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Author Topic: Elzith's Current Desires (FxF characters wanted) BDSM, extreme, romance.  (Read 473 times)

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General Information

 RP Status: Free

Current Cravings: Looking
Contact details: (Skype) 'Sophie (Elzith)'
Post Frequency:Multiple times daily at the most. Once every three days at the minimum.

A Quick Introduction
Hello and welcome to my page! At the moment it's probably a considerable mess, seeing as for some reason I find E's formatting options incredibly tricky  to sort out. Combined with being rather out of practise with coding and the likes, apologies in advance if things seem out of place. As for me, I've been  roleplaying for around about four years now, having shifted from messing around in video games to finding out I have a flare and enjoyment for writing. as  for E, I'm relatively new, having kept myself to myself to the post part and having taken numerous breaks. However, I'm not back in the market for a few games and would love to find steady, reliable long-term partners for a plethora of ideas.   

For the most part I'm relatively open and my interests are rather broad. So feel free to approach, even if you don't think I'll bite right away..we can always work the details  out after all. F x F is my usual character set-up and I'm unlikely to accept male characters, though of course male players are fine.

The Desires

As a disclaimer, for the most part I tend to opt for lighter and gentler scenes, but recently I've begun to itch for something more extreme and slightly harder in kink. All of the following ideas can be lessened/increased in severity of nastiness if so desired. At the same time of course the following are not all I'm after, so if you enjoy my writing style or have looked over some of my previous games, feel free to get in touch and let me know if you want to try something else.

The Princess's Plaything. Non consensual, torture, twisted romance.

This is an idea I started to plan out and eventually post a while back, but unfortunately my partner decided to bow out and is perhaps my biggest want at the moment. It's similar to another play I currently have going, 'To the winner goes the spoils' but with a much darker angel.

Basic Background: After decades of war have ravaged the land and turned two once mighty countries into smouldering wrecks of their once glorious selves. But finally one side has emerged as victorious, putting their enemies armies to the sword and looting everything of value before annexing a sizeable chunk of the remaining land. Those that survived the blood lust of men far too accomplished in war and violence have been rounded up and either seized as slaves or been forced to work in the most horrific conditions. But one group above all others was rewarded with the most stalwart and utter hatred; The Paladins. The elite battalions of the vanquished's army, these honourable men and women were the only reason why their side lasted as long as it did, but now they've been captured and driven to the capital, where they await execution and torture.

The Game: As the captives linger whilst waiting for their end with as much bravery as they can conjure up, a few nobles and renowned soldiers have permission to take their pick of the stock as slaves or playthings. One of such women, the Princess herself, has become to come into her own with a brand of cruelty and coldness that made even her Father the King ill at ease. To try and placate her and offer her something to channel her less than carnal desires, she's been offered the chance to take on one of the defeated prisoners as her own by the King and she's already chosen just who she desires; a pair of sisters from the Paladin order.

The Princess: I have no preference as to who takes on either role, but whomever decided to play the submissive party must be comfortable in playing multiple characters, or at least sharing control. The Princess is meant as a cold and hateful woman, extremely abusive though loves and adores her partners in her own twisted way; even as she's whipping them raw, each and every blow is punctuated with a kiss. But for the most I want to keep the characters open and easily modified, though with the basic premise remaining the same.

The Sisters: Preferably one younger and one slightly older, I'd highly adore having one as female and the other as a futa. Though it's not required. They're totally up for discussion as to personalties and appearance.

Kinks: Of course harder kinks are to be expected when it comes to this one, from torture to rape. Chastity is also adored, as is forced incest and all manner of BDSM. Toilet play may also be welcome, though it depends on the context and the degree or detail. Pet-play and the likes are also encouraged. 

Cops and Robbers. Romance, Slice-Of-Life, Drama.

Basic Background: With one party playing a rough and tumble policewoman and the other a reluctant criminal, the surrounding setting and back story is not all that important. It's the characters and their interactions that are the main points of interest here, how they bounce off of one another and come to terms with their own personalties and history. The cop is, of course, in the process of investigating the criminal for being part of some sort of crime syndicate where upon she decides to go undercover to infiltrate the group and bring back as much evidence as she can. However, there's just one small snag. She ends up falling in love with her target.

Setting: Sci-fi or modern day, I really don't mind.

The Game: Keeping this one completely open to debate. It could be that the pair are drawn together through some sort of interrogation, or that they simply bond over a romantic meal. At the same time I'd prefer a reluctance in either party and a complete meltdown in drama and action as soon as either partners true roles are aired.

The Characters: Open

Kinks: Romance should be the main theme here, twisted or otherwise. Though other than that my O/O page linked in the signature should offer enough information as to what it is I adore. The inspiration for this idea comes from here, a different RP site I frequent. It's the tabboo nature and the promise of uproar that's drawn me to this so badly.

A Beautiful Contrast (Sunstone-Esque BDSM play)

Back-story: After throwing herself into work, buisness and advancing her position in life as best she could, Delilah was tired of being on her own. Finally deciding enough was enough and it was time to find someone to share her home with, the young woman set off to hunt someone down that'd fit with her numerous criteria. The most important of which that happened to be they'd be submissive both inside and outside of the bedroom, willing to allow her to experiment and play as much as she wished to try and experience everything she could not whilst growing up.  For whilst most surely a lesbian, Delilah was yet to properly savour all the allures of the feminine form other than brief one night stands and burnt out relationships.

Setting: Modern preferred, but open.

The Game: Pretty much what's already been set out, an older woman (25+) has decided to find a girl to call her own. Along with all sorts of lewdness and kink, but exploring their lives together on a daily basis as well as the mental, not just the physical, bond they share.

Characters: Open for interpretation.

Kinks: BDSM, romance, pet-play, perhaps harder things.


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