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February 24, 2017, 12:41:02 AM

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Author Topic: ~~Pervertedly Innocent Fun for Jessi~~ (F for M)  (Read 2164 times)

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  • ~ Will you still love me when I'm no longer Young and Beautiful? Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul? I know you will, I know you will... I know that you will....~
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~~Pervertedly Innocent Fun for Jessi~~ (F for M)
« on: February 05, 2015, 04:33:31 AM »
UPDATE 29/8/2015: RP REQUESTS CLOSED FOR NOW. Anyone who is already in correspondence with me may continue, but any new RP's will pretty much automatically be rejected. I have a full 6 at the moment, with a potential 2-3 on the way, and any more would drive me absolutely crazy. There are a couple of things I would potentially look it, and if you have an idea for later, feel free to send it through, but no pressure to RP more, okies? Deal. :) All other PM's are most welcome, as volatile or, MERCURIAL, as I was described today, as I am, I really am a nice person, and I enjoy getting to know people and make friends. Come say hi if you're game to, and maybe sometime in the future we can have a go at something.

Hi all!  :-)

I've been looking in this section of the forums a lot, and figured its about time to make my own. I love certain things, why not share them, see if anyone else likes them too! *Smiles* The post is split up into a few different parts, for easier editing, so feel free to keep scrolling. I'll also post status updates here, so everyone is on the same page.

  • I am in a totally different timezone from the majority of members (us poor Aussies :P). Sometimes it's awkward to be on when you are (although I am a bit of a night owl at the moment, being unemployed and all). Just keep that in mind.
  • On this same matter, as many are on in different times than me, sometimes it takes me a little longer to get back to responding PM's, particularly when there is an onslaught of the things. I am only human, and I find saying no very difficult to do. I may take longer if I'm not sure an idea is going to work, and I apologise for this. It is one of my weaknesses and I am working on it. I WILL get back to you.
  • Occasionally, if a RP is taking too long, like any human, I do sometimes get bored. If this is the case, and things are not moving, or there are no replies from the other participant/s, I reserve any right to leave that RP where it is. Yes, it might be a bit callous of me, but what can I say... I get bored easily.
  • Any specifics OOC of the RP's should always be organized in PM. I hate threads being cut up with ((random stuff in here)) posts.
  • I do have a kik that I would be willing to share, but it is my personal account, and I reserve the right to refuse any who ask for the username. If you play your cards right, it could be a good way to keep in touch, and discuss further RP.
  • I do not (if I can help it) play more than one character at once in one RP. I feel it halves my attention and effort, instead of focusing on one awesome character.
  • I prefer the guys to play guys and girls to play girls. A bit pedantic maybe, but just a personal preference. I will not play male characters.
  • In regards to FxF, I am not homophobic or anything, I think each to their own and respect that, it just doesn't turn me on in the slightest, so don't ask. If I was forced into it under threat or force or something, maybe, but it would take A LOT of convincing, and even then, would probably have to involve a man somewhere- calling the shots, a threesome, etc.
  • While I have things that would not be acceptable in real life, I do not condone these actions, nor would I ever actually carry them out. I just want to make that clear. Any animals involved, real or not, will do so willingly, and will never be forced into anything.
  • I DO NOT partake in drugs, rl or RP, and will never even have one of my characters partake in the horrid things. There are a few things I refuse to do, and while my Offs are offs for a reason, they may change from time to time. Illegal drugs, never. Even (and particularly) weed. This is a very personal issue for me. I have had to watch a man destroyed by his addiction to the stuff, and I have no respect for it, at all. I accept that other people would partake, and I accept that, but I will not and never accept it around me. I'm not sorry if this is a deal-breaker.

