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Author Topic: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)  (Read 2276 times)

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Offline Garuss Vakarian

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #25 on: February 05, 2015, 12:41:55 AM »
Thanks. ^^ .

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #26 on: February 05, 2015, 01:13:15 AM »

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Servant Powers/Aesthetic


Offline Garuss Vakarian

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #27 on: February 05, 2015, 02:05:51 AM »
Hmm, wouldn't the Devils luck be tough to role play? After all he is called the human Typhoon for a reason. Everything goes wrong around him.

Offline Izaya Orihara

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #28 on: February 05, 2015, 11:21:30 AM »
Damn, I keep changing my mind halfway into creating a character app. There are too many interesting possibilities. Be it with canon characters, or original ones from various universes. Among others, I've been thinking of Abel Nightroad, from Trinity Blood, but also some from Duarara and Baccano, with the former having the character I named my account after, and the latter having characters such as Vino, Firo and others. Many other potential characters in different anime, too. Indecision plagueth me.

On another note, the fact that someone applied as Revy (which equals awesome) was yet another thing to snag my interest when looking at this thread, along with the curious premise and room for creativity.

Well, here goes a WIP I convinced myself to go for:

Servant – Abel Nightroad
Master – Sora Fujiwara

Select Your Servant: Abel is from Trinity Blood, and he is Krusnik 02, the main character who serves the Vatican, or more precisely, the AX division of the Vatican's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Select Your Servant's Powers: Trinity Blood.

Appearance/Style Description: See le pics.

Personality: Abel appears as a clumsy, silly man, completely unfit for his job. He is capable of becoming very serious, especially when confronted with treacherous situations. He also frequently fakes a smile or brushes off comments that he does not want to answer.  In reality, this surface is a façade for a far more solemn, sober personality, in which his compassion is retained but his other personality traits vanish. It is probable that this element of his personality may be related to what he considers "past sins" such as being unable to save Lilith from Cain, or how he killed over seven million humans in the war, back when he still hated humanity, when he had joined the Methuselah in the war against humans after the Armageddon. This prejudice was presumably the result of an unexplained betrayal by person or persons dear to him that was mentioned by a holo-recording by Lilith, as well as perhaps how he and his "siblings" had been genetically engineered and experimented on by humans, made for the purpose of colonizing Mars.

The more that Abel activates his Krusnik nanomachines, the more he seems to drift away from himself, evident in the Krusnik nanomachines talking through him (using first person plural). In the anime he generally appears to have more control than the manga, although he is very detached from his surroundings at 80% capacity. His Krusnik form also portrays an alarming thirst for Methuselah blood and destruction. It is also mentioned that when in Krusnik form at 80% Abel has enough power to completely destroy Rome. Despite the implications of his powers, Abel goes to great lengths to hide this ability from other people, referring to it as "a mark of [his] sins."

He has many quirks throughout the series, such as putting thirteen sugars lumps in his tea, and never has more than a few dinars in his wallet at a time.

On the other hand, Sora is somewhat more quiet, being particularly confident in areas he knows quite a bit about. Namely, anime and manga, music, games, technology, books, acting, history and mythology. Whilst quite smart and creative, he's not particularly good with social interactions, though he tries to be nice and assume the best of people, he can be shy and a bit lacking in confidence. He tends to be patient, though that is also related to not having a particularly good sense of time. Sora can also get easily caught up in his own thoughts. His sense of humour is quite varied, and he can like darker things as much as more usual stuff. On another note, though he's a bit uncomfortable about admitting it, he likes dominant women.

Master - History: Since being trapped in the game, Sora has managed to adapt to some extent. Though he never thought it would happen in real life, he remembers occasionally thinking and wondering what it would be like if he was stuck inside a game. Similar plots have occasionally turned up in books, films and anime before, so it's not like it was a completely new idea. This new world that opened up to him, freed him to some extent of the fears, insecurities and troubles of the real world, whilst also ensuring that he had to get used to an entirely new and uncertain existence. [WIP]

Current Situation: At the moment, whilst having a nice place in a particularly scenic part of a previously conquered floor, he does from time to time help to some extent in raids and front line conflicts.

