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Author Topic: M seeking F for Metroid idea  (Read 507 times)

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Online OrochimaruTopic starter

M seeking F for Metroid idea
« on: January 19, 2015, 03:47:21 PM »
PM me if interested and if additional information is required, lemme know in PM too. You do not need to know everything about the metroid RP as I will fill in the blanks as we go with what you should know. I do not expect perfection or want it. Just play and have fun with it. ^^ That's all I ask.

A note about the Metroid RP is that I do not have a direction I want to go in, because I want to keep it open ended so you have the choice. It is up for discussion and I tried to make it so there is just not a cluster bomb of information right off the bat. Hard when you're a metroid nerd and could make this into a two hour one sided conversation. T-T Still, I will provide all the information as we go if/when needed. Keep in mind this is not the real Samus; so do not feel like you need to be perfect... though, I never ask you to be in the first place. Just have fun and enjoy yourself. Now, with that, I hope you are not intimidated. =P The plot is below. =3

Note: I know this shit gets confusing, so if you have a question, ask. I did leave a few things out on purpose as it is open ended.

Metroid: Echo X

The SA-X, short for Samus Aran X was a terror on one of Samus Aran’s many missions. It was an X parasite mimicking her at full power. The X parasites alone were terrifying creatures. A group of baseball sized, floating gelatinous organism. The structure of their bodies allow them to slip through the tiniest crevices of any organism or synthetic surface; their soft form also allows projectiles to harmlessly pass through them. Additionally, they have the ability to split into smaller colonies via asexual reproduction.

Samus first encountered the X when she was on a mission for the Federation onboard the BLS. The Biologic Space Laboratories research station was a large research station orbiting the planet SR388 in its solar system. Its purpose was to research various life forms from an untold number of planets in each habitat. While on SR388, she killed a local enemy and emerging from its husk; an X parasite, which attacked and attached itself to Samus, getting under her suit and ultimately into her body. Samus ignored it as it seemed to pose no threat.

She was wrong and it almost killed her, until she was cured, but she was changed… forever. However, the time that passed, the threat was far from over. The X that infected samus had still remained infected/attached to Samus’s armor components that were removed  for a lifesaving surgery and transported. The SA-X was born, taking her form in full power suit armor and active weapon systems.

Ultimately, the reborn and original Samus Aran had no choice but to send the orbiting space ship crashing to SR388 with its self-destruct mechanism to ensure the X on the station were completely eradicated.

Now, this is where this story begins…

Undenounced to the real Samus Aran, a lone SA-X survived the explosion. Normally, one X makes up a mimicked creature of any size. They are simple minded creatures as well; thirsting for form and knowledge. They will also do anything for survival. In this case, many X came to one of the 9 SA-X that were roaming the ship at the time of detonation. These X merged in the body while many more formed a shell around the SA-X. ‘She’ survived, but the X shell that formed was completely incinerated. Something was different, the SA-X was now in the Zero suit and was now in a perfect mimicked form. The many X transformed this SA-X into a perfect, complex replica. Since X can replicate memories and knowledge from the host; she knew what her originals life was up until the X attack. The twist starts here, instead of thirsting like an X, the SA-X had taken its own sentience of the woman it took its form and knowledge from. She BECAME Samus. Able to do more than what a single X could ever do.

During the events of the X invasion on the space station; the galaxies most fear and hated alien species, the space pirates had abducted a human male and experimented on him, transforming him into a male version of the famed bounty huntress, Samus Aran, but to work for the sole purpose to further the space pirates goals. Eventually, he came to the planet of SR388 after recovering old recorded data leading to the remains of Chozo ruins and the home planet of the chozo made and supposed extinct race of the Metroid; the X parasites only predator…

Of Fire and Earth.

Earth, fire, wind and water; the four primal elements that create the earth all life exists on. The ancients of each of the elements left behind humanoid beings of each element, but only three have ever met; those of fire, who reside on a hidden island, the water who remain hidden in the deep abyss and those of air, who remain in the clouds. It is those beings of earth that have never come into contact with the others. That is until one day when on the Isle of Fire, the children of fire were shaken by an devastating earthquake that created fissures all over the island and caused the volcano to erupt. While they can control fire and survive lava; this devastation was not natural and during the event, as the earth shook; a daughter of fire fell into one of the fissure into the depths of the earth as if it dared to swallow her whole. It would be there she would meet the cause of her homes destructors and a son of the earth. He would most certainly not be expecting someone like him in looks to have such a warm personality for the depths of the earth being so rocky, rough and cold.
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Online OrochimaruTopic starter

Re: M seeking F for Metroid idea
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2015, 12:57:50 AM »
One idea is still open. ^^