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Author Topic: Doom's Demands (looking for GM and general interest)  (Read 391 times)

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Doom's Demands (looking for GM and general interest)
« on: January 23, 2015, 05:41:16 AM »
Some ideas for group games I'd love to participate in as a player. I prefer strong writing and complex characters, so a focus on storytelling over dice-rolling is a necessity. GMs who don't go by first-come-first-serve and choose their players carefully preferred.

Conquest of the Nine Hells, D&D-based
The Nine Hells. The Infernal Plane, separated into nine layers, each ruled by one of the god-like Archdevils who are, in turn, subject to the first among their numbers and ruler of hell, the mighty Asmodeus. Few would dare challenge their supremacy. Even less have any chance of success.

However, that is precisely the premise of the campaign. A game of plot and intrigue, of devils unique and powerful -- the very nobility of hell. A game in which the stakes could not be higher, for the supremacy they seek is fiercely monopolized and guarded.

The idea for this game has existed for quite awhile, ever since someone tried to start it on another website and then disappeared before the game started. I was one of the applicants back then and am still strongly interested in playing such a game.

This is not intended as a brute attempt to conquer the Nine Hells, but a story of scheming, deceit and betrayal - and thus also of loyalty.

And while the characters are creatures of evil so powerful that in a different game an entire campaign might deal with stopping their machinations, here they face nine foes so overwhelmingly potent they cannot hope to overcome through mere might. They will need pawns, allies, clever plans, distractions of epic proportions! Compromises must be made, deals struck, ruthlessness demonstrated. Egos curbed, knees bent and, perhaps, allies betrayed.


My hope is for a game of strong character personalities, plot and writing. Rules and numbers ought to be secondary, so my preference would be to see this game run in a rules-lite system such as The Window or Freeform. Pathfinder at higher levels (or with Mythic rules involved) of course works, though would probably unnecessarily bog down a game like this.

To be sure, to represent the high nobility of Baator, the characters will be exceedingly powerful within the scope of the setting. This requires a lot of effort from both players as well as any potential GM to handle, another reason why I propose to focus on a rules-lite system and tell a good, intriguing story over the complicated mess high-level (and epic/mythic) D&D quickly becomes.

The Cabal, Marvel Comics Villainy, Freeform
During the Dark Reign storyline, there was the Cabal, the villainous counterpart to the Illuminati, headed by Norman Osborn. Sadly, they were something of a personal disappointment and the participation of some members felt rather contrived. I'd like to see a proper Cabal filled with Marvel's premier villains, played by some of our fine Elliquiy users!

Each member wielding vast influence and power, there are many challenges they could face: opposition by other powerful villains seeing them as a threat (or the other way around, the Cabal deciding to do away with an irksome thorn in their side once and for all), heroes interfering with their machinations, disasters of various sorts that they must lend their assistance with or face loss of their own powerbase, inter-group conflict, bids for power and much more.

While I of course don't want to dictate who all the player characters are, it is mandatory that their participation in the Cabal actually makes sense and that they are not someone considered a flunky or too unimportant/loathsome/volatile to associate with like, say, the Red Skull or Apocalypse.

My own interest is in the figure that is the namesake for my username: Dr. Doom. Between his manifold skills, power and influence, he stands as a natural choice for a leader of this Cabal, though between such diverse personalities the position of 'leader' is a nebulous one at best either way.

A proposed roster from my end would be this, along with some explanations:

Doctor Doom, leader. Science and magic, but he'll primarily leave those to the others to handle.
Namor, because he's Doom's bro. Well, also sea king, leader and powerhouse in general. Also technically a mutant, though I'm personally not that big a fan of how much they've made a thing of that recently rather than letting him stand on his own.
Loki, an easy choice and since we're Cabaling it up, he could look like Sif cosplaying as Loki again if desired.
The FABULOUS Kieron Gillen-incarnation of Mister Sinister as the mutant expert and science support. Perhaps with Sinister Prime having re-introduced his old (vast and varied) powerset into himself, so he can also provide telepathic support together with Loki.
Baron Zemo, the 'hero'-conqueror mirror and as an underdog trying to usurp control. Also well-versed with science and has minor knowledge in occultism.
Justine Hammer, liaison to the US, yet more technology and legitimate corporate business (suck it, Roxxon!). Also more the underdog, but definitely has more of a place there than the likes of the Hood.

Further thoughts on this particular roster
Even without Doom factored in, they'd have a huge selection of resources and manpower/flunkies available:
Hammer Industries Iron Man villain-tech
Sinister's mutant experiments, Marauder clones and Homo Sinister
Zemo's Masters of Evil and plentiful connections
Loki usually has some minions to call upon, from lesser Asgardian villains to the usual suspects from the other realms.
Namor has Atlanteans, but those will likely be kept in reserve so as to preserve their political status.

A standard support unit might be a custom mutant clone-type, enhanced with Hammer tech and maybe some control units secretly installed by Doom.

The main pillars could be Doom/Namor/Loki, Sinister the wild card and Zemo/Justine largely considered support, though Zemo's tactical brilliance and leadership ability could have him quickly take charge if Doom is absent.

Other potential choices that come to mind: Baron Mordo, the Enchantress (potentially with Loki-manipulation involved), the Black Queen (Selene),  Count Nefaria, ...

Corruption of Champions, Rules-lite, Freeform, Pathfinder
Can there ever be enough games based around transformation and demonic corruption? I once put up a solo thread request for this theme - not my most concise request and I tend to ramble on in it, but it's here. It contains a detailed account about which aspects of the game are ons and which are offs.

Fate/ Holy Grail War, freeform or rules-lite
A game in the vein of Fate/Zero might be interesting. I'd love to see a Holy Grail War in which most of the participants are experienced mages.
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Re: Doom's Demands (looking for GM and general interest)
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2015, 03:59:17 AM »
Since I have read a bit into Fate Core and Fate Accelerated now and really like the approach behind it, all of the above are now also requested as Fate Core or Accelerated games rather than just a generic 'rules lite'. Other lite systems are still an option, but it's the preferred one.

Also, bump.