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Author Topic: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)  (Read 1368 times)

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Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« on: January 28, 2015, 04:54:15 PM »
HI everyone

Just getting back into posting having a hectic rl period so only looking for one or two stories

If you are interested in any of my plot ideas please PM me rather than post to this thread.

My offs :

Guy on guy ...saying that I've no issue with MFM threesomes but just no guy on guy contact within that.
Cross dressing


Multiple females to one guy
Submissive women
Younger males paired with older women

Okay so I know that not a big on list suffice it to say its more a list of preference , I always like plots to have at least one element of the On list and if you are good with all three then I'm one happy camper. Saying that if its not listed then the likelihood is that I'm up for it.

Writing style....this is a biggy one liners can't stress this enough. I do try to write between 2-3 paragraphs a post and I'm happy to write 10 plus per post.
I love NPC's and I love throwing them into stories , I'll often post  for an npc several posts and sometimes a few pages before they come into play.

Posting speed I try for 2-3 times per week...but if once a week is more your pace all good .

I prefer to post on the forum...I've tried PM's before but don't like them as much saying that and I might for the right writer and a fantastic story do so again but I definitely don't write or even work out plots away from the site.

Typo's ....this is fair warning I make them a lot , I do self edit ,several times in fact, before I post but for some reason I can look at a post time and time again and still miss typos. ...thank goodness for the little red line under a poorly spelt word (I've correctly loads of words already on this post alone)

I'm happy to drive a story but I do prefer to collaborate ..certainly if I want to throw a major plot into a story I'll soundboard with my writing partner.

Under18 characters....okay I personally have no problems writing for 16-17 year old males , in my country 16 is the age of consent and its what I grew up with, however I absolutely understand that its an issue for a number of people so if you like a plot idea but not the age of my character I'm absolutely happy to up the age of all characters to 18.

Fandom (Your character first)

Okay if you have a Kate Middleton story or want to work on an idea I'm totally up for it, have a couple of ideas for the Duchess if anyone would like to play her
Harry Potter
Hermione x OC
Tonks x OC
Hermione and Tonks x OC

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy x OC-note ordinary guy no special talents
Cordelia x OC
Buffy and Faith x OC
Buffy and Cordelia x OC
Buffy Cordelia and Faith x OC....okay that may be a bit greedy but consider it a writing challenge.

Sam Carter x OC (note I would prefer OC but happy to do Sam Carter x Daniel Jackson)

Walking Dead
Maggie Greene x OC (in a variant where Glenn has died or never existed)

Sons of Anarchy
Tara Knowles x OC (where Tara managed to escape with or without the boys and now lives in hiding)
Lyla Winston X OC (either post Sons of Anarchy series or while still playing a porn star)
Ima x OC
...suffice it to say find a way to combine any two or all three and I'll love ya.

Residential Evil

Alice x OC
....ah heck this is a list here go any of Alice/ Jill Valentine/ Claire Redfield/Ada Wong x OC with strong preference for any combination thereof.

Hang about all my guys are OC's well....yeah noticed that myself I am open to playing canon characters to your canon or even to your OC however not all male canon will I write for an example I don't do Malfroy/Snape or even Harry x Hermione...and yes I'm fully aware those are three very popular 'ships. So ask by all means just work with me if I say no to a particular combination.

Plot 1
(Fixing the past      /    romantic or happy for this to turn into dom/sub and anything else that the 28 year old version of your character would be into.)
Your character has had a perfect life , growing up in a loving wealthy family , you were the prom queen , head cheerleader , the most popular girl in school...head of the alpha's...heading to college life continued to be great , now in you late twenties you have a multi- million dollar business that you and your fiancé built from nothing and you're two weeks away from marrying your dream guy.

Then it all went to custard. Your fiancé leaves you for a man, two days after he leaves you discover that he striped the business clean and ploughed huge debt on to it ,on top of that he convinced your parents to invest a large chuck of their wealth into the business...all that money is gone. Then as if that wasn't enough , someone with a camera has released film from a fantasy sex club you frequent ,clearly showing you....and its gone viral.

Six months later you are staying with one of the few friends you still have , after several hours of drinking the conversation moves to the past , to high school where you lament that you never did anyone harm and don't deserve all the bad fortune that has befallen you. Instead of agreeing with you as you expected  your friend points out that you actually were very mean to one boy who was constantly being bullied and it turns out had a horrific home character doesn't even remember the boy.

That night as he head to the spare bedroom at your friends place you knock your head and collapse.

Only to wake up 18 , and back at your old high school and its no longer 2015 , you have all your memories (and desires) .

