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Author Topic: DotA's big list of requests!  (Read 526 times)

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DotA's big list of requests!
« on: February 03, 2015, 07:21:37 pm »
Hello and thank you for checking out my thread! Let me preface this by saying that this some of this stuff is kinda weird to some. If you're easily detested to weird tastes, please turn back now, otherwise, please continue!

Fandoms at the bottom:
-Star Wars
-Elder Scrolls
I'm indicating via color coordination whether I want a smutty or story-based rp, or if I want to blend the two.
No No's!
-Anything Regarding Toilet Substances
-Torture (When BDSM goes beyond kinky)

So, without further ado, here are scenarios that I've come up with that I think I'd enjoy, and if you think so too, PM me!

For partners that are strictly playing Female
-This one is a little cliché but it could have any kind of spin on it! Our characters (MxF or FxF) were best friends growing up and after we went to college, we went our separate ways. Now back in our hometown we catch up, have a few drinks, and end up getting blackout drunk together. We wake up naked and in bed together, without any knowledge of what happened. Struggling to get through the awkwardness of the situation, we find that perhaps our drunken antics led us to realize we were maybe meant for each other.
-Story and Smut!
-You are a Neko-Girl (kittygirl) and I am one if your best friends. Your impulsive troublemaking has gotten you in deep shit with a gang/mafia and you need a place to hide. Now on the run from the men who will beat you and rape you silly if they catch up with us, we must elude them for years, assuming new identities, often as lovers or mother/child situations. Along the way, your character comes onto mine and end up living the lies we make up to avoid the mob/gang.
-Story and Smut!
-We are established lovers in any setting you wish (Sci-Fi, modern, historical, fantasy, ect). A person attempts to murder you but you fight them off, but not before they maim you, stabbing your stomach several times, rendering you sterile and unable to have children. Now in hospice and fighting for your life, we go in depth into near-death experience, existential crises, internal struggle, and marital or relationship issues that arise from your mortal wound. This is going to be VERY involved and long term. It will be almost all story and little sexual activity (but there will be some).
For partners that are Female or Futa
-I play a male, captured by you to be your personal slave. Throughout the beginning portion of the ownership, you feed me a serum, which slowly turns me from male to female and you force me to do all sorts of nasty things with you.
-I play a loving and forgiving slave owner (Female), who purchases you from poverty. I keep you more as a guest, doing various chores around the house in exchange for room and board. Eventually, we fall in love and get married, doing various *naughty* things along the way.
- I play a female where you and I are chain-sisters in a sadistic porn/slave industry in which they force us to have sex on camera for their and their customer's amusement. Over the course of many sexual encounters, you and I fall in love and we stage an escape.
-Story and Smut!
-I play a hermaphrodite business woman who is brutally assaulted, mugged, and left to die, when you come in to rescue me pretending to care but in the end you rape me and sell me to slavery. (This one will be shorter)
-I play a Futa knight pretending to be a female, who is found out to be a futa and stripped of her honor, armor, and weapons. Feeling dejected and alienated she ventures off with little money to her name, meeting people and performing sexual acts for money. Then along comes your character (any race you choose whether it be anthro, Neko, or human) who infatuates my character. From there it's completely free form!

