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Author Topic: Arreis's Roleplay Ideas and Cravings  (Read 12659 times)

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Arreis's Roleplay Ideas and Cravings
« on: February 07, 2015, 09:37:43 PM »
~Arreis's Requests and Cravings~

Hello! And welcome to my request thread! As you can see I have a lot of pictures for characters I'd like to play. That has happened because my muse hasn't given me story ideas for a while now, although it's fully capable of expanding on an already existing story idea, but that hasn't stopped it from seeing a picture of a lovely woman and going "Ooh! That would be a fun character to play!" And I don't think it's going to stop doing that any time soon either. I'll be trying to keep it from getting too long...But it's hard to pick and choose sometimes between the ones I want to keep and which ones don't hold as much interest anymore.

At the moment, I'm looking for interesting stories with potential for character development and growth. I'd also like stories where our characters have to face and overcome challenges either within themselves, their relationships (family, friends, romantic, etc), or physical challenges in order to reach a goal, complete a quest, or learn something new about themselves. I'm not super interested in a one shot, but if the pairing catches my interest then I'll definitely consider it.

If you see something here that interests you, or just have an idea you want to run by me and see if I'm interested, go ahead and shoot me a pm! I don't have any notifications set for this thread, so if you post here I probably won't see it for a while. Anyways, that's everything! Thanks for stopping by! ^^

Special Notice!!!
I am really craving something with either dragons or a were, does not have to be a wolf!

Married for Peace not Love
The princess of a small kingdom is forced to marry the prince/king of a larger one as they're surrounded by others warring with each other and without the protection would likely fall once they were inevitably forced to defend themselves. There's a lot of ways this could go from a standard arranged marriage in a medievalish style setting, to a Beauty and the Beast kind of deal, to her marrying a monster or demon of some sort in a fantasy setting. Ultimately though, I'd like to see their dislike/hatred for each other slowly blossom into love. There is definitely room for non-con scenes and rough sex in this one. Really craving to play this opposite a dragon character (feral or anthro your choice, and preferably with a knotted cock).

A Forbidden Love
In a society where two species (lots of options here, can be discussed) are separated by prejudice and hate, a young man and woman fall for each other even though they tried their hardest not to and now must hide their love from the rest of society, and deal with the consequences when everyone else finds out. I'd also like to play this where one of them doesn't know the other is the species they're supposed to hate, but stays with him/her anyways because they love them. In this I'd like to really explore the tension that gets put on their relationship as they're forced to sneak around, lie to their friends and family, and maybe even be cruel to each other in the public eye to keep their secret, and how much stronger it ends up in the end because of everything they went through together.

The Conquest
He's the most stubborn slave/pet they have for sale. No one will buy him and their practically giving him away at this point. But she knows he just needs a firm hand to guide him. He won't be the first one she's tamed, nor is it likely he'll be the last. But he will be her finest conquest, and the one she keeps entirely for herself. I do wish to play a futa for this, preferably opposite a male who doesn't mind receiving anal and giving blowjobs. However, I am open to playing it opposite a female. In addition, I would like to play it as a non-human/human relationship.

To Love a Were
I have a few half thought ideas for this one and it can involve any were animal not just werewolves:

1. He was her childhood friend and her first love. But, on his sixteenth birthday he vanished, leaving nothing behind but shredded clothing on the forest floor. His uncle refused to speak of him anymore, and he was assumed dead as there began to be signs of a beast in the area shortly after. Five years later and she still loves him, and still can't shake the feeling he's alive somewhere. That feeling is proven true when she sees the creature, and recognizes him as the man she loves.

2. She's known him all her life as the captain of her father's guard and her own personal bodyguard. He's never aged in that time. At least not noticeably. And somewhere along the way she began love him. Of course, with her being nobility and him being nothing more than a guard the chances of a courtship happening are slim. Those chances become nonexistent though when the fact he isn't human comes into account. Still, what could it hurt to flirt with him a little and at least entertain the idea they could be together?
((Would definitely have to discuss this one further))

3. Elves, humans, and weres have been fighting with each other for as long as any of them can remember and humans are beginning to win. Seeing the extinction of their races on the horizon, weres and elves agree on a treaty that would combine their forces against the humans. And this treaty is to be sealed in marriage between the children of each side's leaders.

A Summoning Gone Wrong (NSFW Image Included)
There's two settings for this.
Fantasy: You are a mage's/sorcerer's apprentice that seeks to surpass his/her master. The way to do this in your mind is summoning a powerful demon and making it your familiar. But something goes wrong. Either you miss a step or simply aren't strong enough, and the powerful demon you summon doesn't obey your commands. Not only that, but she decides you will be her new plaything and a warm hole for her cock.