Servant - Weapons: In his human form, Abel fights with an inordinately large and powerful revolver loaded with silver bullets. In Krusnik form, he has a giant ornate scythe made from his own blood. In essence, he himself is a living weapon, with his electrical generation further up in the activation levels.

Servant - Special Powers: Abel fuses with the Crusnik nanomachines after taking the colonizer returners' side in the Human-Vampire war.

With 40% of Crusnik nanomachines activated, his eyes become red, his lips turn a dark blue, his teeth become fangs, his nails turn into claws, and a gigantic scythe made of his own blood materializes in his hands.

At 80%, he grows black wings and can generate massive amounts of electricity ("bio-electric fields").

In the anime, at 100% activation, he turns into a humanoid creature with dark skin, black bat-like wings, and blue markings that cover his entire body. He also generates more electricity than his 80% form and a second blade forms on the other end of his blood scythe.

Abel has also demonstrated what may be form of telekinesis, and can draw Methuselah blood directly into his body without using his fangs. Abel can also capable of absorbing Ion's blood into his wings. It is possible that this presumed telekinesis is actually a result of Abel controlling the Kudlak Bacillus present in Methuselah blood. It should be noted that in Krusnik form, Abel refers to himself in first person plural, suggesting the Krusnik nanomachines have some control over his mind and body. On a related note, each activation increases his regeneration, durability, senses, speed and strength by a considerable degree. As a Krusnik, he is biologically immortal, and his wings allow him to fly.

Servant - Strengths: He is highly intelligent, and a skilled marksman and strategist. He also seems to be good with technology, such as when he deactivated a certain satellite called the Star of Sorrow, that would have been used to restart open warfare between humans and Methuselah.

Servant - Weaknesses: His 80% and 100% modes increase his beserk level and he loses control of himself. In lower activations, he is more susceptible to powerful attacks, being more easily wounded, beaten and incapacitated. If deprived of blood, he is naturally weakened, unable to heal, and more likely to be overtaken by his instincts when blood is then made available. Human blood is also less potent for him than vampire blood. Alternately, if fed too well, they the nanomachines in his blood may be too powerful and their will may have more influence over Abel's actions. Crusnik are sentient - meaning they have a mind of their own; they try to coerce the user into giving in and allowing them to possess the host, which would mean an irreversible fusion between them and end disasterously. Abel would be lost to their will - become a killing machine that wants the destruction of everything. Thus, lower levels of activation are best. The more he uses them, the more dangerous it becomes. He can also usually be a bit too hesitant to kill, which can prove to be a weakness- though he looses that inhibition if he activates a level above 40%.  If beheaded, he'll go into a "stasis" to recover (which will take time; likely days). During this period, he's extremely vulnerable. The more emotionally unstable the host, the more sway Crusnik has, the more dangerous it is to use them. Using the nanomachines extensively puts a huge taxation on his body. The more he uses them, the longer he uses them, the worse it is for his body -- and weakens him, a weakness that will stay even after he's deactivated them. Thus, he'll be very reluctant to activate them unless absolutely necessary. He can only use 80% or above if he has recently fed on vampire blood, otherwise, the nanomachines will be unable to generate sufficient power and cause him to collapse.

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Offline Garuss Vakarian

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #29 on: February 05, 2015, 04:31:55 PM »
Abel is a cool addition! I watched little of Trinity Blood, but the few episodes I did watch were quality.

Cant forget we have Lina to, I find her to be pretty cool and funny. I never watched her anime before, so I started last night to familiarize myself. Time well spent.

Offline PrestaDGTation

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #30 on: February 05, 2015, 07:47:33 PM »
  ...Hell, why not!

