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Author Topic: Odan's Inner Sanctum (M LF F, Lots O' Sci-fi)  (Read 3355 times)

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Odan's Inner Sanctum (M LF F, Lots O' Sci-fi)
« on: May 08, 2013, 11:20:48 AM »
Welcome to my thread friends, thanks for taking the time to stop by. Anyway feel free to look at my ideas and see if any draw your attention. And furthermore PM me if you have an idea of your own you think I might be interested in. Please refer to my O/O's page before PM'ing me with ideas, or responding to one of my plots.

What I’m Looking For In a Roleplay Partner

Story must matter, and be the driving force of our roleplay. Not sex. I prefer big stories with lots of twists and turns in them. We don’t have to have everything figured out at first, but we need a good starting point, and a end game to shoot towards.

Details, I want a ridiculous amount of detail. So much detail, that we inevitably forget something. If we get to this point, it really means my partner and myself are into it, and the project is a success in my eyes.

Even in a one on one roleplay, the more Characters the better, and this ties into my love of large scope stories. I like to portray a wide array of characters. It’s not a requirement of my partner to do this, but generally I would expect my partner to control most female characters, and myself most male ones. I would also expect nearly all characters (unless they have a small role) to be sufficiently developed and independent.

Sex when it makes sense, and not just thrown in there for the hell of it. Honestly I’ve come to find that sex that compliments the greater story is far more rewarding than just mindless smut.

Regular Communication between my partner and myself. We should be keeping each other up to date about our thoughts on the RP, whether it be concerns, or if we come up with more ideas at some point, or whatever. Let me know your goals, and what you would like to see happen. Don’t hold anything back and I won’t either, and our thread will be better for it.

I would expect my partner to be able to Write two solid paragraphs per post at least. I usually shoot for three to five, so preferably I would like my partner to do the same.

Kinky Cravings

A short list of kinks I am the most interested in exploring right at this moment. Be willing to add these into a RP with me and I will be very, very thankful. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you share an interest in any of these.

Futa X Futa
I'm heavily craving pursuing a RP which revolves around a romantic relationship between two futa characters, but would ideally involve many other characters as well. I've never really had much opportunity to attempt this, but would love to try it and it can fit into almost any setting or scenario that might interest a potential suitor and myself.

One Lucky Bastard
This one is pretty straight up. I'm interested in playing a male character who is abnormally well endowed (12"+), yet seems relatively normal and unassuming if you saw him walking down the street. This kink could apply into any number of different stories and ideas, just let me know if interested.

Age Gaps
Significant ones that is. I'm specifically intrigued by playing a much older man (40's or older) opposite a very young woman, likely in the ballpark of 20. Themes to be explored would of course be the taboo of the pairing, as well as a sort of teacher-student relationship.

I'm hoping for a situation where all parties share love equally, or they to do so in the course of the roleplay, and not necessarily a strict smut fest. Willing to do this with either a single partner or in a group.

I've attempted to do a RP with a pregnancy subplot in it only a handful of times, but I would like to try my hand at a roleplay that places it front and center as a primary plot point.

Story Ideas

In Love with a Succubus (Taken by Melusine)
Succubi have roamed this world for nigh as long as humanity has existed, feeding off of the dark and depraved souls of men to fuel their mortal bodies. It keeps their possessed mortal flesh young and alive so they can continue their work on Earth. They are allowed to work in the mortal realm at their leisure, so long as they continue to collect souls for the underworld. If a succubus fails in doing so, her vessel will deteriorate and she will be damned to go back to the hell from which she came.

Story: This story will be about one such succubus who has lived among mankind for many centuries, maybe longer. The number of souls she has claimed is beyond counting and rises yet. At last though she has run across a man who may well be her match in depravity, someone worthy of perhaps sparing the fate of ripping his soul away. As she worms her way deeper into his heart in anticipation of finally ripping it away, does she ultimately do so? Or does she fall for the mortal and spare his fate? There is no doubt that this story will involve a great deal of kink, more so that my norm RP might, but I also believe it to be romantic at its core. A darker, more twisted romance perhaps, but one none the less.