So was your friend right did karma catch up and what will you do to put it right?
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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2015, 05:22:27 PM »
Plot 2 (romantic happy for it to go dom/sub and any other ideas you may have)

The Eureka Project

It was the easily most powerful computer in the world more powerful that the next 100 super computers in existence, it was designed to predict how humans could survive an otherwise existence ending event . 100 scenarios were chosen , each scenario had over a billion variants and in each variant the information about four billion people were feed into the calculations.  When the programme was complete it identified commonality in all the occasions where humans survived. Severl hudred occurred over 99 percent of the time but only one occurred everytime.....and everytime it didn't occur humanity failed.

On the face of it , it was a simple thing a single man and woman becoming husband and wife saved the world every time...the man was a nobody (my character) the woman (your character was world famous (and possibly already married-happy to discuss) The authorities also know something the public doesn't yet know....a potential extinction event is approaching , they have this get this pair together.

Okay my character is going to be anywhere from 16-25 , thou over 20 probably works better happy for my writing partner to choose my age)

Your character can be a real person or made up happy with either ...happy to suggest a few well known women who are married if you want to go with a real person.

The event coming happy to discuss ...three that come to mind ..Aggressive Alien invasion fleet...imminent release of a deadly virus that will make the black plague look like a walk in the asteroid with a 99 percent chance of hitting the planet not big enough to destroy all life but certainly enough to send humanity back to the stone age for those that survive the first couple of years of hell.

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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2015, 10:38:49 PM »

Plot three <I'm here to protect run>

Your character is the daughter of a (wealthy man/ Mafia boss/Political figure) when your entire family is assassinated at home , you only survive because the team sent to kill you while you are at college is delayed by critical minutes, enough time for a warning to be sent to my character , a boy of your own age who lives in the same dorm and goes to all your classes, he  of course is the hidden protection your father never told you about, his job is to keep you save and get you to the one place your father told no one about except my guy a place of true safety.

Happy for the roles to be reversed and have my character be the son of.... and your character the secret protection.

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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2015, 11:08:09 PM »
Plot four <Letting him blackmail me> (YC)Teacher x Student (MC)

Your character is one of the most popular teachers in the school , you also regularly have sex with students (can be both male and female) you have managed to keep it quiet until now ,someone (MC) has caught you , has video and is now trying to black mail you (he's a bit of a nerd and the guys/girls you have been having sex with are 'the jocks and the alpha's.

What My character doesn't realise is that you have been wanting someone to force you to bend to their will  or other terms you want to be blackmailed.

If your character has a husband happy to play him as an NPC...he can be in on the blackmail and approve or have no idea what his wife is getting up to.

Ages...your character from 24-40 my character 16-18

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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2015, 05:02:52 PM »
Plot five< So now you want me around > Dom/Sub can be slave master

My friend and I came form the wrong side of down when we were 18 we met the most incredibly beautiful woman (your character)and both fell in love. Sadly I was the more introverted of the two of us so my best friend asked the woman out. She said yes ....and two years later they were married. By them my friend was working for his father in law and racking in big money.

Our friendship also effectively came to an end , you see the wife for some reason really didn't like me , I always had the feeling it was because I wasn't good enough.

I kept loose tabs of course , read about them in the paper at big events , then a year ago two remarkable things happened...father in law turned out to be neck deep in massive fraud and lost everything including everything my friend and his wife owned....and second I won a hundred million on the lottery.

Now my friend and his wife want my help and you know what I want to help and I will ...once his wife earns that help

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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #5 on: January 31, 2015, 06:07:39 PM »
Plot six<The male babysitter> happy to do this as a one shot or a longer story.

Yc and your husband have just moved into the neighbourhood and have to go out to dinner with the other V.P's and their partners, the only person you have met is the lady who lives next door who has a teenage boy aged 16-18 (MC) who would be great babysitting. With no other option you agree only to find out the kid is really cute.

....some suggested ways this story or one off could unfold.

Married couple enjoy having other people join them so invite the boy to join them in a threesome....or maybe the husband likes to watch ...or YC prefers her husband watch
Married couple break him a woman from the dinner and figure why not turn a threesome into a foursome
Or Yc feels a strong urge to have sex with MC and each time she does the urge just gets stronger
Or yC could be a harsh dominant in your marriage and treat all men as if they are not worthy of you...except something inside of you wants to obey MC ...wants him to be your master.

Happy to discuss these and any ideas you might like ....would really like to do this story as most babysitter stories involve female sitters so would be a nice bit of variety to the common theme

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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #6 on: February 01, 2015, 05:31:25 PM »
Plot seven...(Filling in for my older brother) multiple npc females...mostly smut however happy to turn this in to a plot based story if we find the right angle story based

My character has just come home a year working oversea (his age is negotiable but would prefer he be under 20), his older brother is a door to door insurance saleman who swears he has the best job in the world, even with rubbish pay, in need of even rubbish pay and with my brother heading off to a wedding for a few days, my character foolishly agrees to try to sell insurance door to door.

