Republic or Empire.
Requirement: 8 Instinct
Stat Bonus: +4 Instinct, +2 Allure
Stat Choice: +4 Perception, or +1 Mind
Perk: Can avoid detection more easily, better at picking pockets or moving silently

Soldier - She fights on the front lines or in tactical missions.  She is powerful, but always in danger.
She can be on a mission, or captured and punished by the enemy.  Perhaps her own allies betrayed her, or a spy captured her for themselves.  She could be kidnapped by slavers, or kidnapped by a sect of warriors to bend her to their own missions or games.  She would make prime slave sport material...
Requirements: 8 Strength
Stat Bonus: +2 Body, +8 Pheromones
Stat Choice: +4 Vitality, or +4 Strength
Perk: Recovers HP and from stun at a faster rate.

Bounty Hunter - She works for the Empire and is equipped with various weapons.  She works on her own, or closely with the Empire.
She captures, kills, and punishes.  Others want to capture, kill, and punish her.  Will she be triumphant?  Will one missions failure cost her her freedom?  Will the Empire forgive failure even if she walks away?
Requirement: 8 Stamina
Stat Bonus: +4 Body, +2 Mind, +2 Allure
Stat Choice: +12 Pheromones, or +12 Desire
Perk: She can handle all sorts of weaponry and hack all sorts of devices.

Bonus Perks:
These Perks will further help customize your character.  Select as many as you want, or none.

Hot bod           +2 Body, +4 Allure
Sex Appeal       +10 Pheromones
Intellectual       +2 Mind, -2 Body, +4 Vulnerability, +4 Pheromones
Experienced     +2 Mind, +10 Desire
Kinky                +10 Desire
Timid                +4 Vulnerability, -4 Pheromones
Resistant           -4 Desire, -4 Vulnerability, +10 Pheromones
Submissive      +4 Vulnerability, +4 Desire
Virgin               +4 Allure

Preference kinks:
Affect how the game works.  Further customizes the character and affects the game.

Secretly Wants It       Sweats and hot temperature more easily
Sensitive                      Discharges more easily
Puddles of Pleasure   You produce excessive fluids
Spirited                      Struggling doesn’t cost endurance
Masochist                  0 HP results in a massive orgasm and not a game over (system game only)

Body Mods:
Physical attributes with real stat changes.  If you want to be tall or have small breasts, look here.  Stat changes based on race are also here.

Large Breasts          +4 Pheromones
Small Breasts           +4 Pheromones
Sensitive Skin           +4 Desire
Sensitive Nipples      +4 Desire
Long Legged            +2 Stamina, +6 Phermones
Tall                           +4 Pheromones
Short                        +4 Vulnerability
Fast Metabolism       +4 Stamina, +2 Allure
Twi’lek                      +4 Stamina, +10 Pheromones, +6 Vulnerability, +4 Desire, -2 Vitality
Miraluka                    +10 Perception, +2 Instinct, +4 Pheromones, -4 Strength

Status Effects:
Not sure how much I'll get into these, but they are here in case someone wants to use a more system-like game.

Whipped           -4 Mind, +10 Vulnerability
Sweating            +2 Pheromones
Discharged       +5 Pheromones
Wet                  +8 Pheromones, +8 Vulnerability
Hot                   +2 Allure
Just Pleasured  -10 Desire, +10 Vulnerability
Exhausted        Body=0, Mind /2
Orgasming        +25 Desire
Oversensitive   +10 Desire
Broken             +10 Allure

Choose Class
Assign Stats (remember prerequisite stat has to be at least 8)
Choose Perks and Body Mods
If a stat is negative or zero, set that stat to 1.

If you are interested!
Message me!
With your response please include the following:

Tell me what you would want to do!
Plot                  Do you like one of my plots?  Do you have your own? 
Characters       Who do I play, who do you play? 
Kinks                Also tell me or link me to your ons/offs OR tell me which kinks and possible dom and themes you would like for this one RP.
Post Length     Tell me what you think about post length.

Just tell me your stat boosts and i will add them all up for you. Add a picture if you'd like and if you are interested but are confused how to make a sheet just pm me and i will help you. It really is nothing fancy i promise. Just list the race, class, bonuses as many as you want, and the basic stats you chose.

Let me know if You are interested!
Love Jayna!