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Author Topic: Power Rangers Reborn. Seeking one female for evil commander.  (Read 3113 times)

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Online Batman4560Topic starter

Re: Power Rangers Reborn. Seeking two females for evil commanders.
« Reply #50 on: January 27, 2015, 08:31:09 pm »
Ace I'm gonna need you to let me know whats going on so I can get things rolling. :)

Offline FlamingAce242

Re: Power Rangers Reborn. Seeking one female for evil commander.
« Reply #51 on: January 28, 2015, 04:23:37 pm »
I think I'm gonna have to call it quits. Sorry guys

Offline Carlissa

Re: Power Rangers Reborn. Seeking two females for evil commanders.
« Reply #52 on: January 28, 2015, 05:54:34 pm »
Bow before your new master!

Player Name: Carlissa

Character Name: Princess Mell-la Voidcore

Character Image/ Face Claim
What? Were you expecting a picture of a cute girl? Too bad! It’s only a long, tedious, and efficacious character description!

Being a villain is no easy task; that is, as long as you want to be more than just a petty criminal. While super powers are optional, there are a great amount of other requirements that make a super villain... well, a super villain. Few are more important than appearances, as a villain's costume can make or break a malefactor's career. Mell-la has taken care in choosing her outfit for evil doing, making sure to combine a sense of dread while maintaining a sexualized flare; taking advantage of her natural beauty and dark background.

Starting from the base, Mell-la wears a deep blue latex jumpsuit which covers her entire body save for her midriff, which exposes her smooth, pale skin. The glossy clothing tightly wraps around her body, perfectly detailing the curves of her relatively small breasts and long, streamlined legs. She sports a small, seemingly lightly armored breastplate complete with shoulderpads, which boasts a high-tech look with silver, glittery plating, golden lining, and even detailed breasts (undoubtedly to make her chest look larger). A long black cape hangs on the shoulders of the breastplate, which can easily be dispatched with a simple shrug of the shoulders. She doesn't wear much on her lower half  besides a very short skirt that matches her breastplate, although is rather wide allowing her to move her legs freely without much discomfort. She also wears silver high heel boots, reaching just below the knees in a point, and look very uncomfortable to wear.

What most stands out about her uniform are her gauntlets, which appear to contradict the otherwise futuristic look for which she was aiming. They are rugged and sharp like icicles, complimented by the feint white aura that swirls around them. The tips of the fingers are as pointy as the three appendages sticking out on top of the forearms. A bright, lightning-like energy can be seen coursing through the gauntlets from the area between each appendage, which are no doubt the source of the aura. The gauntlets appear to be lightly armored from the little bulk they add to Mell-la's figure, but the alien material which plates them suggests a harder reality.

Deviating from the creepier parts of her uniform, Mell-la made sure that her natural beauty was expressed in the outfit, which is apparent thanks to the tight latex jumpsuit and the lack of any head accessories. She keeps her long, wavy black hair in thick ponytails, tied up high and reaching down to her breasts. The hair on top of her head is still rather thick, but is otherwise kept away from her face so that her "sweet" eyes and her deranged, psychopathic smile are in full view for her enemies.

...*Sigh* Fine, I'll use a picture! Sheesh, you people have no imagination...

Son Na Eun

Background: For every star in the night sky, there is a story to be told. Most would think these stories tell tales of valiant heroes overcoming great odds to to defeat ghastly villains, or brave ragtag groups of rebels overthrowing abusive empires to usher in a new age of peace and democracy... But alas, in reality such stories rarely exist. Although the naive mind may protest to such claims, those who sacrifice petty morals and emotions in exchange for power and influence have always reigned supreme over those who follow exemplary and selfless paths. As unfortunate as it may seem, the vast galaxy favors those who, with cruel and antagonistic natures, followed the word of evil on paths of intergalactic conquest. Such points have never been truer than for Voidcore, who is better known as "The Sovereign of the End." Voidcore controls over twenty percent of the known galaxy, all of which he had conquered through his "Campaign of Terror," where hundreds of worlds fell against his army of monsters.

But this... is not his story. Because that would be way too interesting for a low-budget show made to sell children toys.

Enter Mell-la Voidcore, Voidcore's significantly less competent daughter. While the origin of her existence is better left unsaid (for how such a being like Voidcore procreates is topic which no one wants to discuss), those who have the displeasure of meeting Mell-la might be perplexed on how she, who appears to be little more than a young woman, could be related to the great and powerful Voidcore. Her cosmetics and apparel might give off a sense of villainy, but to the oblivious eye she could come across as rather cute, not unlike a high school girl or a model. Such delusions are usually shattered when one is exposed to her loud and robust personality, which resembles much more like her father than her appearance. An accurate description of her would compare her to a stereotypical villain from a cape comic or cartoon; lusty, menacing, colorful, and above all else theatrical. What she lacks of her father's natural terrifying demeanor she makes up for in grandiose speeches and phrases.

