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April 24, 2018, 11:37:35 AM

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Author Topic: Dresden Files RPG- Lost little fox spirit looking for a GM and a few players  (Read 349 times)

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Kasaiko wasn't the wisest, or strongest, or smartest little fox in Tokyo, but she knew how to survive. She had one little fascination that did tend to get her into trouble from time to time- she loved to watched things burn. But somehow, even with that little quirk, the little red fox managed to survive for one hundred years. That was when she was granted a human form along with her second tail and the further development of her magical abilities. Of course she chose to channel the element of fire.

It wasn't long after that when Kasaiko, still a little drunk on her new status and abilities, burnt down the goddess Inari's favorite cherry tree. Fearing the goddess' wrath, she left Japan and ran away to America, where surely the red haired fox spirit would be able to keep her little nose clean and stay out of trouble...

I'm looking for a GM and a few players who would be interested in sharing in Kasaiko's misadventures, and vice versa. I have a sheet for her, but I am perfectly willing to modify it based on power level and any other way the GM wants me to.

Online AndyZ

Absolutely keeping an eye on this ^_^

Offline Rajah

Totally down to join up with Firefox. :P

Continuing the theme of unfortunate quirks linked to supernatural prowess, I'm thinking a star quarterback with a carefully-concealed love of weird history; after bamboozling a student librarian into letting him check out the anthropology department's latest shipment from Miskatonic U a former professor's postmortem collected research, he learned something Man Was Not Meant To Know and suffered an involuntary infusion of eldritch power. Impossible designs keep slithering their way into their thoughts - turns out all those summer workshop classes paid off, because he's become quite the expert in cobbling together magic items, brewing potions, and creating scrolls by automatic writing (he barely passed Comp 101 and didn't pass introductory French, but incantations in blasphemous proto-Sumerian dialects are coming pretty easily these days) - although they don't always turn out exactly the way he anticipated; good thing he's also, as far as he can tell, functionally unkillable when it comes to magic stuff. Not that he doesn't have concerns. People he's never met keep showing up to do things for him in a way that's disturbingly worshipful, and he keeps having all these weird nightmares, which wouldn't be so bad if they would just stop coming true.

Should work for any range of power.
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I'd love to play if you cna find a GM!

Online TheGlyphstone

I don't know enough about the system to GM it, but I'd definitely also like to try and play, since the last Dresden game here faded so fast. If we're going with a 'League of Supernatural Misfits' type theme, I think I can adapt my last character concept pretty effectively.

An outdoorsman/explorer - mountaineer, cave diver, rock climber, whatever he could find to keep that adrenaline rush going. He just kept hunting bigger, badder, and more dangerous places to explore, until he ended up going just a bit too deep and finding himself in the cave of a Dragon. Luckily for him, he managed to fast-talk his way out of BBQ status, but found himself contracted/enslaved as the reclusive Dragon's Emissary. For the most part, he just tries to live a quiet life now, having gotten all the adrenaline he could ever want, but his 'patron' has other ideas and frequently sends him messages of tasks to complete or missions to go on, that range from utterly mundane and simple to death-defying and hair-raising, with no rhyme or reason between them that he can figure out. Also a power-flexible sort of concept, though I imagine some sort of fire affinity/fire breath would be the first power I'd pick for him.

Offline JinZah

I'm interested, but what i don't know about TDF RPG (or the Fate system as a whole for that mater) i could just about squeeze into the Grand Canyon. The setting on the other hand i know quite well.

As for a character, i'm thinking someone who expresses their magic through tattoos. He'd have a traditional, full body, irezumi so plenty of tattoos to draw from. Most likely he's been sent after Kasaiko, though he may not be working for Inari, and if he is, he may not know it. I'll have to see how things fall when the time comes.