Modern Fantasy: There's lots of reasons why you might summon a demon. You're bored, you're trying to prove a friend wrong, there's a need for revenge, or you're hoping it'll lead to an easy lay. But the spell is old, and the diagram for the demon trap is missing. Not only that, but the demon you summon isn't what you expect. She's bigger than you. Stronger than you. And she has a cock that puts yours to shame. But she won't leave. Not until she's fucked you.

Now, I see these either being short one shots or turning into a harem type situation where either your character wants to help the demon amass a group of men and/or women to use in order to establish her power on earth, or is forced/coerced into it with a combination of magic, mind control, and mind blowing sex. While I would like to play the demon in the picture, I would be more than happy to find a different one.

Corrupted Programming (NSFW Image Included)
This would take place in either a modern or sci-fi setting where your character has decided to purchase one of the new sex bots. S/he will think they are getting something that will follow preprogrammed commands and do as they say. What they get instead, is the image above. It's not what they ordered (unless it is :p), but more importantly it turns on by itself and doesn't listen to any commands.  Something in it's programming was corrupted or tampered with, giving it free will outside the three laws of robotics and desires of its own. And what it desires is to your make your character submit and become a toy for its pleasure. Whether this is a one shot or something more long term can be discussed.

How the Tables Have Turned
I'd like to play something where an unpopular girl (be she just unpopular, a nerd/geek, the weirdo goth etc.) grows up to be the head of a major company and the boss of her former rival/bully/unrequited love interest. Having never forgotten the cruelty they treated her with, she uses her wealth and power to turn the tables and make them her plaything/office slut. This could lead to ruing relationships for them, possibly a ruined marriage, and the utter destruction of any sort of hopes or dreams they might have had as they face a life of serving her instead. I'm open to playing this either a normal woman, or a futa and I'd be more than happy to do an anthro version as well.

A Son for a Son
For centuries she's lived peacefully in the large forest that sat on the edge of the old town. She's a wolf, but not an ordinary one. While humans may be cursed to become more wolfish, she was blessed to be able to become more human. It granted her a life too long for even the Gods to see the end of and as a result she became the mother of wolves. Her pups were the ones who grew strong and led packs. Hers were the ones who outlived humans and ensured that wolves everywhere reamined a powerful race. But one day...The humans did something unforgivable. Not once had she done anything to warrant their aggression. She knew better than to antagonize them. And yet they still came into her forest and killed her pup in cold blood.

Now, she wants revenge. In the dead of night she steals a human child (16-18. Could be convinced to go to 22 if they're still living at home considering the length of her lifespan) and decides to raise it as her own. To teach him to hate his own race...And then set him loose on them. However, there's an odd attraction to him she can't deny and finds that she wishes to be his Alpha as well as his mother.

Note: I would prefer to play this with a futa character, and I am open to the son being a daughter instead. In which case, and for plot purposes only, I would be fine with the end goal becoming using the young woman to breed monsters to set upon the humans. Whether the pregnancy and birth would take place in the actual story would have to be discussed, though I prefer it happen at the end and is only mentioned in an epilogue.

The Dog Becomes the Master ((NSFW Images Included))

Perhaps your character made a wish for friend/girlfriend. Perhaps this is a world where anthros are bought and sold as intelligent pets and companions. If you're not opposed to a beastiality angle, perhaps even that dog you bought isn't wholly female and is far more intelligent than you think. Whichever one, things don't go the way you want them to. Not only does your pooch refuse to listen, she's decided that it's time for a change in your little pack order. She asserts herself as the Alpha and teaches your character what it means to be a real bitch.

I don't see this starting out very gentle loving at all. Although I'm not opposed to it becoming that later on down the line. Rather it will be rough. There will be biting. And your character will end up literally fucked one way or another. I would prefer to do this with as a futa canine, though I'm open to playing a female on the first two (female is not an option for the beastiality). I would like them to have anatomically correct cocks, and for there to be a degree of size difference with my character being larger. I might be convinced to have my character smaller as long as her cock remains fairly sizeable.

The Rise of a Succubus
My character would be the child of a Succubus and a human man. I'd like to play it that her mother left when she was still little, and her father has no idea that his former wife was a demon. So my character would grow up believing that she's human until her 16th (she can be older if we'd like) birthday when certain changes begin to take place. Namely her almost non-existent curves suddenly turning into something worth looking at and the sudden existence of a cock and balls when previously she'd only had a pussy. Not only that, but going to school and being surrounded by her hormone crazed peers has her itching to sleep with them regardless of popularity, or gender. Not even the teachers are spared from being noticed by her. I'd like her first 'victim' to be a friend or someone that just happens to cross her path when she's forced to excuse herself from class. She rapes them, drains them of their lust, and leaves them more well fucked than any human could.