The story would begin inauspiciously with a simple meeting. If it’s a modern setting, perhaps the succubus in her guise begins to work in the same office my character does, or in some other way if another setting. She would be able to see into his heart almost instantly, his depraved nature shining to her like a beacon, and this is what makes him a target. Her powers allow her to do many things once she has “imprinted” herself onto a man. She can affect his thoughts, forcing lewd images and ideas into his head, perhaps even making him see illusions if she is particularly powerful. The higher his sexual attunement, the easier the extraction of his soul is. Her greatest weapon though is through dreams. When he sleeps at night she is capable of affecting even those as she creates depraved worlds for him to experience his most private of desires in. After some time this all culminates in a real world, physical night of passion. Her window of opportunity is here…will she do it?

Setting: Flexible on this. It could be modern, it could be historical, it could be fantasy. I may simply leave this to partner preference.

My Character: A man in the world, with many dark secrets. I’m envisioning a handsome, successful individual who despite that is not particularly happy with his life. Mainly because of his rather mundane sex life. He’s always been greatly intrigued by the darker, kinkier aspects of sex which he’s never been able to experience. After the succubus opens those doors to him though, he embraces it fully, almost overwhelming her in the process.

Partner’s Character: A succubus obviously who is very good at her job. She possesses many powerful tools at her disposal to seduce any man she might set her eyes upon, and often does not need to use many of them to secure a quality victim. In the real world she has a mortal vessel which she possessed a long time ago. She is capable of trading vessels if she wishes. In the underworld (and in dreams) her true form can be seen (wings, horns, tail, etc). Her desires, attitude, and goals are all up to partner preference.

The Red Nova (Taken by Andronica)
As the dust cleared on the black surface of Vaelon’s largest moon, Markus coughed through his breather helmet feeling a throbbing pain coursing through his left arm and chest. In the chaos someone had gotten a lucky shot off and clipped him right on the wing, sending him down to the ground in pain. He must have went out for a moment, because he couldn’t remember exactly when the fight ended… or even who won. With a groan he craned his neck up off the hard soil to look around, and to his horror all he saw was the dead corpses of his men. Frantically his good hand searched out for his gun when he realized his hip holster was empty. He looked around, seeing it a few feet away on the ground and began to crawl towards it.

Two heavy boots quickly approached and kicked the gun away, sending Markus into a heavy sigh of dismay as he his visor sunk down into the dirt. Slowly his head lifted up and the first thing he saw was the barrel of a pistol pointed directly at his head and he knew then and there that he was a dead man. Behind the gun was the distinct figure of a female by the shape of the armor, but he couldn’t see her face behind the dark visor she wore. And he knew that it was his biggest rival, the woman he’d competed with for years, that would finally be the one to do him in. Long moments passed as she trained her sights on him.

“Just fucking do it already,” Markus said in a defeated tone as his eyes blankly stared up at her, acceptance filling his voice. But then suddenly she let the gun fall down to her side as Markus looked up perplexed. Two more members of the Red Nova’s approached them quickly.

“Ma’am, all the Deadeye fucks are dead ‘cept him,” one of them said to her formally, treating her with a leaders respect.

“Bring him to the ship, I’m not done with this one yet,” she said in a wicked tone as both of the men hauled Markus to his feet and drug him off to a fate that was probably worse than death.

Story: This story would follow the Red Nova mercenary group. A pack of violent cutthroats for hire as they trek across the galaxy doing jobs and picking fights with nearly everyone they come across. They are led by [insert female leader’s name here] who was the biggest rival in the merc business to my character Markus Starr, who ran an outfit called The Deadeyes. After years of confrontation and disputes over clients, the two groups finally decided to end it once and for all using a secluded moon on the far rim of space as their battleground.

In the battle the Red Nova wins obviously as noted in my opening blurb just above. But instead of killing Markus, their leader decides to take him prisoner. For what purpose is up to my partner to decide. Perhaps she wants to use him for her own amusement or pleasure, maybe torture him, perhaps just to rub it in his face that she won. Regardless one of the main plot points would be her developing relationship with Markus over time as she dominates and uses him until he begins to almost accept his new lot in life. My hope is that eventually Markus is allowed to join the Red Nova group and they become semi-open lovers.

I’m flexible on the specifics of what may happen beyond the D/s aspects of it, but there is a great number of things that can be done in this wide open space setting. I do plan to play several other NPC male characters throughout the story as well as Markus, so sexual elements are not limited to only the gang leader and her captive I’ll also mention.

Setting: A darker and grittier version of the outer space genre than is normally seen. The tone of this story would be very dark with situations such as rape or heavy violence being commonplace. The places the story will lead will be dangerous ones, encountering individuals as bad or worse than the Nova gang themselves. Much of the story will be told aboard the Red Nova ship however, which I don't currently have a name for and am open to ideas about.