Servant – Chloe, the True Noir
Master – Tomoe Hanauchi

Select Your Servant: Chloe is from the anime called Noir.  She serves the criminal syndicate called Les Soldats as one of their most elite assassins.  She was raised by a high ranking Soldats member named Altena, for the explicit purpose of eventually assuming the role of Noir, a mytho-historical duo of cultist assassins.  For most of her life, she's been completely loyal to Altena, even at the expense of the rest of the syndicate.  For her, the role of Noir is more than just a birthright or a destiny: it is her life's definition, and her heart's most ardent wish.

Select Your Servant's Powers: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (直死の魔眼 Chokushi no Magan) as Shiki Tohno from Tsukihime.  Chloe is able to see points and fault lines that allow her to kill or break anything she can conceptualize the destruction of.  She is constantly surrounded by these fault-lines, and even being a bit psychotic herself, she sometimes needs to wear specially crafted lenses to keep herself sane.

Appearance/Style Description: Chloe has narrow eyes and magenta hair, typically wearing a green cape and a dark, skin tight outfit underneath it.  She is of modest proportions, thin and muscular, prizing grace and precision over all other physical virtues.  She is mellow, and even when she is serious about something tends to remain composed and soft-spoken.

Personality: Chloe is a beautiful blend of contradictions, mellow enough to exist in the same body all at once.  She is quiet, soft-spoken, and polite, even while being arrogant and self-assured.  She is honorable, insightful, and something of a romantic, despite being a ruthless, expert murderer.  Chloe at times comes off as child like, almost innocent, hiding her brilliance and keen attention to her surroundings.  Something bubbly seems to exist just behind her narrow eyes: a kind of happiness and peace.  She finds beauty in her work, in her keepsakes, and in the few relationships she maintains.  All of this is only a scowl away from the proud, jealous and deceptive assassin she can really be.  To her, all of these things are simply part of upholding the mantle of the True Noir.

Master - History:  Tomoe chose Chloe for a servant because she wanted someone who was bubbly, optimistic, and powerful, without making it so she'd eventually grow sick of them.  When the game started, Tomoe has been working hard in the game equivalent of a Thief Class, increasing her dagger skills with help from her servant.  However, while Chloe respects her ability and likes the fact that she is making progress, her servant is also a realist.  Tomoe is much more efficient in medium armor, with a buckler and morning-star.  Tomoe was hoping that eventually her servant would come to see her as the other half of the Noir Legend, but Chloe doesn't really think she has the stuff for it.
  However, this doesn't mean they don't work well together.  Tomoe loves working with vegetables and flowers, something that Chloe has an unexpected fascination with, and that Tomoe actually knows more about.  At their home, the two teach one another their respective skills while gathering up herbs, foods and flowers from their orchard to sell on market, or to cook between themselves.  Their relaxing days at their home are spent reading, cooking, building additions, and generally enjoying one another's company.  Both are laid-back, serious, or bubbly in equal measure, and despite the odd disagreement, both of them are fond of one another.
  The choice to become a mercenary was only partly Chloe's.  Tomoe was in a guild for a little while, before she got sick of them.  Chloe is proud, and wants to be part of something that serves that esteem.  This guild, with infighting and incompetent (see: fatal) boss raid planning, was anything but.  She still has a few contacts from those days, that feed her information in exchange for backup.  Chloe's unique abilities allow her to access secret portions of levels and disable entire limbs from boss monsters, making her a desirable, if expensive, travelling companion.  When Tomow realized she could do better without a guild for the time being, she quit it, and since then life has been good.
  Tomoe enjoys this place, and has settled into a mood where she no longer worries about beating the game.  Becoming a renowned mercenary allows her to make the money she needs to expand her orchard and keep herself current with the levels.  She likes to invite people to her cottage, and tends to be an excellent hostess.  Tomoe is known to be the goofier of the two, a trait that Chloe finds endearing, and that her guests and contractors seem to take comfort from. 

