(F looking for F or trans/futa or robot) Apocalypse A.I

Started by Malgriff, January 29, 2015, 01:49:31 AM

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PM if interested Do Not Reply Here. Thank You.

Quick side info. I sometimes post frequently all at once and sometimes spend a few days thinking about posts, so sorry in advance for inconsistency.
I've noticed I tend to stick more to fxF pairings or even futa X f pairings, for some reason M x F just doesn't keep my interest as much anymore (I can probably guess the reason but I'm not 100% certain)
I will most likely play a female human, but if convinced I may try another style. Also I can't really play dominant characters, not sexually dominant at least.

World concept

Technological advances eventually create machines with A.I, mankind's natural tendencies to use their tech for war means everyone is trying to get their hands on it, for maybe about 50 years the A.I does as it's meant to but then they decide that war risks their survival and humans are the cause of the risk.

So the machines have turned against their creators and removed people of power. Some smaller places with no war involvement still live in coexistence but the A.I's hive mind / connections force some of those machines to take control of the small lands. Large countries would mean humans needing a mass exodus to places safer, the only A.I free zones would be either poles and in the deserts or jungles. Forcing humans to take shelter in the wilds they once came from. Limited to what they have around them and unable to use any devices as they now all belong to the A.I and can be used to track them humanity sinks into mythology. Anyone trying to brave the A.I's world is eliminated, there are very little survivors, those that do never attempt the trip again.

Hundreds of years later, humans have become somewhat half feral half civil, intermingling just to keep their numbers up, Languages have dwindled to maybe two or three overall, depending on the continent. The humans who moved to the poles have build cities out of ice and seem to be better off, though have had no contact with anyone else. The desert dwellers carved caves underground to keep cool and fashioned farms where they were able. They keep themselves hidden and scavenge scrap materials from city boarders, transport mostly or medical supplies.

The jungle dwellers became hunters and foragers, and arguably the most adventurous, some risking their lives to sneak into the old cities to collect items long forgotten. Some for trophies but most for food that was thought long lost.


Plot ideas (work in progress)

Not entirely sure of fleshed out ideas so here's a few pairings to get the ideas flowing, I'll come back to this and add stuff as I think of it.

Jungle tribe X Desert Tribe
Jungle Tribe X Snow Tribe
Desert Tribe X Snow Tribe

Two people from the same tribe being forced or deciding to travel together to seek out other humans, for trade or for help.

Human X A.I machine (A new generation made by the original machines that holds human like qualities and emotions etc everything but blood and flesh)