Cedar Avenue looks like any other street , a nice neighbourhood a hundred houses according to my older brother it'll take a week to do this street......a week...more like two hours unless I get some old biddy who wants to talk and won't shut up.

Our thread will follow my character as he goes from house to house...not every house of course will be occupied by horny women , but many will

Open to discuss senarios but a few I'd like to see if you agree.

Lonely housewife who's husband hasn't touched her in months.
Horny high school seniors.
Porn star
A group of milfs
A slave who's master commands her to have sex with every guy who comes to the house.
Mother and daughter
A women due to be married in a few days and desparate for a last fling

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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #7 on: February 06, 2015, 07:16:58 PM »
Plot eight (The only one who noticed me before)

Our characters have grown up together, we have been best friends since born, both of us brought up by single fathers, we see ourselves as just average kids. My character is every shy around girls and struggles to speak to them thou in all other parts of his life he's confident, while your character is a total tomboy, no boy notices you, except mine.

Then your father gets a short term job offer overseas , but can't take your character with him, so during the summer vacation before senior year he sends you to stay with his sister in L.A.

When you come back the tomboy is transformed , every alpha guy wants you , but theres only one guy you want. (MC) and you also have a plan to turn the school social ladder on its head, to hook up the outcasts with the alphas having first knocked the alphas off the top of student hierarchy . Loads of NPC's to play with


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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #8 on: March 02, 2015, 09:46:52 PM »
Just a quick bump looking for one or two more stories

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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #9 on: March 15, 2015, 02:08:41 PM »
Set in a AU circa Dark ages tech.

Your character is a legendary beauty who also happened to be an Empress. You have never married seeking a man who not only can best you with a sword and bow but be of keen intellect and good nature , sadly those who could best you martially were dim witted or foul men , whilst those who were engaging of mind and soul were weak of armed strength.

Your Empire has been at war for nearly fifty years now in a conflict that has raged since the rime of your great grandfathers rule. The empire has held its own against an enemy that seemed able to raise an entire army more easily than the empire can raise a company, however having a female ruler who refuses to marry and let a man lead has created dissent. After a bad defeat in which the empire lost  ten thousand men and two northern provences your General's usurped you ceasing control of the entire army with the intent to marry you to the commander of the armies thereby legitimizing his rule and reducing you to a breeding cow.

Faced with this you choose exile and swore to retake your empire. The problem is no other land is willing to risk the anger of your usurper , who has incidently launched a campaign against the invaders which had reclaimed all the land lost since the war in a stunning series of victories. However one small island principality is happy to take you in, if you'll marry its ruler.(my character)

The principality may be small but they are an advanced people ...there are just two problems for a warrior empress who has yet to find a man good enough for her.....women on the island are submissive to a man's whims and the rule is ten years younger than the Empress

Imagine your character being late 20's 26-28 while mine is 16-18 happy to discuss limits, kinks and details .The story is about a strong women submitting to her husband while trying to convince him to help her reclaim her title and authority which her young husband does not even recognise as her right since she's only a woman.

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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #10 on: March 24, 2015, 07:30:12 PM »
Your character is about to be married to the perfect man , when a phone call informs you that the resort where you'll be spending your honeymoon has yet to receive payment, now you know your husband to be withdrew money from your joint accounts to pay for it so what happened?

What happened was that your soon to be husband has used all your money to feed his gambling habit and not one of the bills for the wedding or the honeymoon has been paid. But its gets worse...he has raised two mortgages on your home, one with the bank , the other with a loan shark who wants his money , not tomorrow but now. Still not bad enough ...your parents have invested their retirement savings into a company your partner owned and lost everything.

There is only one man who you know who has the money to bail you out ...your boss and he's made it clear that he wants to get between your legs, so when you go to him for help what he proposes surprises you and just as surprising your so called 'prefect man' jumps at the offer.

Your boss has a son (my character) you has a massive crush on your's and was more than a little in love wth your character so the bail out offer is the following...your boss will pay for the wedding and honeymoon, he will pay off all your debts and he's not only reimburse your parenst loses but double their money all you have to do is spend your wedding night and honey moon with his son (my character). and if at the end of two weeks you find yourself wanting to be married to the boy he'll pay your soon to be husband 5 million to go away and you'll have the lifestyle you always dreamed of being married to the sole heir of a billion dollar fortune.

Would prefer my character to be 16 happy to make him 18 would prefer your character to be at least 25 and up to 35, also looking for at least one scene involving my character and multiple women if it can fit into the story.Happy to discuss other details

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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #11 on: September 27, 2015, 02:19:37 AM »

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Re: Eiselmann's request (M lf F)
« Reply #12 on: February 19, 2016, 06:24:20 PM »
just a quick bump pm if interested