Halo's seeking for some fun! (Open for anyone!)

Started by HaloEdge, February 01, 2015, 06:59:10 PM

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Welcome welcome! This is still a work in progress so expect it to get updated and such as we go on!

One side warning before you drop me a line, due to my work schedules I will only be able to post maybe once or twice a day tops, I will still post though and will make sure that I keep everything interesting as we go. Otherwise I am totally open to male and female role players.

I like to play a range of characters, and open to quite a few themes and ideas, craving wise, I do have some that I am after but I also am open to a lot of ideas, and if you don't see one here that you are interested in I am sure I can adapt something with you! Themes though, I do really love writing in modern fantasy and Si-fi ones, I have a love of the strange and magics, writing these are a lot of fun for me and it can get strange fast of you really want it to. Also, I prefer original ideas, I struggle with fandoms mostly because my ideas and where things seem to go don't seem to fit in nicely with other peoples views of the fandom they want to play. I'm gonna be honest, I'm a sucker for romance plots, some of my characters it's harder to romance than others, but most of the time they eventually give into it if poked or played with enough.

Current cravings!

For some of my characters they are in my OnO, I do have many more that I would be able to bring out if you give me an idea that isn't on this list.

University: Character Sophia. Sophia is a fem-dom that takes what she wants when she wants, this can be broken down into either a teacher student one, Sophia as the student black-mailing her teacher into satisfying her, or even down to Dorm-mates. Feel free to give me a direction with this one that you are after and we can make it work.

Master of the Mansion: Character Charon. Pretty self explanatory, Charon owns the mansion and is after a new toy to play with. Charon is also a dom character and I have used before in a vampire slave-trade role play, and it can be softer and harder depending on what you want.

The thief and detective: Character Edge. This is one of my baby characters, and this one does have more of a concept to it (see below). This is one of the ones that I love to twist into a strange romance plot, like having dinners and more, but still Edge steals, and the detective is still trying to find enough evidence to catch her.

Edge is a high end thief that has been plaguing the rich and powerful for a long time, but always seems to slip police custody leaving almost nothing behind than a telling card or a clue. As much fun as stealing is for her though, the new detective on the scene has peeked her interest causing edge to start showing more tells and signs, but still just managing to stay out of the reach of jails.

Other plots: As I said above, I'm open to a lot of things, just ask and we will see where we go. I do have a huge love for world building and development of story and characters, so Pm me if you have an itch that you think I can scratch!
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