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Author Topic: Lamenting Quill Birthday requests (F for Dominant M)  (Read 320 times)

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Lamenting Quill Birthday requests (F for Dominant M)
« on: January 19, 2015, 04:47:11 AM »
It is five days until my birthday and I thought I would put out a small selection of stories I really want to try that I haven't gotten to do yet, one or two of them being stories that I wish to resurrect :)

One of these would totally be a wicked awesome birthday gift! :D

The dragon's lady - Possible NC
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Twenty two year old Serenity Parker lives is rather dangerous part of LA, California, the streets are ruled by the notorious gang The Golden Dragons, their leader a handsome young man known only by the mysterious alias of Seiryu. The name of an Oriental dragon god.
She has done her best to avoid any and all areas The Golden Dragons frequent during the day and she never ever goes out at night, there is no where safe after the sun sets beneath the horizon.

True that the infamous gang did not go after every single individual that crossed their paths, however it really doesn't help her situation that back in highschool, Seiryu had tried to pursue a romantic relationship with her, but she had flat out rejected the dangerous alpha male. He had told her that one day she would regret rejecting him, that one day her only option would be him.

Then one night, the worst thing possible for her happens, Serenity receives a call from her eighteen year old younger sister Jasmine whom had just gotten her own apartment. Her sister sounded frightened and said there was someone at her apartment that wanted to talk to her.
Before Serenity can question Jasmine about whom it was that wanted to speak with her, a new voice speaks in the phone that chills Serenity's blood ice cold... Seiryu...

She only got a few short comments before the phone went dead.

"The Han Palace restaurant on Baker street.... 8:00 pm.... there will be a table under the name of Seiryu... be there Serenity or your sister is going to suffer something very unpleasant.... oh, and do dress nice, this is not some casual run of the mill restaurant..." Click!

The Obsession
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Liliana Park was normal pretty twenty year old girl living in New York, she worked in a nice little antique shop with a kind elderly couple, owned a nice little flat in Manhatten and was considering college to be antique authenticator. She lived a fairly nice and normal life... or so she thought...

Who knew the local youngest millionaire had been watching her every time she walked to and from work or wherever else she had to go within Manhatten, she certainly didn't.  Liliana also would have never guessed the obsession would take a step further to the young man fancying himself in love with her, going so far as to sending her anonymous love letter and flowers.

Liliana never believed the love letters could mean anything dangerous until she found herself abducted on the streets one evening while walking home, waking up then to find herself with her wrists and ankles bound as she lay upon the most comfortable sofa she'd ever felt before.

She learns the young man had her kidnapped and brought to his home to make her his wife... whether she wanted it or not...

(This can be made supernatural if my partners enjoys that stuff as I do, like the guy being a vampire or something. Just uh, no sparkling, I hate Twilight)

A case of mistaken identity
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Bianca Summers had finally decided she was ready to have sex with her boyfriend Logan Chambers and thus the pair arranged the perfect evening together at the posh hotel owned by Logan's family, everything was pre-arranged from a romantic candlelight dinner to a hot bubble bath for two, which would all lead up to the grand finale.
Little did Bianca know, but Logan's scheming twin brother was home from Princeton and tricked his brother to think the evening had been cancled... allowing him to take his place...

Logan never knew it, but his twin brother had always desired his girlfriend for himself and was now seizing this golden opportunity to make her his forever.
Things are going to get awkward for Bianca, especially when the encounter leaves her pregnant and she discovers Logan is not the father... his twin is!

Logan rejects her as he thinks she deliberately betrayed him and now the evil twin bastard is offering to marry her, going as far as to formally ask her father, show casing his glowing Princeton education and bright future.

(For clarity, we will not be starting at the end of this brief description, we will start at the beginning, when Bianca goes to the hotel to meet up with 'Logan')

In the Vampire's arms - Contains NC, possibly borderline NC with skillful seduction
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Living on her own running the family business since the death of her inn-keeper father, Kiana Winterbluff always felt as though she was being watched as soon as the sun fell each night, sleep never coming easily as the eerie feeling crept up upon her.
True she was well protected by three big burly villagers paid to protect since her father first started this inn, they stayed even after his death after coming to love the girl like a dear niece. However, it did nothing to erase the feeling of needing to constantly glance over her shoulder.

Kiana began to wonder after awhile if she was slowly losing her mind, until one evening when she is awoken by the screams of serving girls from the servants quarters down the hall from her room.
She fetches her father's musket and goes forth to investigate, she reaches the servants quarters to find all the girls slain with their throats ripped open with no culprit in sight.

That until she turned around to come face to face with a dreadfully handsome man with white hair, red eyes and his entire chin coated in shimmering fresh blood.
Kiana does not even have time to scream before he lunges forward to restrain her and cover her mouth, he leans in to whisper in her ear “I've been watching you, beautiful Kiana. I have finally come to claim you as mine...”

Before she can try to register what he said, he pinches just the right nerves to render the raven haired beauty unconscious.
When she wakes, she finds herself upon the best luxurious bed she had ever seen and her body cloaked in the most beautiful red robe... and the handsome white haired stranger kneeling on the edge of the bed, this time with no blood on his chin.