Female Character: The fearsome leader of the Red Nova gang. One of the most notorious mercs in the galaxy and a name almost universally feared. She is cold, efficient, and ruthless. Depending on how my partner wants to play this character she may take Markus for her own entertainment, or to torture (nothing extreme please) him, humiliate him, or all of the above. Though at some point I’d like for her to accept him into her gang as already mentioned. This character can be an alien race (as long as they’re attractive of course) and have whatever sort of background my partner prefers.

Wastelander (Taken by MomoPeach)

It's been nearly a century since the war ended, but Earth still carries the scars of it. Most of the population had been wiped out, and the nuclear fallout left vast portions of the surface uninhabitable. No one alive can remember why or how, but they now pay the price for the sins of those who came before.

In the old United States, only a stretch of land from Arizona to New Mexico was left untouched by the war, and there survivors eventually settled. The area came to simply be known as The Wasteland. Settlers lived in small to medium sized groups, building up independent towns that governed and protected themselves. The land was lawless, and blood thirsty gangs looking to take advantage of well intentioned folk quickly sprung up. Towns were forced to begin putting bounties on the heads of gangs that harassed them. Bounty hunters began to appear, roaming the desert from town to town and fulfilling contracts for supplies or other favors. Hunters were dangerous and feared men and women, hired enforcers who would do just about anything for the right price. Most common folk began to call them Wastelanders.

This roleplay is very much a post apocalyptic spin on a lawless Wild West setting. The tone should be quite dark and gritty, with a little bit if satire as well. The story I'm envisioning would involve a hard ass veteran bounty hunter (my character) and a younger inexperienced girl whom he inadvertently rescues while collecting a bounty, and agrees to take her in with sexual favors as the payment. I'm hoping that in this story the girl starts out with no world experience, but slowly over time she begins to learn. The two form a informal master-apprentice relationship while adventuring together. And by the end of the roleplay, she's a badass bounty hunter in her own right. There will be bounties to collect, abandoned homes to scavenge, a awesome armored van to drive around, seedy towns to visit, and of course a lot of lewd sex.

Please PM me with any interest.

Volunteers (NEW, Cyberpunk, Dystopian Future)

I don’t have a story completely detailed out about this quite yet but the meat and potatoes of it goes like this: In a dystopian future humanity has been reduced to a single free city left, the rest of the world has either been destroyed by nuclear fallout or by “the machines” (I don’t have a better name for them yet) or they live in unorganized roaming bands. Obviously this screams Terminator, yes? Well I couldn’t do aliens because that was just done with Edge of Tomorrow and I can’t think of anything else to use. Point being humanity is on the brink of annihilation after scraping together a living for hundreds of years. Their resources are running thin and they desperately need to claim land outside of their high city walls to avoid disease and famine claiming what’s left of them.

Scientists and engineers resort to desperate measures to quickly find a way to combat the terrors beyond the wall. They decide the best thing they can do is fight fire with fire and develop a procedure to take a man and make him part machine. The surgery alone to do this is extremely dangerous however and they only agree to test the procedure on volunteers at first. One or both of the player characters in this scenario end up volunteering to become a part of the program and they are the only survivors out of a small group. Soon he/she/they are sent on missions outside the city walls and this is where we get into the meat of the story… which again I haven’t fully developed and would need to brainstorm a bit on alongside my partner.

Our Characters: I’m flexible on how we fill our character roles within this roleplay. It could go Volunteer X Volunteer, Commanding Officer X Volunteer, Volunteer X Bandit, Volunteer X Common Soldier, Volunteer X Scientist or anything else you might think of. I’m open to playing the volunteer or any other role.

The Procedure: I’m putting this information down because I know some folks might not like the idea of their character going through something like this. The surgical procedure that volunteers undergo is very extensive. Firstly all four major limbs are amputated and replaced with cybernetic ones that give the subject inhuman strength and speed. The eyes are removed and replaced with artificial ones with night vision and infrared features among other things. Most of the torso, back, and neck are left untouched but post-surgery the subject is outfitted with specially made combat armor to protect the vital organs. Lastly the subject is implanted with two “Adrenal Stimulants”. One to the brain stem to enhance sensory perception and overall reaction time. And another to the lungs to drastically increase endurance so subjects can fight for as long and hard as any enemy (and do other things).

