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Author Topic: A few more of Wolf's ideas(M looking for F)  (Read 255 times)

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A few more of Wolf's ideas(M looking for F)
« on: February 05, 2015, 02:15:53 PM »
I have  some new ideas I would like to make into a story. these are more mid to long term type stories. These are just the base ideas, so alterations or other ideas welcome as always.

1. Home or Bust. My character has been asleep floating ins space aboard  his ship for 100 years. The year is 5001 EY (Earth Years). His mission  was to find another suitable place to colonize but that never happened, for whatever reason. However, his ship's systems  receive a supposed  call from Earth saying to return home and that things have changed. My character is awoken  from his cryo sleep and begins the task to get back home. The only problem is  that he is the only human and the only one on his ship. and its a lot of space between him and home. A lot can happen  between then. Will he get home ? What adventures await? Will he find  some planet  and crash upon it  on his journey? If he does come home what then?

(The basic idea is that the female partner could  play his robotic Ai  type  comp[anion or perhaps an alien he finds along the way or something. the point is that the two characters meet and have adventures along the way. it really doesn't matter if he returns home or not this is just the idea .the rest of the story is open and open for discussion and plotting.)

2.  The runaway vampire next door. The idea behind this one is that the female character , lets call her Catrina for now, is a vampire but she hides it  in order to live as normal and as human a life as  possible. She is actually a vampire and not only that but a princess. She grew tired of all the expectations and rules and pompous blowhards of the vampire court and wanted a simpler life. She wanted to love and not just be some figure head for her clan married to some other vampire who refused to acknowledge her existence. Catrina is like any other vampire. She has needs and  lusts, especially blood lusts. She does her best to keep her feeding secret, and tries to be normal but then a new guy move into the apartment next door. He seems nice and she is friendly. One night , he asks her to have dinner with him and al is fine until her craving for blood suddenly comes  over her.

This is just the start. The idea is that he(my character) finds out what she is and they work out things and grow together or perhaps she tries to keep it a secret. they keep running into one another and well my character gets more and more suspicious of his neighbor.  )

3.My girlfriend is a super heroine/villain. Okay the basic idea is that my character plays a guy who is dating or engaged to a hot, super heroine  but doesn't know it yet. he sees this super hero cleaning up crime and taking care of bad guys all on the news every night. She's the talk of the town and  everyone  looks to her , especially little girls. However , she covers her tracks so well , my character never catches on to what she is even though she disappears oddly or is gone for the night and that she works late late hours. My character really likes her and their relationship is okay despite the big secret. But then one day , a villain captures my character and she goes to rescue  him as well as stop the bad guy. During the rescue , her identity is compromised. and he finds out. What they do after is what I want to rp out. This can be flip flopped and changed into a super villain for all the naughty girls out there.)(powers and or abilities and other details can be worked out.)

4. Abducted. I don't really have much of an idea but this one is much darker. I was thinking my character could be kidnapped and held hostage. Maybe his abductor took pity and decided to keep my character for whatever reason. Perhaps he's kept in a cage and treated like an animal or he is given chores to do while chained  and is punished whenever he does not do them. there would be good moments but mostly the story would be centered around being a prisoner of a female  abductor. other details can be worked out.

Anyhow that's all I have for now. If any of these sparks interest or any of you have questions, feel free to send a PM. Thanks.