EXTRA QUICK NOTE: If I have less RP's available that you would like, but are still interested in playing there are a few options:
1. Tell me about an idea you'd like, that is taken, and if an existing RP falls through, as some do, I'll know to approach you about it at a later date.
2. PM me an idea of yours that you think I might like. I can't think of everything at once, and maybe something you like is something I like, I just forgot to put it here. Even some of my maybes and offs are things that I may be game to try, given the proper opportunity. I still reserve the right to say no, as does anyone else to my requests.
3. Message me anyway, new friends are always welcome, and lets just chat or hang out. I find I'm more likely to accept RP's with those I know better, someone who have a good rapport with.
4. THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVOURITE OPTION, TIED WITH OPTION 2: If an idea you like is taken, but you have an idea that could put a unique spin on it, let me know! Sometimes, if a storyline is different enough from another, for example, with a lot of the franchise fun, I don't mind having a go at two different RP's with the same concept. For example, I have one RP going right now with Draco Malofy and Hermione Granger, but if you were interested in a coupling between Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley, then be my guest.

My O/O's and About Me

Welcome to the madness of Jessi, dear visitor!
Fear not, for I am truly harmless!
I am young,
I am an Aussie,
And I am a woman!
I only bite if you ask, strange fellow!



I believe I am a 23 year old woman who has grown up in Australia all her life, but someone once told me I act older than my age, so maybe in fact, I am a little older. Who knows?

What I do know is that my name is ACTUALLY Jessi, I am completely and utterly unusual in every way, and I am currently battling my way through unemployment and looking for a job. All good. I went to England to try my hand at being a serving wench, but alas, it was not to be.

I love gaming, and I am a regular player of EVE Online (Internet Spaceships). I also dabble in other single player games, because I really can't afford to become addicted to any more! I also love fantasy and sci-fi books and movies, and tv shows.

I love animals, and want a dog of my own so badly, which is impossible at the moment, but will happen one day. I also rode horses for four years when I lived in the country (where I grew up), and do miss it very much. Now I just dream of riding, oh for the days it wasn't so expensive!

I am a friendly, cute, talkative girl, so feel free to come and talk to me or send me a PM or flirt with me in a thread! I won't hold it against you! ;) I'm a sweety, I promise! Just ask any of the people I bite... kiss!

>>>> <<<<
In my place.


  • Please be polite! If you're polite, I'll be polite right back! And I am not scared of reporting the dodgiest of you to the mods!
  • I like full sentences and proper grammar. Smileys are fine (I'm a chronic smiley user), but please use some form of grammar!
  • I reserve the right to refuse a RP- they don't all appeal to me, nor do I have time for all I get asked for.
  • Please don't ask for pictures/voice/video/IM straight away! At least get to know me first!
  • No I will not be your sub or pet first off! Read the rules please. No possessiveness.
  • No excess of swearing or vulgarity. I don't want that crap please.
I really am a nice person! Honest! ;)


I have a few characters floating around at the moment, some are specific to certain threads, but I am prone to use a few different ones more than once, so I shall share them here for convenience sake!  :-)


Name: Vanessa/Nessa
Age: Varies/early 20's
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8"

Nessa is a sensual, sexual, strong submissive, who doesn't take my crap off anyone! She was inspired by my first avatar on the site after acceptance. She is tall and lithe, with dark, raven black hair and bright green, emerald eyes, that always seem to be swimming with some sort of emotion. She is a sweet girl when she wants to be, but doesn't submit without good reason. She's not one to lie down and take it (unless its forced upon her!). She loves running and swimming, and being outdoors, and is a bit of an exhibitionist. She is only interested in men, but she will fraternize with a woman if a Dom calls for it.

Alexa Del'Gardo

Alexa Del'Gardo
Age: 24
Hair: Light Brown and Blonde Highlights
Eyes: Deep Brown
Height: 5'4"

Alexa knew she wanted to be a cop at a young age, with both her parents being in the police force themselves themselves, her father the Chief, and her mother a forensic's investigator.
At the age of 17, she joined the force, and made progress, working her way up the progress quickly.
When she turned 21, she was asked to go undercover to investigate a highly illegal drug cartel, making her way into the group over a period of 6 months, which eventuated in a few arrests and the termination of the operation. She then went on to investigate three other cases with great success, and now, at the young age of 24, she has been sent to infiltrate a particularly hard group to crack.
She is fairly short- 5'4", but thin and very fit and athletic, with muscles and curves in the right places. She is deceptively strong due to years of fitness training and body conditioning. She has deep brown eyes and long, naturally wavy brown hair with natural blonde highlights.