Sexual Content: Flexible on specific kinks but I would like a full-fledged romance to develop between our characters. The Bondage category seems fitting for this particular story. I do intend for it to be a bit dark and bloody, but only in terms of combat. Willing to be creative with sex scenes and incorporate the enhanced abilities our characters might have with their cybernetic upgrades.

Cloud 6 (NEW, Sci-Fi, FutaXFuta)

In the distant future, humanity has ruined the Earth, polluting it to the point of being uninhabitable. Its surface is said to be covered perpetually in a dense fog that would kill anyone who dared go there. Most of humanity has been lost, except for some who took to the sky. In anticipation of this catastrophe, six great cities were built capable of staying afloat in the sky where the air was pure and the people safe from the polluted mistakes of their forbearers. They were called the Clouds.

Story: Our story takes place on the last known great city in the clouds, Cloud 6. The other five fell to chaos and ruin, but the 6th has remained through hundreds of years of turmoil. This has not come without a price. Cloud 6 has become an extremely class oriented city, where the rich live in opulence and the poor are subject to squalor and living in the refuse the rich send their way. The man behind the current situation is Dr. Philippe Reynaud. Thirty years ago after seeing the same form of chaos that ruined the other Clouds, Dr. Reynaud decided to go to extreme measures to ensure peace and security, primarily for himself and his aristocratic-like friends and family. He usurped God and began making people in test tubes, using the most desirable of traits from the citizens of the city. A form of the secret police was created, fitted with control chips that stripped away their morality and made them completely loyal to Dr. Reynaud, whose sole purpose was to root out rebellion and subversion. It worked, for a time, but the will of the people was much stronger than Philippe could have anticipated.

The Futa: You’re asking yourself “Yeah ok, city up in the clouds that’s cool. But Odanrav, why the futa?” A perfectly legitimate question, I shall explain. Dr. Reynaud is a secretly very perverse man, and when he was making his army of enforcers, a couple of the female children formed with an extra appendage. The doctor claimed this to be an accident and chose to keep them, though truthfully he created them that way on purpose to bend to his own perverse desires once they’d reached maturity. Our characters were two of those “accidents”.

My Character (pictured right): Her placeholder name is Twitch, but it’s possible I could change this. My character, as mentioned, was one of Reynaud’s special experiments and became one of his personal favorite followers at adulthood. Twitch became Reynaud’s ace in the hole as she earned a reputation for being brutally effective at breaking up whatever rebellious factions that might’ve arose at one point or another. For years she killed mercilessly at her master’s whim, until the day she woke up. She’d been knocked unconscious during a mission by a Nubes Insurgo, a growing rebel faction in the Undercity, and had her control chip surgically removed. After learning of all the things she’d done under Reynaud’s thumb, she dedicated herself to the cause of ending his reign.

Your Character: My partner’s character also was a close favorite of Reynaud’s. I’ll leave it to my partner the exact details, but I’m inclined to say this character was an elite assassin of sorts who is sent on a mission to capture or kill Twitch. With the aid of her fellow rebels however the attack is stopped and my partner’s character is captured and put through the same surgical treatment Twitch went through years earlier. After being “awakened” Twitch would attempt to guide her through the difficult process of basically a second birth. And at some point my goal is for the two of them to develop a romantic relationship, though I’m certainly open to both of us playing side characters who could factor into that equation to build more tension into the situation and avoid something sappy.

Sexual Content: Given the nature of this story focusing on the relationship between two futa characters, the level of kink involved has the potential to be very high. I’m not averse to taking a more tamed route with it though if that is my potential partner’s preference.

Undeveloped Ideas

The Plantation (NEW, Historical Fiction, Civil War Era Mississippi)

So I’ve become interested in pursuing a story with themes of interracial taboos and there’s no better time period I can think of than the southern US during the Civil War to explore that. The story would be set on a traditional plantation in the Mississippi delta region or another area that was heavily used for cotton production during the first half of the 1800’s. It will begin in 1861, or the beginning of the Civil War and the pairing I’m looking for is a male black slave opposite a rich white southern woman who is either the wife or daughter of the plantation owner who will serve as the antagonist of the story. With this I’m not looking for something overly smutty and instead am hoping for a romantic story of forbidden love.

Our Characters: I would prefer to portray a black slave obviously and as previously mentioned my partner would portray a white woman who is a part of the family who owns him. How they come to a mutual attraction of one another is open to discussion.

