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May 22, 2018, 04:25:53 PM

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Author Topic: Some marriage-related ideas... (looking for M and F characters)  (Read 188 times)

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Offline BeorningTopic starter

Some marriage-related ideas... (looking for M and F characters)
« on: February 02, 2015, 09:14:14 AM »
Alright!  :-)

I have three story ideas (well... story seeds) that I'd like to get out of my system right now. All three involve the subject of marriage. In two of them, I'd play a female character that would need a male partner. In the third one, I'd play a male who needs a female partner. The RL gender of my writing partners is of no importance to me!  :-)

Idea 1: Age difference

Lately, I'd like to try RPing a married couple where there's a big age difference between the spouses. I see the husband as being in his 40s or 50s, while the wife would be around 20-25. I admit I have no idea yet how exactly such a couple would come together... but, somehow, I find it an interesting situation when a woman in her early twenties gets to be titled a 'Mrs.'.  :-)

My general idea is that the husband in that pairing would be rich and (possibly) a bit conservative. Hence, his young wife, a woman barely out of college, would find herself thrown into a world much more... serious and strict than the one she has lived in before. For once, being Mrs. Veryrichmond could go with responsibilities like attending charity events, running the whole household etc... How would such a youthful character adapt to it? Somehow, I think it might be interesting to explore.

In this scenario, I'd like to play the young wife and I'm looking for someone to play the husband.

Idea 2: The Perfect Wife

In this idea, I'd like to RP a situation where my character, a man, would be married to a perfect wife. Well, perfect according to all old-fashioned expectations.  :-) So, the wife would be very pretty, deferential, very warm and caring, an excellent homemaker and a cook... Let's say, a younger version of Nigella Lawson  ;)

I don't have a specific plot in mind here. This could be an purely realistic RP, or something more fantastical (some variant of Stepford Wives, maybe?). Whatever my writing partner would be interested in. It's just a pairing I'd like to explore: a guy and his perfect wife.

Obviously, I'm looking for someone to play the wife  :-)

Idea 3: The Perfect Wife à rebours

It's the same pairing as above, basically... but, this time, I'd like to try RPing the wife! Somehow, I've always wanted to try playing as a woman who is really submissive to her husband - not just sexually, but in... well, everything. I'd like to explore her life, her days spent on cooking, house-cleaning and so on  :-) Again, this could be an ordinary realistic story, or we could make it a bit more fantastic (playing a literal Stepford Wife would be a treat for me).

Understandably, I'd looking for someone to play the husband here!

So, these are the ideas. I realize they aren't too developed, but I'm open to brainstorming the details with interested partners. Don't be disheartened, then!  :-)

So... any takers? If so, please PM me and let's talk!  :-)