Lia Leafar

Name: Lia Leafar [Lee-a-far]
Age: 26
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green/Grey
Height: 5'6"

Lea is the quintessential golden child. She is smart, beautiful, and very powerful due to her upbringing as the only heir to a long line of successful businessmen. She has had the best education, in the best schools, with the best ambitions. She is a spoilt brat in that she doesn't know any different. She has grown up with everything she wants, and she expects it. She does not know any different, and does not care to know any different. If only there was someone that could tame her needing nature...

Ellie Lewis

Name: Ellie Lewis
Age: 24
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'2"

Ellie is a bit fiery- she doesn't like being told what to do. Yet she has a soft side, somewhere hidden deep down, she just has lots of walls in front of it. For the right person, she lets them down. She loves to sing and dance, and is a natural born leader. She has a steady job working as a DJ, and enjoys her nights out as such. She loves having a unique sense of style, and loves making her hair feature beautifully.

W.I.P More characters to come, I'm sure!  :-)


I like to think I'm adventurous, and am open to trying anything new, and to an extent I am, but there are still those things I prefer over others, stuff I don't like as much as others, and of course, the ever present 'Oh God don't come near me with that' sort of stuff. If there's anything not clear, feel free to PM me :-) I'm more than happy to talk to you! :-)

Side note first: More than three paragraphs for a sex scene is pushing my patience limit. Please don't be that person.

-Being submissive (I love a good Dom, preferably male.) This ties in with...
-Being ordered/told to do things.
-Bondage (The less I can move, the better!)
-Supernatural/creature sex.... gotta say, this is one of my weirder ones, but I love it so much! :P
-Flirting and Teasing
-Romance- I love those loving scenes... making love really is amazing :)
-Non-Con (I love being able to struggle a bit, and scream and bite and kick etc, but secretly enjoy it ;) Message for more info, as some things vary).
-Rough fucking... who doesn't? :P
-1 on 1 RP's M/F, with me as the female, of course. And I prefer my males to be played by males. Just a thing :)
-Being animal-ised (I'm such a puppy girl ;) hehe I'm not averse to playing other 'animals' though.)
-Older men. (I find most guys around my age to be somewhat.. immature. There are exceptions, but as a general rule, I find myself. Some people find it wrong, but I have dated men 14 years my senior, and loved every minute.) Also.. who doesn't love the old, rich, still reasonably fit guys with grey hair who spoil you and seem to know everything and anything about life?
-Name calling/dirty talk- Voices turn me on, and being called a 'good little slut' and 'horny bitch', etc etc turns me on ;) I WILL repeat it back ;)
-Exhibitionism (I love showing off ;) )
-Anal (receiving)
-Giving oral/being throat fucked. I LOVEEEEE my throat being fucked!! :D

-Receiving oral (Not mandatory. Welcome, but not required)
-Dressing up (like if Sir wants me to dress up for him...)
-Daddy Doms (I love my little inner self)
-Bestiality (This one I find hard to admit, because I find people can get a little... odd about it.) It ties in with my puppy side.
-Incest (I love Daddy/daughter and brother/sister best. So naughty!)
-Forced Breeding

-Pee/Golden Showers (Never really tried this, but I admit, in a strange way, I'm sorta curious)
-Being bratty- It really depends on the person opposite me how 'feisty' I play.

-Extreme pain/torture (Nothing that would mark my body forever)
-Piercings/brandings (see Extreme pain/torture)
-Foot play... no thank you.
-Scat of ANY sort.
-FxF. I am not homophobic or anything, I think each to their own and respect that, it just doesn't turn me on in the slightest, so don't ask. Maybe if I was forced into it, maybe, but it would take a lot of convincing.
-Illegal drugs of any kind. Weed especially. No, no and no. NO.

If there's anything here that you don't see, that you want to ask about, feel free to shoot me a message! :-)

My RP ideas thread: F-List:


I hope you've learnt what you came to find!
I don't suppose you can read my mind,
But if you can, I hope you see,
That deep down inside of me
Is a naughty girl wanting to be free,
Maybe you'll be the one to pull her out,
I hope you have luck!
I love to tease and I love to...  ;)

Right! So now that's sorted, onto the good stuff! *Grins*

These will be modified or added to as time goes on, and some are fulfilled, others are not. PM me if there's any interest in any of them.