For partners who are Male or Futa
-Any kind of sex slave w/ female you can think of as long as it isn't torturous!
-Story and Smut!
-A high school/college scenario in which my character, a female, stumbles into your character's life and eventually get into a relationship that may lead to marriage and/or impregnation.
-Imagine a world where women are treated like livestock, free to rape whenever you want. I play a female girl, hiding out from everybody, when you discover me. From there it's your choice to rape me and capture me, or befriend me and protect me.
-Story and/or Smut!
For partners who are Futa
-Anything you desire from the universe of Futadom World.
-I play a female or male (depending on your alignment/request) and we are best friends who grew up together. Now that we're off to college, we start to notice that we find each other remarkably attractive. What happens after that point is up in the air!
-Story and/or Smut!
-I play a 17-year-old female who, at first glance, appears to be very ugly, with a horrid hairstyle, big thick glasses, and an incredibly shy demeanor. Under the mask, I turn out to be a rather cute blue-eyed, freckled girl. It's up to you to to decide what happens. Do I approach you to ask you out? Do you approach me? What happens? You decide!
-Story or Smut!
For anybody!
-Once again, anything you desire from the universe of Futadom World, as long as it involves me as the Futa.
-Arranged marriage between any two genders of your liking (minus MxM).
-Story or Smut!
-Halo Fandom Time!!! Please have good knowledge regarding the universe of the UNSC, the Covenant, the Flood, and the Halo Rings. This setting will have sub plots!
         -We are both spartan 5's deployed on Requiem, the forerunner construct, in the same squad. Since augmentation has been streamlined more and our sexual appetites are not as culled as prior series of Spartans, we take interest in each other and have a very illegal sexual relationship. We risk being caught by officers and being discharged from duty. Our ravenous libido takes us to have sexual encounters in various locations such as camping during deployment, sneaking off from mission, on board the Infinity, ect.
         -Story and/or Smut!
        -Sangheili lovers! A MxF relationship between a secretly heretical Elite and his living wife, who serves as a medic on the Covenant flagship her husband is stationed at. Our love goes beyond the husband's beliefs and the wife blindly follows him until he is discovered during the Great Schism, where he is put to execution, but is spared by the Prophet of Humility, a lesser prophet, who serves as the Prophet of Truth's advisor. Secretly, the prophet of Humility lets the husband escape, but the wife is left behind. Her love for him is so boundless that she goes on a search religiously trying to find her true love. She finally finds him, now missing an eye, cooped up in a hostel on a human planet, a while after the peace between Sangheili and Humans. She is horrified to find a whore in his bed and she shuns him, heart broken. The husband explains that he thought he would never see her again and even said he thought she had been executed. Eventually she comes back around but not without strife. The guidelines end there and then we can run with it! (I don't care who plays what part, but I really like this one so I would be delighted to make any changes to accommodate you.)
-Star Wars Fandom Time!!! If you don't know even a little bit of Star Wars lore, I don't wish to speak to you on this matter.
      -I play a female bounty hunter, a Togruta(what Shaak Ti is), who is hunting a mark listed as "Dead" by Imperial Bounty Listings. (Your Character!) The first part is narration of how I tail you for weeks, learning your mannerisms... yet I never see your face or hear your voice. I finally trail you back to what I think is your home but it's really a trap, and you capture me. Holding on to me for days on end I begin to have a personal investment in the mission. I convince you that I wouldn't try to kill you, but you are weary, never revealing your face and using a vocal distorter to hide your identity. After a while, I engage you in combat, pulling away your mask, revealing your entrancing face. What happens after that is free form!
      -Story and/or Smut!
      -I play a Twi'Lek slave to Jabba the Hutt, when the Battle of the great pit of Carkoon(Sarlaac pit), resulting in his death. Narrowly escaping death by exploding ship, I steal a speeder and flee to Mos Esley, where I meet your character at a bar. Scantily clad as I am, you realize it's not safe for me to stay in the shithole spaceport, you offer to take me to your home planet to marry you in exchange for safety and a place to live. I reluctantly accept and from there our story is up to where the own takes us! Any kind of character is welcome whether it be an Imperial ally, a Rebel, a bounty hunter, a mercenary... It's up to you! And in regards to the relationship, it could either be a passionate one, an abusive one, a dom/sub... open to a lot!
      -Story and/or Smut!
      -I love Star Wars so hit me up with any ideas, because I'm open to anything from this universe.
-Elder Scrolls Fandom!
     -I don't have any ideas as it's such an open thing but I love ideas so hit me up!
For partners who want to play a monster or alien
I don't have any scenario's thought up, but I'm willing to do a lot, so PM me with ideas!

These are just my ideas! If you have any other ones, please feel free to pm me!
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Re: DotA's big list of requests!
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2015, 10:50:38 am »
Big update: Added Fandoms and requests for female partners.