Rape [m/m f/m]

Started by traci80, January 24, 2015, 12:42:51 PM

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  Hi! I am looking to role play using PMs. My posts are 2-3 paragraphs long tho the beginning tends to be twice that. I only do third person. All characters in the scenes below are at least the minimum age of E rules. I can play either character in the below ideas.

  FEMALE RAPES MALE [f/m possible m/m]---A cute high school boy is popular with the girls. A tomboy wants him. But he only gives his time to the prettier girls. The one time he caught her checking him out he just laughed and told her to 'dream on'. Her, and maybe a slightly chubby friend, decide to get what they want. A few days later the girl hide in the woods and wait. The boy cuts thru the grove of trees on the way home. It doesn't need to involve pegging, but that will happen eventually. The girls take pictures to blackmail him for more later. They may force another boy on him.
  It could instead be two girls from a different school that he doesn't know, but they have had their eyes on him.

  MALE RAPE MALE [m/m possible m/f]---A teen make the mistake of cutting thru the east lot of a trailer park one night. He lives in the west lot. The boys from the adjacent lots don't get along. The rule is you don't cross into each others territory. When a couple boys from the east lot find the 'westie' taking a short cut they decide to give him more than a beating.


I'd love to be the wandering 'westie' in the m/m idea lol!