Original (Sort of) Ideas

Little Puppy Girl
This premise is simple. I like being a puppy, but this is taking it to the next level. This is being treated like a dog 24/7, with a firm but kind Master. No overly icky things, like no actual dog food or whatever, but I'd allow eating normal food from a bowl, etc, not being allowed on the furniture, not allowed to walk or talk... etc etc. I am open to the idea of having to my do business outside, potentially breeding with studs... ;)

A Wild Future
This had been around in a few places I've seen, but I'll re-hash it here. Basically this is set in a future where some rich men have come up with a new way to find pleasure. Pet girls, quite literally, that are genetically altered to become like animals. Tails and ears hooked into the nervous system and brain, arms and legs altered to allow for natural movement on all fours. They have voice boxes altered to allow them to purr/bark/neigh/moo and make any manner of animal noises. Some even have fur grown on parts of their bodies. This is sort of like the puppy play idea, but the physical changes are much more extreme. These pet girls are VERY exclusive, with only rich men able to afford them. It has turned into such a common thing among them that it is no longer taboo, and there are girls who even volunteer to become pet girls, craving the most luxurious life possible.

Shape-shifting Wolves
Not werewolves, but I'm talking quintessental can change whenever wolves, who live mostly as human, with their inner wolves conveying emotions and feelings with them, but also able to change at will into massive, natural wolves (who can't talk, etc etc). The human and wolf are almost separate beings in that way, but each wolf is each human, etc etc. You get the drift. Details can be fleshed out in PM.

Breeding & Birth Fun
This one is a bit weird, but I've always found the idea of forced pregnancy and birth exciting. This one has a few ideas within it:
-A girl is genetically altered to make it so that she can actually breed with animals and have their babies (as a human).
-Being captured by some sort of alien/mythical creature and being made to breed with a sped up pregnancy, laying eggs/live babies at the end.
-A woman held against her will and made pregnant within that, letting her be used and abused all throughout the pregnancy, then letting the actual birth be an open/humiliating experience in front of a bunch of people/her tormentors, etc.

Eating Out
This one is very simple. I want a couple (younger female, older male), bf/gf or husband/wife with D/s standing within that relationship. They are celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary and are going out to celebrate. This includes a dinner at a restaurant, where she is forced to serve him in secret ways- example: Sneaking under the table and giving him head, going to the bathroom and taking off her panties, Flirting with the waiter, etc etc. Details can be worked out beforehand to add other settings if need be.

Making a Mate

Very simple- two animals, maybe dogs or wolves or something, mating. Very intense, instinctual, wild sex. Again, bit weird, but *shrugs*

I am a little girl for a big Daddy who decides to take me to Disneyland for a fun day! All dressed up with two braids on each side of her head, a short schoolgirl style dress and a tight blouse... oh such fun to be had! Of course, not all the sort of fun that was intended by such a family friendly park... (For this one I'm thinking lots of things like sneaking away to the toilets in between rides, being made to ride roller coasters and walk around with a butt plug, playing with each other in a dark ride... etc etc Open to more ideas. ;)

For some reason, either a spell or some sort of vindictive magician, my character is turned into an animal- a pet species. She is found as a stray, thin and malnourished by someone who feels sorry for her, takes her in, and feeds her up a bit, but comes to treat her as a normal pet. Meanwhile, she can't do anything about the fact she acts, thinks and feels like a an actual (insert animal here), but still has human thoughts and feelings as well. Frustrating to say the least when your pet falls for you. :P

In Heat
A genetics lab have come up with an unexpected drug made from an accident. When ingested or injected, it places the human in a state of 'heat' the sort of urgency that an animal feels when they are ready to breed/find a mate. It doesn't work on woman already pregnant, but anyone else is fair game. Fun ensues.

Doctor Gone Wrong
I've always loved the idea of medical play- going in for a doctor's appointment and getting more than is legal. heh. Or going in totally innocent, and the doctor reassuring you its normal to check your mouth with his cock... etc etc. Or even doctor gone evil- go for a check-up and then get held against your will and used by the doctor. Hmmm so many possibilities with this one.

Canon/Franchise Fun
Note: I am open to Canon AND/OR original characters in each universe.

