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October 16, 2019, 02:57:09 PM

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Author Topic: Fire in the Skies [Final Fantasy d6 (Ivalice)| Not Recruiting Right Now]  (Read 2833 times)

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Offline EndofDivine

1) I can go either way. Up to lockepick, really. If he wants to work on something, we can, or I can handle being roped in during the intro as long as it doesn't feel too forced.

2) Don't care. As long as I'm not writing things I don't want to write and sex isn't dominating the game then everyone else can go nuts.

Offline Latooni Subota

EndofDivine put number 2 really well!

Offline Lockepick

1) I'm open to whoever wants to work something out in the backstory as being a member of the crew, and pretty easy to work with on how it works. If you want to give me an idea, I'm happy to tweak how Benoit would act in that situation with the same end result.

2) I always go 'higher' than necessary -- but I don't imagine I'll do much smutty writing as the only gay guy in the group.

Offline Latooni Subota

Okay, last tweak I swear. 200+ hp was probably really overdoing it/throwing off balance, so I threw out the extra level of monk for Geomancer to get Geoawareness earlier, and some minor fluff tweaks. @.@

Offline SepsepTopic starter

Alright! So, I'm thinking we'll start off with Light Exotic -because Ivalice is full of non-humans- and see where it goes form there. I'll toss up the first thread tonight when I get off of work~

Offline sleepingferret

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Wait, wait.... any non-human and non-consensual things because of the good ole' "Charm" spell we might need to move this to the NC: Exotic area.

The Light: Exotic would cover the non-human issue of the other races, it wouldn't cover any agreed upon erotic activities played out by through Charm spells between non-humans nor any agreed upon non-consensual scenes between such.

While I don't see any of such as being a "primary" focus, the mere potential for such unless we specifically agreed before the game starts that neither shall be done, automatically determines the game's placing. 

Nor do I believe any of us, really see any sort of "smut" being a primary focus or intent, but whatever may or may not come up throughout... should be planned for in case.  Or any major limitations should be checked between the group and discussed if needed, and then the roleplay itself be assigned its area so the participants have their generalized guidelines for the dos and do nots.


Offline SepsepTopic starter

I inquired with Rel on this last night actually, and got an answer that as long as all parties consent threads and scenarios can escalate; and so long as the initial post/topic are updated accordingly for readers, it's fine. Or, a thread could be requested to be moved with prior warning.

So without further ado;

Character Sheets Thread
OOC Thread
IC Thread #1