Current Situation: Chloe and her master act as mercenaries.  They don't often push the front lines, preferring instead to take assignments within the world and live out their days making a name for themselves.  They have a cottage on Floor 18, set in an idyllic orchard, where they grow flowers and fruits in their free time, as well as training themselves.  This is also the place where they can be hired, although sometimes people question whether or not these are really the killers that call themselves The True Noir.  Chloe tends to enjoy farm work for some reason, noting that it feels nostalgic and simple, even meditative. 

Servant - Weapons: While an expert with fire-arms, Chloe prefers to use throwing knives, and keeps a massive amount of them under her cape.  She also carries some specialty lenses that block the Mystic Eyes Ability.  Beyond this, and her kevlar under armor, she carries no other weapons.


Servant - Special Powers: Chloe has been trained her entire life as an elite assassin.  A genius killer, her agility, aim, and awareness are all frighteningly close to becoming super-human.  Added to this is her ability to somehow cut and break anything she sets her mind to destroying.  Despite all of this, however, Chloe remains an otherwise normal human.

Servant - Strengths:

  Eye of the Hurricane:  Chloe is unnaturally hard to phase.  Except where it comes to Noir itself, Chloe is strangely able to keep a disarming composure.
  Fill your hands:  She's been trained since birth to kill, and Altena went to great lengths in her training.  Especially with weapons.  If it's a weapon invented before 2015 CE, Chloe knows how to use it.
  Dance Upon The Moonlight:  Chloe's agility will always be her largest strength.  Parkour is simply second nature, and she is able to use terrain and obstacles to get around in ways that would force Ezio into retirement.
  Friendly:  What most people don't expect about Chloe is that she's generally likable, unexpectedly principled, and even a fluid conversationalist.  Where she isn't making bodies, she tends to make friendships.  Not all of them last, but such is life.
  Loyal:  The friendships that do last, however, are things that Chloe will treasure.  Once you've earned her loyalty, you either have a friend for life, or a knife wielding time-bomb that will murder your face if you betray her.

Servant - Weaknesses:

  Obsessive:  Chloe's greatest source of strength is also her greatest source of flaws.  She is obsessed with Noir, with maintaining the image, actions, and philosophy of her birthright.  She tends to obsess about other things as well.  Those that know how to play this against her may find that she is more fragile, and more easy to manipulate, than they thought. 
  Madness Scrawled in the Lines:  Chloe's power to cut anything comes at a price.  She will go mad if she doesn't have a break from looking at the lines every now and again.  The lenses she has that hide the lines are among her most important possessions.  Without it, she will eventually have to blindfold herself or risk her sanity.
  Ordinary Human:  Chloe is exceptionally skilled, hard to hit, and even harder to catch coming.  But she's a normal human.  No regeneration, lasers, or cybernetics at all.
  Limited Ammo:  Chloe carries 30 knives on her.  She often has to retrieve them after combat, or get new ones made.  Once she's out of ammo, she has to improvise.
(..So many ideas.  I'll throw this one at the wall and see if it sticks.)
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Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #31 on: February 05, 2015, 07:52:22 PM »
I think im going to have to withdraw my interest. I just don't know enough anime to really make a good decision on this. Still I wish you best of luck and hope you all have fun with this.  ;D

Offline Garuss Vakarian

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #32 on: February 05, 2015, 09:50:47 PM »
Ah, that sucks. Sorry you couldnt decide.   :-\ . Have a good day/night. ^^

Offline Ziya

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #33 on: February 05, 2015, 11:08:33 PM »
I'm surprised none of the male players have thought of this guy yet.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Servent - Guts
Master - David Talec

Select Your Servant: The Black Swordsman Guts from “Berserk”

Select Your Servant's Powers: Guts uses the same abilities and equipment he usually does.

Appearance/Style Description: Same as visual.

