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Started by RegretNot, February 08, 2015, 06:37:05 PM

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“When the Lights Went Out”
   Future Setting, Alternate Earth.  An Alien Species known as the Klantons has taken siege of the Earth, a furious battle happened but this side lost as the resistance remains but major cities are ruined pits and new Klanton cities have sprung up all around the world.  Survival, Cunning, and Remembering what it is to be human are the major themes of this setting and roleplay. 
   My Character:  Drake used to do a menial job but when the lights went out he was thrown into falling back on a life before everyday mundane to skills he learned a long time ago.  A survivalist that thrives almost bittersweetly in this world, he has decided to help the resistance by remaining in a ruined city and helping others navigate through it while disrupting Klanton patrols.  The solitary nature can really wear on a man as he could use a companion to face the darkest of days for Earth. 

“Kill me Quickly”
   Imagine the world and how it would change if superheros existed but there is no birth of the superman, just people with talents in costumes.  Bad PR, human mistakes, supervillians that think themselves heros would all be the reality of this world gone mad.  Some people still keep the dream alive and with that you have to team up to remain alive against police ready to shoot first and a public disillusioned for the most part but if they are getting backed into a corner by a group out to do them harm they will gladly call your name?  Team up and atleast be able to fight back to back, a bond is bound to form.
   My Character:   Firebrand; somewhere in his late 20s to early 30s.  The paramilitary crime fighter with a witty saying over body armor and a ballistic mask that always identifies him has been active for atleast the last ten years with a few absences, likely from injury.  He has stopped multiple hostage situations and even stopped a prison taken over by the prisoners in the city.  Sadly he has gotten a black mark against him as well as he couldn’t help save a child from a driveby that they said he caused by inciting.  Who would want to team up with the vigilante?