Dark Heavens- Kylie Chan- CRAVING
Any of these books by Kylie Chan, Dark Heavens, Journey to Wudang or the newer trilogy are all options. If you have any experience with this story and want to play it, you're basically a shoe in, and unless I HATE your style, I'll probably agree to just about anything. It might be fun to play around with Simone somehow, but being Aussie, I can relate to Emma in a few ways. Maybe I just like the idea of turtle/snake sex. :P

Harry Potter
I love RP'ing in this franchise. My favourite pairing is Draco/Hermione, but I may be open to others. Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Tales of the Otori
I don't expect any people here to know this amazing series, but if you do, I love you forever and lets get married! XD PM me immediately if you know these books and let's sort something out. I'll accept immediately. :P

I love Disney and Dreamworks, and all those kiddy things, I'm such a child that way, but I find the classics completely endless, and would be interested in any ideas anyone had about making childhood memories perverse, let me know. I love animal characters the best, and the old classics.

The Phoenix Pack Series
I highly doubt anyone would know about this one either, but I love the characters of Trey and Taryn, and it seems like it could be a hot combination- wolf shapeshifters, latent inner wolves etc etc heh.

Got recently back into this series, don't know any above Gen V, so if you want to try a Pokemon above that Gen, you'd have to link/tell me. I was thinking more, me human, you Pokemon for this, whether con or non-con (non-con preferred probably).

HERE IS MY F-List link for you guys to come up with ideas ;) I mean that too!! You see something you like on there that I haven't got an idea for here and propose it!! I love new, exciting ideas. ^.^

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  • ~ Will you still love me when I'm no longer Young and Beautiful? Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul? I know you will, I know you will... I know that you will....~
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Re: ~~Pervertedly Innocent Fun for Jessi~~ (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2015, 08:52:00 PM »
Picture Prompts (NSFW)

Basically, make of them what you will. PM if any are of interest. Some I'm not EXACTLY into, but ideas stemming from these awesome images, etc.

Pics (NSFW)
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Offline JessiJoyTopic starter

  • ~ Will you still love me when I'm no longer Young and Beautiful? Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul? I know you will, I know you will... I know that you will....~
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Re: ~~Pervertedly Innocent Fun for Jessi~~ (F for M)
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2015, 08:54:54 PM »
Musical Prompts

These can either be literal to the lyrics, or not, it just depends on the feel of the song and/or the sort of stories I think can work with them. I only add musical prompts because I find that certain songs prick my interest, making me think and feel all sorts of things that could be fun. I have very little interest shown in these, so if you decide that one does prick your interest, feel free to send me a message, I'm 100% sure to get back to you about something.

Shatter Me

Somebody shine a light...
I'm frozen by the fear in me!
Somebody make me feel alive and Shatter Me.
So cut me from the line,
Dizzy, spinning endlessly,
Somebody make me feel alive... and Shatter Me.

Shatter Me- Lindsey Stirling.
This base idea could be quite literal, or not. The premise of the song is someone who is so fragile, who has been so warped by societies opinions and idea, that she has become like glass, totally fragile, stuck in a glass bowl and not able to escape. She is craving for something, or someone to shatter her, make her feel something she has lost. I'm not sure exactly how this would manifest in a RP, but I could see it involving rebuilding a young girls confidence, and would most likely be a lengthy tale, more character and detail based, maybe a man drawing her out slowly, helping rebuild her so that he becomes her saviour, someone she grows to love as the center of her universe.


This is not the way into my Heart into my Head into my Brain
Into none of the above.
This is just my way of unleashing the feelings deep inside of me...
This spark of black that I seem to love.
We can get a little crazy just for fun, just for fun
Don't even try to hold it back just let go.
Tie me up and take me over till you're done, Till I'm done...
You've got me fiendin' and I'm ready to go.