Personality: Guts - Guts is, first and foremost, an incredibly resilient man. He holds himself at an arm's length to most, preferring to keep his distance in order to protect those around him from becoming entrapped in the endless battles he is forced to partake in nightly. In addition, he still feels a deep sense of loss and longing after the betrayal of the man he viewed as his best friend, Griffith, and the transformation of the woman he loves, Casca. Dealing with both of these issues on a daily basis has left him emotionally damaged, likely beyond repair, but given him insight into himself and others he wouldn't have possessed otherwise.
Beneath the outer layers of his personality - the regret, the longing, and the emotional distance - is an insatiable anger and blood lust that cannot hope to be tamed nor satisfied. With the usage of the Berserker Armor, he's constantly doing battle with himself in order to keep these emotions in check, lest he let his rage win out and he becomes a mindless beast unable to determine friend from foe. Despite this, he gives of himself relentlessly for the sake of those precious few who've managed to fight their ways into his heart despite the long voyage it took to get there; Guts is both incredibly loyal and incredibly selfless for those he deems friends.

David Talec – David is a very balanced person usually. He is kind, but not naïve, often preferring to guide people to their goals rather than solve the problem for them. Still, he always seems to have time to listen, no matter how busy he is. He isn’t one to just rush in blindly either, instead always preferring to look at the situation from multiple viewpoints to decide the best course of action. He is a born tactician, considering numerous possible outcomes in nearly every situation, and picking the best outcome from them.
David is very stoic normally, as if unsure how to express his emotions clearly. It’s not that he doesn’t feel them; he is just very skilled at hiding them from the outside world. This often results in rather formal, yet polite, speech, completely at odds with his more laid back posture and body language. He also tends to be somewhat awkward in social situations, at least until he gets to know someone better.

Master - History: David struggled for years with Bipolar II, creating a severe disconnect between him and the majority of the real world, as well as leading him to studying psychology in college. He dabbled in drawing and music to fill his free time before picking up Heroes and Servants out of curiosity, and still does during the rare times he and Guts aren’t fighting. He’s not certain whether he wants to leave the game at this point, as he sees it almost as a second chance at a fulfilling life.

Current Situation: David and Guts alternate between the front lines and recovering, with the vast majority of their time being spent on the front lines. They are constantly moving from battle to battle, only doing enough odd jobs to afford food usually.

Servant - Weapons:  Guts’ primary weapon is the Dragonslayer, a massive blade about 6’ 6” from hilt to tip, about 15” wide, and nearly an inch thick at its core. He also has a mechanical left arm with a powerful cannon built in, as well as an attachment for a repeater crossbow for mid-range attacks. These two ranged attacks have been enhanced in the game to automatically reload after a few minutes, allowing Guts to use them more effectively.
Guts also possesses the Berserker Armor, a cursed suit of Armor which gives the wearer incredible strength, endurance and the ability not to feel pain. It does this by allowing its users to bypass the natural subconscious limits that prevent them from injuring themselves when using their full strength. It can temporarily “fix” injuries by binding bleeding wounds, reinforcing broken bones, and fixing dislocated joints, piercing the flesh from within the Armor with thin barbs and spikes if required. These “fixes” actually end up causing more damage over time however; limiting the amount of time he can use the fully activated armor. This armor can also cause a berserk state where the wearer attacks anything around him, though this can be prevented for a time by allowing another person’s spirit to merge with the armor temporarily. David currently takes this role, though he merges physically with the armor as well to prevent an enemy from attacking while he is defenseless.


Servant - Special Powers: Guts possesses titanic strength gained from a harsh childhood lived with a band of mercenaries and years of daily fighting against absurdly large and powerful foes. Guts is seen by many as the personification of endurance and human willpower. Somehow Guts always manages to survive, even risking his life needlessly, as long as it was a risk that lay along a path to victory. He is a true master swordsman, even considered by some to be the greatest of all humans in his world. He is able to block attacks faster than the human eye can see, and all with the insanely heavy Dragonslayer.

