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June 24, 2018, 11:13:06 PM

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Author Topic: The Story of Faust | | Potential MxF or MxM  (Read 229 times)

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The Story of Faust | | Potential MxF or MxM
« on: February 08, 2015, 01:22:06 PM »
"Go, and return to mighty Lucifer,
and meet me in my study at midnight
And then resolve me of thy master's mind."
"I will, Faustus."
"Had I as many souls as there be stars
I'd give them all for Mephistopheles!"

We know the story. We know the tales that have been spun by Goethe and Marlowe – aided by composers, scripted, fine-tuned, and given lyrics for operas.

But do we actually know what happened? Of course not.

We do know that a man called upon a Devil one dark, quiet night in Wittenberg, Germany. We know that he bartered his soul for his desires – Were those desires purely material, or were they deeper? We also know that he went through twenty and four years with this pact, receiving his every whim and desire from his ever-present devilish companion. We also know that, at the end of twenty and four years, the man disappeared without a trace.

We don’t know the details in-between. Did he barter for wealth and knowledge? For youth and immortality? Did he desire the affections of a young woman? Or, perhaps, was he content with gaining the status that had always eluded his struggling grasp? Did he merely use this devil, or did something deeper come of their relationship? At the end of twenty and four years, did our man repent and let his soul ascend to Heaven? Or did he tie himself to the devil and disappear into Hell? So many unanswered questions – but we can decide how we think it went.

”I charge thee wait upon me whilst I live
To do whatever Faustus shall command,
Be it to make the moon drop from her sphere
Or the ocean to overwhelm the world.”

In simpler, less vague terms than what I have written above, I am very adamantly seeking someone to do a Faust role play with me. As my name may imply, this is one of my favourite stories and is very close to my heart : as is the character of Faust. I am seeking, and would love to receive, someone to play the devil of the story, Mephistopheles.

As a quick notation and answer :
o. No, you do not have to use "Old English" to do this piece, nor write in rhyme and scheme, I promise!
o. You do not have to know the story in-and-out to the same degree that I do. You need to know the basics, however : But we all know the basic Faustian legend, I think. Man offers his soul to the devil - Devil accepts - They play cat and mouse trying to outsmart eachother - We decide if Devil or Human wins.
o. This does not have to be during the original-setting (1400s - 1500s). I am happy to take and put a more "modern" spin on this story. Shall Faust be born during the late 1800s, and exist in Victorian London? Should he even be a student during our current age? I am game for any time, any plot, any excuse to do this.
o. This story may even take the original characters, their stories, and have them reborn : Mephistopheles, of course, couldn't be. . . But maybe it's the exact same Faust that made the bargain years ago? Back again, and making the same mistakes?
o. There is the potential for the side-pair of Faust with Gretchen (Margaret/Marguriette/etc) or Helen of Troy, depending on if you follow Goethe or Marlowe. Depending on what gender Faust is, this may be a MxF portion, OR can even be FxF!
Feel free to respond to this thread or PM me in regards to this idea!
o.I am willing to play Faust as a girl. That would turn this idea into MxF with chances for FxF interactivity, if my partner so desired! Reasons? Perhaps Faust was just born a girl for this idea, and was never a man to begin with. Maybe she becomes even more eager to sell and barter her soul because of how unfairly she sees women treated (and because she is not a man, she cannot obtain half the knowledge she wants?). There is even the opportunity to use transformation in this : Faust may begin as a man, but through the magic of Mephistopheles, become a woman (against his will, maybe? Or maybe he wanted to see what it was like to be a woman?) in this tale! For those so inclined, he could even bounce back and forth through the entire piece, being man OR woman whenever!

I am open to all ideas and suggestions, and will tweak things accordingly. Nothing is set in stone, so please feel free to ask!