Being the daughter of an evil emperor has its benefits, in contrast to what some "benevolent" preachers might have to say about the matter. As her full title would imply, Mell-la was pampered and spoiled to a degree that would make even the most self-indulgent child disgusted. She lived in one of the grandest palaces (or dungeon to some) in the northern galaxy, and was treated to any toy or food in existence, although she never had any friends growing up. Being the offspring of an intergalactic overlord it goes without saying that many of her childhood days were dedicated to tedious lessons on history, military tactics, and combat training. Mell-la was quite lax when it came to practicing what she had learned, so most of these lessons fell on deaf ears. While she did pick up a few tricks through her schooling, she ultimately turned out to be less competent than her siblings, which ended up labeling her as "the disappointing one."

Nearing the end of her teenage years, Voidcore, in an attempt to shape up his lazy daughter, enlisted Mell-la in an "internship" under Necrosis of the Black Snow. Necrosis was a mercenary general who had a reputation almost as notorious as Voidcore's. Having fought in hundreds of wars all across the galaxy, his prowess in combat was matched only by his knowledge in military tactics. Despite his impressive resume of accomplishments, Necrosis was best known for the weapons that gave him his vast powers: The Gauntlets of the Black Snow. Named after the black snow which falls around those who master the gauntlets, these legendary weapons boast a wide variety of powers, each more fearful than the last. Although difficult to wield and harder to master, those that wield the legendary weapons are promised certain victory in battle. Because of their nature some speculate that they use the same technology as the Power Rangers, but no evidence has confirmed their connection.

Anyways, Mell-la was sent off to serve under Necrosis in an "internship" of sorts. While being tutored by the mercenary general during her time working for him, most of Mell-la's duties had little to do with combat or conquests; instead, she was assigned mundane tasks such as cleaning Necrosis' armor, cooking his food, and making sure all of the subordinates went to bed at a decent hour. Mell-la's internship was going smoothly until Necrosis unexpectedly died of food poisoning when the two of them were investigating a planet that, according to legend, "held the secret of a limitless power." Frantic to the point of competency, Mell-la seized the Gauntlets of the Black Snow from Necrosis' lifeless body and became the new wielder of the legendary weapons. With grand powers now at her beck and call, as well as the reputation of the killer of Necrosis of the Black Snow, Mell-la practically became one of the most feared names in the galaxy overnight. It wasn't long before she was sought after by the Green Ranger, who offered her the opportunity to work alongside him in his conquest against the Power Rangers. Enthralled by the opportunity, Mell-la gleefully accepted the proposal, unaware that she was way over her head...

Age: 18

Ranger Color: “I wouldn't be caught dead in spandex. Spandex trembles in fear in the presence of the superior latex!” -Mell-la 2015

Special trait: As aforementioned, Mell-la is the current wielder of the Gauntlets of the Black Snow, which are artifacts that grant their owner extraordinary powers. While the previous owner had completely mastered them over hundreds of years, and therefore could tap into their full power, Mell-la is incapable of using the gauntlets to their full potential. Currently Mell-la only has two powers at her disposal: the first power allows her to create weapons out of pure energy, while the second power gives her the ability to shoot destructive lightning out of her hands. The weapons she can make are limited only to her imagination, although possess no special abilities outside of their conventional counterparts, besides being nearly indestructible. Mell-la can materialize these weapons swiftly and spontaneously. They are also weightless in the hands of Mell-la, allowing her to wield them with ease, but retain their weight and strength when interacting with the outside world (such as a Power Ranger, for example). Her lightning is more straight forward, as it simply allows her to launch destructive black and white electricity out of her hands from a distance. The lightning is powerful, as any surface, person, or building that touches it will explode into small, low budget burst of sparks.

Outside of the powers granted by the gauntlets, Mell-la is a rather incompetent fighter and leader. She knows basic martial arts, but has trouble holding her own in a fight against multiple opponents. She also possesses some knowledge in the mystic arts, but doesn't use them in combat thanks to the gauntlet's easier to use powers. Her leadership skills are sub-par, but is capable of concocting a well thought out plan once in a while. Above all, her skills in theatrics are much better than her actual fighting skills, but is still a force to be reckoned with thanks to the Gauntlets of the Black Snow.

On's and off's: Pregnancy, foreplay, dry sex, teasing, public sex... I'm pretty much good with anything, except FxF.

Super Villain Theme Song!
This is way too cool for her, but whatever...
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Online Batman4560Topic starter

Re: Power Rangers Reborn. Seeking one female for evil commander.
« Reply #53 on: February 01, 2015, 01:55:20 pm »
Still taking commanders. :D