Servant - Strengths: Absurd strength and endurance combined with a strong grasp of tactics and swordsmanship combine to make Guts a nearly perfect warrior. He is also loyal to a fault to his friends and companions, and can help others find the courage to stand up for their beliefs nearly every time.

Servant - Weaknesses: Guts is insanely reckless when he fights, to the point that he flat out ignores even potentially lethal injuries. This is both helped and worsened by the properties of the Berserker Armor. He also cares very little for anyone not close to him, and has actually used others as bait on occasion knowing that they would most likely die. Also, while David can prevent the total loss of Guts’ mind when using the Berserker Armor, his own innate rage and bloodlust tend to strengthen the longer a fight goes on, eventually overcoming even David’s ability to suppress and leading to the berserk state.

Offline Rel Mayer

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #34 on: February 05, 2015, 11:09:42 PM »
I just freaked the fuck out.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #35 on: February 05, 2015, 11:20:49 PM »
Approved Presta and Lilark! You guys can move your sheets over to the Character Sheets thread.

Would you guys like for Master's to be able to fight as well? Sort of like normal SAO players? The way I have it written right now has it to where they do not fight, and that is pretty much left up to the Servants. But if there is a big interest in it (like with Presta's sheet) then we can do it.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #36 on: February 05, 2015, 11:28:36 PM »

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Servant – Gene Starwind
Master – Daniel Bell

Select Your Servant: Gene Starwind – Outlaw Star

Select Your Servant's Powers: Gene's powers will be from the Naruto universe, posessing the abilities of a high level Shinigami. For all intents and purposes I will be playing him as having the same abilities as Kakashi.

Appearance/Style Description: Physical size and appearance wise Gene appears the same as he does in Outlaw Star. Scarred up, covered in star tattoos, with red and black hair. However he wears the Anbu outfit from Naruto. Seen in the image above.

Personality: Gene in the Outlaw Star universe is a smuggler, possessing the sort of "Pirate with a Heart of Gold" personality. He can be sarcastic, cocky, egotistical, and sometimes a total moron. But he's always fair, and at the end of everything, tries to make the morally right decision where it comes to people getting hurt.

Daniel is practically Gene's opposite in many regards. He does not posses the level of confidence that his Servant carries around. Rarely fighting in any battle like many of the other Masters, Daniel is much more unsure of his own abilities and can most often be found standing behind Gene as opposed to standing next to him. These personality qualities were what lead him to Gene in the first place. Probably one of Daniel's largest character flaws is that despite knowing for certain that he could die, he still treats much of SAO as a game. Lacking a bit of the serious demeanor of the other Masters in his power league.

Master - History: Despite being shy and lacking a great deal of confidence in his personal abilities, Daniel takes massive pride in Gene as his Servant. When they became locked in this game of death, Gene and Daniel have been clearing dungeons and participating in any Boss fight that they've been able to get their hands on. Having yet to join a guild, the pair are an extremely effective duo of brains and muscle. Gaining them a well respected reputation among the SAO player community. Currently the two are chomping at the bit to get to the next floor. Excited that they are near halfway through with the game, and obviously in awe of what comes next in the second half of the game.

Current Situation: Gene and Daniel do not have any player housing, and are currently helping with the front line battle.

Servant - Weapons: Gene possesses the regular suite of ninja weapons seen commonly on Shinigami in Naruto. As well as several scrolls that can summon different types of melee and ranged weaponry as needed.

Servant - Special Powers: As previously stated, Gene has the powers of Kakashi from Naruto. Other than his normal array of abilities, Gene's primary special Power is the Sharingan in his left eye. One that allows him to copy the moves of opponents. Both from, and outside of the Naruto universe.

Servant - Strengths: This can be anything, related or not related to your character's fighting abilities. My recommendation would be to pick 2 things that make your Servant a badass, and 2 things that are not related to combat.

