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Author Topic: Extreme ideas [Monsters, Demons, Aliens][Looking for Male Characters]  (Read 2342 times)

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Offline CynadeaTopic starter


I am a very creative person and am looking to expand my horizons. I usually don't do that kind of stories and the craving has been growing lately. For my O&O, you can look here, but for the sake of these RP, some of my usual offs are available (for example, I'm ok with anal for the sake of DP), but all can be discussed in PM. Please, if you feel it is difficult/impossible to stray from normal sex, do not reply to this ad. I want these threads to land on the Extreme non-human board, and actually belong there.

RP preferences
  • Minimum Post Length of 2-3 paragraphs, detailed, proofread.
  • One post a week minimum (deal breaker)
  • I am aware most of these stories are smut-based, but I *need* story. Endless smut bore me.
  • Player Gender, I don't care. As long as you play the character well
  • Communicate if something goes wrong or bothers you
  • No godmodding (I'm a very territorial)
  • No closing a post (zipping so fast through a scene that my character's actions are meaningless)
  • No vulgar or strange sexual vocabulary (sword, cucumber, titmeat...)

Possible Kinks
  • Demons, Aliens, fantasy creatures
  • MFM, FMF, gangbang scenes
  • Cum inflation
  • Multi-orgasmic (female AND male)
  • Sexual exhaustion
  • Coercion/dubious consent
  • Bestiality
  • Extreme cock size (without regard for reality/how painful some sizes should be. My girl will like it.)
  • Strange cock shape
  • Double cocks
  • Double penetration
  • Tail sex
  • Tentacles
  • Character death possible

Still a hard off:
  • Any sorts of pregnancy. (If there's a breeding purpose, the breeding will always fail to conceive)
  • Rape
  • Mind control. (I don't mind arousing substances, though)

Dimensions Collided
Only human, can she survive?

Status: Open
Genre: Demon apocalypse
Creatures: Demons in all shapes and sizes, vampire, werewolves, devil...
Extreme: Double/multiple cocks, strange shapes, huge cocks, bestiality, tail sex, tentacles, forced to orgasm until exhausted, large tongue
Note: Master & Slave, can have a breeding purpose, though I'm not keen on playing pregnancy at all and all that it entails

It was all over the news. Red round portals opened all over the world. They called them tears in the fabric of reality. What were just scouts in the beginning quickly became a problem and before long, Earth was overrun by demons in all shapes and sizes, and the remaining humans were reduced to slavery.

She is slave to a master demon. He is full of lust for her, keeps her naked by his side at all times in the large mansion that has become his home. He loves to take her, to make her writhe with pleasure and beg him to stop because she can take no more, but he also lovers to give her away to his minion. He feeds on her sexual energy, her release. To her, what would start as the most cruel fate slowly becomes survival and a way to survive. She realizes that her master demon is protecting her from far worse by controlling who is touching her.

Note: While bestiality is a possibility, it will definitely not be anywhere near the starting point of this tale.

Caperon                    (Taken)

It's a perfect world...

Status: Open
Genre: Utopia, scifi
Creatures: Aliens in all shapes and sizes
Extreme: large cock/strange shapes/multiple cocks on same character, poss. forced to orgasm, DP, tail sex, tentacles
Note: Much gentler, all consensual theme. Must be willing to build a hedonistic utopia world

She wakes up in a strange room, so bright and white that she can't tell where the walls are. A door opens and a strange, grey, willowy creature enters. It speaks to her, through telepathy. Her name is Edara. She is a Devaran. She is currently on Caperon, a moon of Devar. The Devaran feed off sexual energy of a climax. The new tattoo on her shoulder means that she is one of Edara's charge. They are telepathically linked so that each time she has an orgasm, Edara is fed. Edara looks weak, thin, and admits that her previous charge had become rather lazy and she is under nourished.

She was a ship pilot, and Edara informs her that all of her crew have perished but one other and he is already on Caperon. She was very damaged and took longer to repair. So there she is, free to go to the teraformed moon and meet with the other species. Out there, it's a utopia where people have sex everywhere, anywhere. There, with other strange humanoid aliens, she experiences sex like never before. Some experience pleasant, others... not so much. She had to try to know, right? 

The King's Tribute    (Taken)

The King's Tribute
Does she have what it takes?

Status: Taken
Genre: Medieval Fantasy
Creatures: Centaur, Minotaur, ogre, giant, troll, elf, dwarf, etc,
Extreme: Size difference, bestiality, stomach bulge, magical (temporary) bimboification, drug use for compliance.
The King was just crowned after the mourning of the old one. Now, as tradition wants it, he has to take a wife and ensure that the royal line continues. Tradition, however, chooses his wife for him. Each province over which he rules sends a tribute, which he may test in whatever way that he wants. This kind is in his early 20's and is ruled by hormones. He is very well endowed and wants a woman who can take him and like it, so testing her will be purely sexual. The tributes are delivered and my girl is one of them. She's pretty, intelligent and willing. Become Queen would be quite the honor. Then the gates to the forest open and the test is before the half-dozen tribute. They are to go in naked. It's mating season in the magical forest, and the tribute must prove how willing they are to give him a heir. They must reach the castle, which stand beyond the forest and the mountain range, no longer pure and thoroughly fucked. The King can follow and control every creature in the magical forest and mountains, but the tributes. He can make them talk, act, he feels what they feel. So it is possible that under the guise of a minotaur, the King is trying to test them, seduce them...

Looking for more than just hoping from creature to creature here, maybe the King takes a liking to her after his first time with her. He could pick a creature to be her friend and guide, to get to know her and guide her toward other creatures so that the King can satisfy some of his fantasies before getting married to her.

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Offline CynadeaTopic starter

Re: Extreme ideas [Monsters, Demons, Aliens][Looking for Male Characters]
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2015, 08:27:53 AM »
Dimensions Collided reopened

Offline CynadeaTopic starter

Re: Extreme ideas [Monsters, Demons, Aliens][Looking for Male Characters]
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2015, 03:12:35 PM »
All of my ideas are taken. From this point on, if you would like to RP in this kind of setting, please PM me with ideas of your own.

Thank you.