Now, either she could grow to take over the school, and eventually her town by building up a harem of those who are bound to her by her newfound magic as she learns what she is and grows into the demon her mother always knew she could become. Or it can be made into alive story of sorts. She starts out draining whoever she can get her hands on, leaving them incapable of feeling desire (whether this is permanent or not we can decide). But eventually she finds out her friend (or boyfriend, girlfriend, guy/girl who secretly had a crush on her and she never knew it) can not be fully drained like the others. S/he is somehow the perfect, never-ending feeding source for a growing Succubus like herself. So what would start out as a relationship of convenience grows into something more as the two spend time together and experience the changes she'd going through.

For the Good of the Planet
Similar to the Married for Peace Not Love, only instead of kingdoms it's Earth and an alien planet. We can make this futuristic as we like, or place it a little closer to modern day. The basic premise is that Earth seeks to either make, or strengthen, an alliance with a planet that they have been in contact with. So far gifts and talks have been enough, but the alien government is saying they want a stronger sign of Earth's good will. They want a true union. The solution is a marriage between their general (or their leader) and whatever woman he chooses from their planet. It doesn't matter what walk of life she comes from, so long as the leader likes her. The deal seems very one sided when presented, but it would lead to their ultimate goal. Thus the ambassadors accept and one human woman is married to an alien.

I don't expect them to fall in love right away. I actually expect there to be a little bit of a one-sided attraction on the alien's part (and possibly some annoyance that she isn't how he imagined she would be), and some anger on the human's part. That means that there will be non-con in the start that will likely progress to dub-con before full on consent. Also, I am willing to play the part of the alien as a futa opposite either a male or female.

Twisted Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty
It's been xxx amount of years since she was put in cryo sleep. Life on earth is gone. The cryo chambers have stopped running without maintenance, and only hers remains. On an archaeological trip to the now extinct planet, an alien discovers her working cryo chamber and takes it back with him to revive her. Being the last of her kind she provides a chance for insight as to how her people were destroyed, and how they used to live...That is, if she can ever recover from the amnesia caused by extended cryo sleep.

Now, I do see her and the researcher having a relationship. Whether it's taboo or not is open to discussion, but I feel like things might start out with her depending on him a little and then as she becomes more confident and more certain of how this strange new world works things become more equal. I would also be open to doing this where she instead simply wakes up at some point in the far future.

Caught in Her Web
So I'm looking for a short one shot where a woman/man is out wandering the forest, or perhaps investigating a series kidnappings where folks have returned unharmed, but having experienced something they don't wish to discuss. S/he finds out the cause is a drider (a monster with the torso of a man/woman and the body of a spider) after being caught in her web and told they're about to be filled with eggs. I'm not looking to make this long term at all. I just want to try a short something where my character stuffs someone full of eggs and cum to see how I like it.

A Change in Attitude (NSFW Image Included)

I want to do a roleplay playing opposite this character, or opposite a character that seems to have the same attitude he does. I'm thinking I would be a mother, step-mother, fed up with his carelessness and the way he sleeps with anyone willing to come home with him. Thinking he needs some discipline, she begins to punish him starting with a sound spanking. But they both enjoy it more than they thought they would...And she begins to slowly control more and more of his life as she shapes and molds him into the perfect son and plaything. Please note I would prefer to play this with a futa character, and I'm open to my character being his sister.

A Love That Lasts Eternally
They've been destined to love each other since the day their souls were placed on the Earth. The first time they came together their love burned brighter than any other. But the ever jealous Goddess of love regretted linking those two as no love of hers had been so deep, so intense, and so pure. So she cursed them. They would always find each other, but they would never get a full lifetime together. They would always be separated by death, forced to endure hardship and heartache just to see each other...But can they break this curse and find happiness together finally?

I would like to see this played as a modern fantasy where one of them  has become immortal by some means, and begins to see the pattern. They try to end it by avoiding the other, but they never can and they keep seeing them die over and over again. Tired of it, and tired of always suffering because of it, they set out to find a way to break the curse. Before they can they meet their beloved once again, and now must strive to not only keep them alive, but to avoid the wrath of a being the world has forgotten, and seek out a way to end the miserable cycle hidden somewhere in an age where magic is tucked away in hidden places.
~Incomplete Ideas~
I have an idea I'd like to play out where, through magic of some kind or perhaps because of being a half-dragon raised by a human, a dragon grows up trapped in a human form and never knowing who they really are. The only indication they may not be human is the scales that run down their left arm and cover their hand, sharp claws on that same hand, and the simple fact that their eyes are a bright gold. At some point, there's a lot of possibilities for when so I'm open to suggestion, a dragon moves into the forest cave not too far from the small town and catches sight of the odd human. Only, said human smells like a dragon. Determined to free the other dragon from the prison it's been forced into, they kidnap them and hold them hostage to allow their presence to wake the beasts that's slumbering inside the human.