Flesh- Simon Curtis
Anyone who hasn't heard this song all the way through and who is into the darker things in life should listen to this song, right now. The tone is so dark, dirty and rough, it just makes me want to rip my clothes off, find someone who wants to scratch and claw their way to my center and let them fuck me against the wall of the dark alley behind the club we just had a tight, sweaty grinding dance session in. Or maybe something involving having my blood sucked, or taken by some sort of supernatural force out of my control. I don't know, the ideas are endless with this one. Appeal to the darkest depths of my depravity. ;)

Love Me Like You Do

Fading in, Fading out,
On the edge of paradise-
Every inch of your skin is the holy grail I've got to find...
Only you can set my heart on fire... on fire.
I'll let you set the pace,
Cause I'm not thinking straight...
My head's spinning round I can't see clear no more-
What are you waiting for?

Love Me Like You Do- Ellie Goulding
Yes, I went there. Yes, I know its from a movie I dubbed 50 Shades of Fucked Up, but this song itself, context irrelevant, appeals to every ounce of romanticism I hold in my body. The idea that there is one person, one person who can make you burn like nothing else, can make you crave their touch, crave their love, crave their total and utter devotion and infatuation with you... how amazing could that connection be? I don't know if I'll ever find it in rl, I dare to dream, but maybe in a roleplay, I can find my soul mate, and we can have the most amazing sex imaginable.... yeah okay, I totally ruined the mood, but do we really care? :P


One, Two, Three
Not only you and me...
Got 180 degrees and I'm caught in between.
Countin' one, two, three,
Peter, Paul and Mary
Getting down with 3P, everybody loves... Uh!

3- Britney Spears
Yeah okay, I went there. But I have to say, that this song makes me wanna try out any and all threesomes. This is a bit of an odd idea, because this could go two ways. I have one character, a woman, and you play two characters, preferably both male, but for the right person, I MAY consider two girls and a guy threesome. My other idea, and the one that excites me more, is having TWO of you guys out there approach me, we all talk, and sort something out between the three of us. :) That might be a little more difficult, but I'm sure it could lead to three times the fun of normal 1 on 1 rp. ;) Let me know.

Crazy In Love

I look and stare so deep in your eyes,
I touch on you more and more every time,
When you leave I'm begging you not to go...
Call your name two or three times in a row.
Such a funny thing for me to try to explain,
How I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame...
And I still don't understand
Just how your love could do what no one else can...

Crazy In Love (Cover)- Sofia Karlberg
This is one of the more passionate/sexy/sultry songs on here, and I'm totally interested in the potential for a lovey/romantic type of thing, very hot and steamy and whatever else can be imagined up.

Siren Call

I'll run to the moon and walk on the sea-
I'll start a new world for you and me...
And I'll save ya when the sky falls, Can you hear the siren call?
So together we can break down the walls, Can you hear the siren call?
Now I'm everywhere you know...
That I'll never let you go,
Cos I'll save ya when the sky falls...
Can you hear the siren call?

Siren Call- Kat Krazy ft. Elkka
This one, I don't even know, but its resonating with me at the moment and I'm not quite sure what I want to do with it yet, but suggestions are welcome.

So, there we go. I will add things as it is relevant, or if they occur to me. Let me know if you're interested in any, and we'll go from there. ^.^

*Blows a kiss*


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  • ~ Will you still love me when I'm no longer Young and Beautiful? Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul? I know you will, I know you will... I know that you will....~
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Re: ~~Pervertedly Innocent Fun for Jessi~~ (F for M)
« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2015, 05:58:43 AM »

TOTAL AND COMPLETE RESET OF ANY AND ALL STORIES, ALL AVAILABLE. Now new and available to start again, anything goes on my list.
Will only be taking a maximum of 5-8 stories at a time, depending on detail and length.
UPDATE (25/8): ADDED Shape-shifting Wolves
ADDED New Picture Prompts

UPDATE (26/8): Shape shifting Wolves, In Heat and Making a Mate TAKEN
Phoenix Pack Series TAKEN
Little Puppy Girl TAKEN
Breeding & Birth Fun TAKEN

Dark Heavens- Kylie Chan ADDED (current craving)

Musical Prompts REDONE

UPDATES (29/8): Disneyland! TAKEN
Doctor Gone Wrong TAKEN
Options for other RP ADDED


UPDATE (31/8): 3 ADDED

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Re: ~~Pervertedly Innocent Fun for Jessi~~ (F for M)
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UPDATE (4/9): Crazy In Love ADDED
New pic prompts ADDED

UPDATE (7/9): Siren Call ADDED
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