Sexual Content: Beyond the taboo of the relationship in general I had thought that an unplanned pregnancy at some point could be a very useful plot tool to increase the tension of the story. Perhaps the girl lies and says she became pregnant by one of the neighbors boys before he ran off to war, saving my character from a very gruesome death. And drama unfolds as our two characters fight and argue over what should be done before the looming due date arrives and their secret is discovered.

Purpose Lost (NEW, Any Setting, Twist on Damsel In Distress Trope)

I’m craving a story that begins in the typical damsel in distress fashion where you have a hero/anti-hero (my character) who embarks upon a journey to save a woman he cares about her or has some obligation to help. It doesn’t have to be fairy tale-ish with a tower guarded by a dragon and all that malarkey, but something close to that general archetype of story I’m sure everyone reading is familiar with. It works for virtually any setting. Yet in this story we break away from the true love happily ever after stuff and go down a darker path.

My general idea is that early on in my character’s crusade he meets another woman, my partner’s character, who chooses to help him for one reason or another. Someone with a strong personality who slowly begins to affect my character’s way of thinking and perhaps even persuades him to forget his mission entirely, at least for a while. I’m not entirely positive where to take this, and of course the setting would have to be figured out as well, but I’m open to any ideas about this.

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The Queen's Bounty is now taken. Will be adding more ideas as I have time to write them.

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Re: The Broken Pantheon (Exotic-NC, Greek Mythology/Fantasy, M/F)
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2013, 10:48:30 AM »
Added The Broken Pantheon.

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Reopened and completely revamped The Queen's Bounty.

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The Queen's Bounty is now taken. Added Outbreak.

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Re: Zombies and Nukes (NC, a couple post apocalypse ideas, M LF F)
« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2014, 03:19:16 PM »
Added Wastelander.
« Last Edit: February 15, 2014, 09:42:40 AM by Odanrav »

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Re: Zombies and Nukes (NC, a couple post apocalypse ideas, M LF F)
« Reply #6 on: February 17, 2014, 05:42:02 PM »
Wastelander and Outbreak are both now taken.

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Re: The Captain and The Assistant (Sci-fi Fandom or Original, M LF F Switch)
« Reply #7 on: February 17, 2014, 09:35:03 PM »
Added The Captain and The Assistant.

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Added Dragon Age: Arisen. Renamed The Captain and The Assistant to Sector 32, heavy updates to it's story and structure may be coming soon. Wastelander is tentatively reopened.

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Re: Some Mass Effect or Dragon Age Perhaps? (M LF F Domme)
« Reply #9 on: March 14, 2014, 06:52:11 PM »
Wastelander is taken yet again. Sector 32 has been removed. Added Mass Effect: Control. Updated the intro with a couple special cravings I'm having at the moment.

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Re: In Need Of Some Sci-Fi (Male LF Switch or Domme Female)
« Reply #10 on: March 18, 2014, 08:36:56 PM »
Re-added Sector 32 with some changes to it's premise. Added The Red Nova (really craving this!). Removed Dragon Age: Arisen. I'm very much burnt out on fantasy type games.

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Re: Odan's Inner Sanctum (M LF F, Plot Heavy)
« Reply #11 on: May 29, 2014, 09:11:05 PM »
Gutted my Story Ideas section. Reopened Wastelander. Added a Cravings section, with plans to expand a Pairings and Settings section as well.

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Re: Odan's Inner Sanctum (M LF F, Plot Heavy)
« Reply #12 on: June 03, 2014, 08:10:41 AM »
Reopened The Red Nova to anyone interested.

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Re: Odan's Inner Sanctum (M LF F, Plot Heavy)
« Reply #13 on: September 05, 2014, 07:09:43 PM »
Added a new story, In Love with a Succubus. Added a new general craving, One Lucky Bastard.

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Re: Odan's Inner Sanctum (M LF F, Plot Heavy)
« Reply #14 on: January 11, 2015, 06:01:54 PM »
Another long ass time gap between my last update. Added Volunteers and two short, undeveloped ideas The Plantation and Purpose Lost.

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Re: Odan's Inner Sanctum (M LF F, A Couple New Ideas)
« Reply #15 on: January 20, 2015, 10:22:04 PM »
Added another craving. I'm really looking for somebody interested in a RP centered around a FutaXFuta pairing. Wastelander is also taken again.

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Re: Odan's Inner Sanctum (M LF F, Lots O' Sci-fi)
« Reply #16 on: January 22, 2015, 06:16:23 PM »
Added Cloud 6. I beg of thee good peoples of Elliquiy, if you have interest please contact me. :)