Beautiful Belly

Started by Ladies Gentleman, January 22, 2015, 04:45:27 PM

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Ladies Gentleman

Hello Elliquiy,

Thank you for reading my first post. I am looking for a lovely fellow rp partner lady that enjoys all the beautiful and kinky things that come with being a very pregnant lady. Typically around 7 to 9 months pregnant. I will be honest with you I am looking for more of a fun lust driven scene with foreplay and maybe a little hint of non con mixed in. I am also pretty open to character pairing so feel free to suggest.

For those of you that are a little worried or don't understand this fetish, it has nothing to do with the child (nothing weird at least) It's more of the big round firm belly, the swollen sensitive tits, the woman's submissive needs, the general over arousal/horny nature of the pregnant woman, the over all "glow" of her skin and the aura she radiates. And a slight fetish for lactation....aka it's just for fun. Plus if any of you are pregnant in real life and have a fantasy. I'd love to play it out, "extra points" to you if you are but by no means do you have to be.

Some of my other kinks can be found on my profile. And if this interests you I look forward to your response....if not, happy searching!