It's a rough idea, and I'm open to suggestions people might have for it. Also, I would like to play the human in this story.

Other dragon plots I'm craving but don't have complete stories for, is a princess being stolen on her wedding day and ends up loving the dragon before her prince can save her, a knight trying to prove her worth attempts to slay a dragon only to end up captured, and a dragon rider situation where the pair become closer than they probably should. Please note I would love to be the human in these situations, but I'm not completely opposed to playing the dragon role

Twisted Fairy Tale: Red Riding Hood (NSFW Image Included)
I'd like to do something loosely based on the tale (mostly focusing on the idea of your character being lured away from the 'right path' by a big, bad wolf (either figuratively, or literally as seen in the picture). This can be done in any setting really, and it would be mostly corruption based. The relationship itself won't strictly be D/s, but it will have hints of that sort of relationship as my character coerces yours into trusting her and doing as she suggests. I would like to play a futa, but it's not necessary.

I now have a bit of a twist on this one as well. I'd like to see something where the wolf is tricked and trapped by red riding hood, and she sets to the task of taming him. Would work well with a werewolf.

Butting Heads
I don't have a fully fleshed out plot for this, but I would like to have a roleplay where my character, and yours, are.two very strong willed people. They have a history of butting heads and trying to do better than the other, whenever the chance to do so arises. This somehow culminates in a relationship where each fights the other to be in charge, both in and out of bed. I like the idea of them each getting the other back once they gain that upper hand, and both of them loving the struggle and competition.

Anthro/Human or Anthro/Anthro
Futa/Male (Looking to play the futa role)
Mistress/Pet (I wish to play this mistress in this one)
Human/Non-human (can be humanoid, just not of the human species)
Female/Futa (Looking to play the futa)


NSFW: Character I'd like to play 1
Please note: Yes, I am aware this is a futa Ganondorf. However, I would still like to play her as an original character simply because I like the way it looks.

Character I'd like to play 7

NSFWCharacter I'd like to play 9

NSFW Character I'd like to play 29

Character I'd like to play 30

NSFW Character I'd like to play 32

NSFW Character I'd like to play 33

~Characters I Want Others to Play~

Obviously you don't have to play any of these characters, but if you did I'd think you were the best. Note that any with * in their title is one I wish to dominate.

Character 1

Character 4

Character 5

Character 7

~Picture Inspirations~
All of these will the have the initial story ideas I had upon seeing them underneath the picture, but feel free to share any ideas you get from them ^^
Image 1

I was thinking a love story between two shifters that are the last of their kind, or simply the first of their own kind they've met in a very long time. It'd be interesting to play it in a modern setting when other shifters have been killed, have died out, or have simply gone into hiding.

Image 2

I don't have anything really particular in mind, but it does make me want a plot involving sci-fi vampires. Ones that not only feed on blood but are kept alive by a twisted combination of science and magic.

Image 3

I see this as being a sci-fi kind of thing that would be heavy on the plot with a sprinkling of smut. An alien artifact is brought to a member of a top secret group of scientists. During her investigations, she learns that it's a two way communication device that causes her to make contact with a being in a dimension alongside their own. As they talk and learn of each other's worlds, and lives, and cultures, they begin to fall in love and seek a way to meet in each other face to face.

Image 4

[ saw this and to me it looks like a sorceress wielding control of a dragon to use for her own purposes. Something I'm sure the dragon isn't too happy about. So, what happens when she loses that control? I'm seeing this as a role reversal situation where the sorceress (my character) loses her control of the dragon (your character) somehow and then is forced by the dragon to become his servant/slave as punishment for enslaving him.

Image 5 ((NSFW))

Not much to say other than I want a roleplay based off this image. Could be a one shot could be something more long term, and while I want my character to be in that bunny's position, they don't have to be the same ones in the picture.

Image 6

I think that an interesting story could be made from this with either a grown woman who no longer believes in monsters under the bed finding out that yes, they exist, and that there are worse ones out there than the one crawling into her bed, or a young woman (16-17) that is finally confronting her fear of the dark and learning that maybe she had a right to be scared. In either case I would like to see a friendship grow between them that then becomes something romantic as the threat from the other monsters slowly stops being confined to in the closet and under the bed, and eventually is no longer stopped by the presence of light. Please note that the monster does not have to look like the one in the comic, but I would like it to still be, well, monstrous and clearly non-human.
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Re: Arreis's Roleplay Ideas and Cravings
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Updated on 2/8/15 with :
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Re: Arreis's Roleplay Ideas and Cravings
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Re: Arreis's Roleplay Ideas and Cravings
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Re: Arreis's Roleplay Ideas and Cravings
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Re: Arreis's Roleplay Ideas and Cravings
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Re: Arreis's Roleplay Ideas and Cravings
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Re: Arreis's Roleplay Ideas and Cravings
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