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Started by Zombie Apocalypso, October 10, 2008, 04:15:28 AM

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Zombie Apocalypso


Not really sure where I want to take this, it could be something of a vanilla story of peculiar love between two criminals, or something more depraved. I am up for any suggestions. I would like somebody to play the part of a high strung silent military commander. Any details that I have left out can be construed in any plausible way that won't hinder the story line.

Questions or comments please PM me

Three days and already I want to leave this hell hole. It has been three or four days, little food, dirty water, the guards pay little attention to the condition of the cells so the smell from the dead body three cells over is starting to get to me. Maddening as it is I realize that it is my fault for getting caught.

The one and only rule. If you do get caught, commit suicide before coming to this place. I can see why.

You, in cell number 839, yeah you across from me. Stop staring, you're giving me the creeps.
You're that self righteous military commander, I know you, got you all figured out I do. Got caught up on the war front just after you murdered your wife, your mistress and the men they were screwing. Real bloody I hear. Probably don't want to talk about it, come to think of it you don't talk much anyway.

It's been seven days and they still haven't cleaned up that mess down the way. They haven't been by to do their usual rounds either. This is a great opportunity for me.

Hey, don't look at me like that. I am young, you don't really expect me to spend my life in this hell hole. And you had better not say anything or I am going to have to cut your tongue out before you can talk.

Eight, nine, ten days. My shackles are gone and I am going to get while the getting is good. Come here you nice drunk little uniformed officer. That's right just a bit closer. HAH Got him.

You didn't see anything. No don't yell. Fine, I will let you out but you had better not get us caught. And stop looking at me like that!

On the eleventh day we were free and so started this great and terrible journey. Man I wish I would have just let him yell and made a break for it, I would have been better off.


I know this is a mighty choppy first description which doesn't have many details so here is some clarification


It came to her attention just after swiping a ring from a very rich young woman just outside of some large prominently catholic city that she had made a big mistake. It didn't take long for a band of men to hunt her down once the 'rich woman' realized her ring was missing. The rogue who didn't have a very extensive knowledge of the land, had swiped a rich duchess's wedding ring and carted it away getting caught a few miles away and being carted to a prison some where on the barren outskirts of town.

Sometime later, he shows up. He is older than she, but seems harmless and not in the mood for talk. His story floats down the grapevine, a story of murder and deceit and he doesn't look to be into talking about it. He sees her a young woman who is almost a paper copy of his wife in earlier days and is immediately enraged, but some what intrigued just before finding out that the young woman is loud and obnoxious, almost unbearably so.

About a week later she formulates a plan. While the rest of the people in cells down the way are asleep or dead she calls a guard to her cell, beats the crap out of him and steals his keys. The military commander across the way notices her attempt at freedom and sees it as a good shot at getting out himself. They escape in the dead of night and apparently part. The commander having nowhere to go silently follows the girl.

Being on a small prison island has it's disadvantages, the girl seems to have figured this out and has this all figured out. While she is getting the incredibly small ship ready for a three day voyage back too mainland, he stows away on board. Relatively well stocked and somewhat cleaner then normal ships it seems like the trip is going to be a piece of cake until she realizes that food and drink is beginning to disappear.

When she realizes it is him, she is fit to be tied and would have tossed him overboard except for the fact that he is nearly twice her size and obviously much more skilled in battle. So they strike a deal, they will travel together until he can find somewhere to go, he will take care of the people coming after them and she will take over the escaping.

Well escape is much further off then they imagined. She gets the ship off course during a storm which increases the time they will be on sea. He begins to contend with some undisclosed anger problems. She is positively infuriating, and he can't help but notice how much she looks like his wife. Having been without a woman's touch for many months he is beginning to get 'hungry' and she doesn't seem interested in anything other then getting them to shore. So while she is contemplating a way home he is constructing plans to get her in bed, and while they are cooped up in such a small space for so long he also begins to get desperately infatuated with ideas that would make him punishable by a million years in hell. 




If you're interested in doing a second RP with me, I think I have just the character for your first plot; as it stands, criminals are sort of my forte.