Taming Rose

Started by sansa, February 02, 2015, 10:03:32 PM

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The laws of the land state: Any maiden that reaches the proper age shall be sent to the town square and matched with a young, unwed male who bids the right price.

For many years this law has served the town good, young women were sent off to marry sometimes complete strangers, some futures were good some were not. Clearly this is a man's world, these acts seeming to be in the range of slavery and arranged marriage but no woman has ever objected. Well... except for now, the young maid Rose has managed to keep herself happily single two years past her coming of age. With so many women being sent to the square every year no one even turned there heads to look in her direction.

A very pretty girl she may be but with the temper of an angry swarm of bees and a fighting spirit she gained from her brothers. Even if men did notice no one ever tried to tame her, finding a more submissive woman to their liking. She can't fight fate much longer though... The town has finally noticed that the 18 year old beauty is still unwed and surely someone will want her...

So I'm looking for a dominate male to play the role of Rose's husband. This is a rough idea but I feel there is plenty of potential for character growth and story building.

PM me with any questions!
Hello E friends. For those who've role played with me, I disappeared for a while due to lack of access to a computer and personal issues. Life has calmed down and I now have access to E and inspiration has struck me again. :)