Servant - Weaknesses: This can also be anything, but note that you must have at least 1 combat weakness. Try to shy away from just having personality related weaknesses, these need to be actual limitations of your character that can be used in the story. If you would like to PM me for discussion on this, because you want it to be a story element that's fine!

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Offline Ziya

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #37 on: February 05, 2015, 11:30:41 PM »
While I wouldn't be able to use it with David and Guts for obvious reasons, I think it would be interesting to leave the option open. It would make it seem more realistic, and could also allow for a closer bond between both Master and Servant and between Masters themselves.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #38 on: February 05, 2015, 11:31:22 PM »
While I wouldn't be able to use it with David and Guts for obvious reasons, I think it would be interesting to leave the option open. It would make it seem more realistic, and could also allow for a closer bond between both Master and Servant and between Masters themselves.

Good point Lilark

Offline Juggtacular

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #39 on: February 05, 2015, 11:32:15 PM »
It's so many cool people out there.

I'm between Pyron, Gildarts Clive, and Saitama from One-Punch Man.

Offline Garuss Vakarian

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #40 on: February 05, 2015, 11:35:06 PM »
I actually considered Guts believe it or not, but decided I couldn't play him right since A; I only watched half the show so far and B; I don't feel like playing a character like him at this time. Al fit's more my current mood in characters. But I chose him also because FMA holds a special place with me, as my first ever anime. Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, and what is a fan based game if not at least some form of imitation?

But I do think it is awesome some one is playing him. ^^ Good pick. Hope to see him slice and dice and grind his way into being one of those level capped bad asses you see on MMO's. :P

Lobster: I think that would be cool. Maybe not to the degree a Servant can. But definitely be able to fight, at least each other and beasts out in the world. Though it may take a bit from the choice to transform into the servant. Perhaps the difference is that with transforming you have added power, but with using the servant you have the potential to mob or flank?
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Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #41 on: February 07, 2015, 01:27:28 AM »
Hey guys! I am going to be putting up the first thread tomorrow afternoon. So if you have not yet had the chance to finish your sheet, you still have time!

Offline Chaosfox

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #42 on: February 07, 2015, 07:41:38 AM »
If we went from a Pokemon trainer form  one of the series would there Pokemon start out in there base forms??

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #43 on: February 07, 2015, 01:42:34 PM »
The Pokemon could be in whichever form you'd like.

Offline MissFire

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
« Reply #44 on: February 07, 2015, 02:34:00 PM »

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
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Quick question for you guys!

Since Gene is going to have Kakashi's Sharingan from Naruto, do you think it would be able to copy the abilities of power's outside of Naruto? I want to say yes, otherwise it would pretty much be useless until they encounter a Naruto enemy. But I didn't want to give the perception that I'm making my go overpowered or anything.


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Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
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I say go for it.

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Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
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It should have some limitations, otherwise it kind of drains the uniqueness from our characters if you have one person that can do everything.

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Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
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Missfire: I have to agree with you. Hmm, I don't know. Lobster, You could just have it so that you can already do a lot from Naruto. Since if you gave him Kakashi's sharingun specifically, wouldn't that mean he has the skill's and Ninjutsu Kakashi collected over the years having it? Just a thought.

Otherwise learning to do stuff outside ninjutsu is fine, as long as it is within reason or not to overpowered. IE: He cant learn to become a super sayan, since he is not a saiyan. Or like for example, He cant learn to use BK201, the Black Reaper's contract. (Since in Darker Then Black, a contract is more of a personal power, activated by a tick or price etc.)

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Re: Heroes and Servants (Anime Crossover/Sword Art Online Inspired Game)
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I agree with MissFire and Garuss. There is an easy way around it though. If I recall, while the Sharingan can copy anything it doesn't give the user the strength or stamina to use it fully. That's why Sauske had to train before using high speed taijutsu. So even if something can be learned by the user, they still have to train in that type of skill before using it effectively.