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June 19, 2018, 02:11:57 AM

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Author Topic: Aces & Eights BDSM Experiment (M seeking Any)  (Read 554 times)

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Offline deadmanshandTopic starter

Aces & Eights BDSM Experiment (M seeking Any)
« on: February 05, 2015, 04:01:25 AM »
Hmm... the idea I am about to write, I feel, requires a certain amount of explanation. Not for the content of it but rather it's nature. See it's something of an experiment of mine. As such I do not really know how it will work out or even if I will be able to write as I have never written it's like nor does it follow my natural inclinations. Now I have yet to encounter anything I can't write. That's a thing. But let me explain the nature and the reasons why this is so odd for me.

I have known people involved in BDSM for most of my life. Girlfriends, friends, and the like. For various and sundry reasons many people including myself have determined that I should not participate in such activities. If you want to know said reasons feel free to PM me but I will not discuss it in this thread. But I have always been fascinated by the concept of the ritualistic catharsis inherent in the acts involved - whether sexual or not. The concept of using extreme sensation and circumstance to provoke emotional and physical catharsis as opposed to simple sexual arousal is incredibly fascinating to me. But the dominant role is not one unknown to me. In fact it requires little on my part.

I want to do something different. Something I haven't done before. Something that is not directly in my nature. I want to write the submissive. In effect I want to see if I can achieve some level of the catharsis inherent in the rituals (or play or whatever you wish to call it) through the writing. I want to try and see this lifestyle from a different angle. Consider it a psycho-social experiment on my end.

Now enough of that. Let me lay out the story premise. It's simple in description but complex in follow through. If you've made it this far through my ramblings though that should not be a surprise.

Basic Premise:

MC (my character) will be a man who is pent up. Unable to find the release from his stress that he needs. YC (your character) is someone who offers to help him and by help I mean guide him into the world of BDSM. Introduce him to a way to let go. See what develops from there. Where that goes, what kinks and plays and rituals are explored, and the like are all up to us. I have very few hard no's on my O/O's. One thing I very much want to explore is a realistic take on the lifestyle. Not necessarily in the acts themselves but in the ritual that surrounds them. Aftercare, munches, dungeons (the real club style), and the like.

Now obviously that is only the skeleton of a story. The who's and the how's and the why's ...there are so many possibilities. So many different ways this story could go. The entire complexion changed by the simple choice of who. From the more realistic and healthy to the more taboo best left to writing rather than real life. I'll lay out a few below and we'll see what interests you. The only commonality being that YC is experienced in the lifestyle.

- YC & MC have long been friends. Years. YC has watched MC struggle with stress and problems and has always thought that MC might benefit from the lifestyle but the right opportunity never came up. Simple. Probably the most realistic and healthy option.

- YC is a teacher (College or High School - your pick) and MC is a stress addled student. Insert high strung driven kid or potentially withdrawn student due to rough childhood. The first one is a little cliche but easy. The second could touch on a lot of issues of building trust and overcoming past issues through cathartic experience. Definitely has happened but probably not the healthiest.

- YC is MC spouse or significant other. After years of watching MC drown in frustration he/she wants to try to help him. Bring him pleasure and peace of mind by going back to what he/she did before they got together. Lead him further into a lifestyle they've only played in before but YC has done rather extensively before. Fairly realistic and healthy.

- Now for the required taboo option. YC is MC's mother/sister but overall similar to the above spouse idea with added taboo elements of course. Definitely not the healthiest.

- Your Choice. This where you can fill in your own concept for the premise and send it to me. The worst I will say is no.
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Re: Aces & Eights Smut Emporium (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2015, 02:20:39 AM »
Idea # 2: Completely unrelated to the first idea!

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These beg for a story. I've always had a bit of a thing for the sexy maid imagery and this red haired little thing just set off all sorts of thoughts in my head. But not the usual dom employer/sub maid thing. That doesn't appeal to me. The maid being the instigator? That has promise. So I'm going to lay out a couple of ideas below but I will gladly listen to other ideas too. And all of these ideas follow the post above's general outline. Guy gets pulled into a new life of sexual exploration by the new woman (or futa I suppose).

I - MC (my character) is a married man but everything about the marriage was more business than pleasure or feeling. His wife had political aspirations and having a family made you more relatable. So she picked MC. Someone who needed the resources she offered to get the degree he wanted but couldn't afford and by doing so had to live by her rules.  None of which say anything about happiness or doing anything more than playing husband and wife in public.

In comes YC (your character). The new maid with a wild streak and an inkling that he might have one too. If someone brings it out of him.

II - MC is a retired athlete (probably a fighter) who was forced to retire due to illness and injury. A man who dropped into self pity and anger and kind of retreated from society and needs a new direction in life. YC is hired by someone close to him. A manager, a friend, a family member, etc. Someone close enough to convince him to allow someone to come in and clean up. Someone who knows him well enough to pick a woman he'd find irresistible and to find a bold woman who'd challenge him.

III - MC is the son of YC's employer. Young (16-18) and moving into his mansion (or upscale loft or whatever) for the first time. Maybe his father just got married and they upscaled their home to the point of needing a maid. Or maybe MC had been living with his mother previously and is just now moving in with his father. YC takes a liking to MC and decides to ...educate him.

All just ideas off the top of my head and open for discussion.
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Re: Aces & Eights BDSM Experiment (M seeking Any)
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2015, 01:04:31 AM »
Completely re-wrote my first idea.