Bride of the Undead - Contains NC, possibly borderline NC with skillful seduction
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The mortals living under the rule of the vampires living within Ophem castle always knew the time would come when the vampires would grow tired of them and slaughter them all in the name of fun, they just never expected it to happen in their lifetime.
It had just fallen evening when Brielle James was tending the pigs when it happened, when the vampires came down upon them led by the vampire prince Kaiden Moonsong himself.

She watched helplessly as they murdered all the villagers in the village until they came to the pig farm, Brielle hid herself in the cottage as she heard them approaching, she heard the vampires merrily offer the prince the last kill of the evening, which he gladly accepted.
The sound of his boots upon the wood floor as he entered seemed to mirror the frantic beating of her heart, she cowered inside the cupboard praying he would not find her and just leave, but that was not to be as he ripped open the cupboard door to find her there.

She thought for sure that her life was done as he yanked her out by her arm, but he just stared at her for the longest time before he raised a hand to caress her cheek and then leaned in to kiss her on the mouth, Brielle heard him moan before his mouth slid to her neck and his fangs sank into her tender flesh.
He drank so much that she eventually lost consciousness, thinking her time on this earth was gone and over with before her life had truly begun at the tender age of eighteen.

Unfortunately, Brielle was faced with a worse horror as she awakened in a luxurious bed surrounded by finery... and extra sharp fangs in her mouth...
At the end of the bed then, she saw him... Prince Kaiden... smirking like a cat that just got the cream, it was then that he revealed to her what he had done... he had been so taken by her that he had decided to turn her... and make her his bride...

(Whether or not the massacre is played out is up to my partner, we can do that or we can start where Brielle wakes up a vampire bride. Also no multiple bride thing here, just Brielle)

You belong to me
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Beautiful Eliana Swan wakes up one night in the midst of strange dream where she could hear a man's voice calling to her, so when she is unable to shake the ominous feeling of the dream, Eliana decides a moonlight walk in the forest behind her family's cottage is just what she needs.

Though when she enters the forest, Eliana hears the very same voice calling to her again, only she is not dreaming this time...
She follows the voice and eventually approaches a fairy circle where in the center stands the most beautiful and alluring man she had ever seen in all her life, a smile on his face and his hand extended to her.

Never would Eliana have ever imagined that she'd been watched for years by a prince of the Seelie court, desired as his bride... waiting only for Eliana to come of age before luring her to the fairy circle and taking her back with him to the world of the fey...

Once the entranced beauty takes his hand, there will be no turning back... a fey never releases their prize...
Seduced by the Alpha wolf
Eliana Blake has just turned 21 and decides to celebrate in a time-honored tradition... gather her gal pals and head for the classiest bar in town!
At the bar, Eliana encounters probably the most drool worthy man she's ever seen in her life and he seems to have eyes only for her, he offers to buy her first drink and from there, the drinks just keep coming.

With her sensibilities dampened with inebriation, the luscious hottie is able to convince Eliana t o ditch her friends and come back with his place with him to be alone  for a more 'private conversation'.
As the pair begin to make love, Eliana is unaware the man kissing her is the Alpha of the towns secret werewolf pack and has chosen the lovely Eliana to be his mate...

Winter's yearning
Loosely inspired by the story of Hades and Persephone.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Eliana, the beautiful fey guardian of spring has lived in peace for eons in the ethereal Forest of Life, preparing year after year to thaw the chill of winter and herald in the green beauty of spring.

From afar in the Vale of Eternal Winter, the fey guardian of winter watches Eliana from his frozen mirrors inside his palace of ice, an unfamiliar yearning melting his frigid heart... For so long he has watched and yearned for the beautiful guardian of spring...

No longer can he bare to watch from afar and only be able to touch and caress her creamy skin in his dreams... he will take her... he will take her from her forest and bring her into his frozen realm... and she will love him... he would make her love him...

Taken as the Barbarian's woman
This idea was inspired by a short story I read by Gena Showalter that I just absolutely loved.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Brielle Jenkins is an agent working for the ATMA orginization, Alien Traffic Monitoring Agency, their job is to monitor all alien species stepping foot on Earth and intervene when necessary.

When their computers pick up a mysterious ship landing in the woods outside the agency compound, Brielle and a dozen other armed agents are sent out to investigate and discover whether the new arrivals are friend or foe.
They find the ship and form it, emerges golden skinned men that remind Brielle of what a combo of Adonis and Conan the Barbarian might look like, all big muscles and insta-orgasm good looks.

The ATMA agents soon discover these gorgeous barbarian space men are here looking for a new home after a plague has wiped out their planet and killed all their women... the leader of these delectable barbarians also expresses a not so subtle interest in Brielle...
(Not a harem or 'multiple bed partner' roleplay)

Return of the prince (partner is required to have seen Hellboy 2)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala did not die, Red beat Nuada, Liz destroyed the crown and Nuada ran off while Nuala returned with the group back to the BRPD

19 years after the defeat of the Golden Army, Red and his family continue with the BRPD, their children are fully grown and the organization under new much more agreeable management.
However, chaos strikes a new organization of terror arises and has Red's daughter Usagi abducted in the middle of the night, to be used as bait for her father.

Though matters get even more confusing for the half demon when a silvery blonde haired male elf 'rescues' her... why worse? The prince decides that Agent Hellboy is incapable of properly protecting his lovely daughter and takes upon himself to 'keep her safe' while the new menace is about, leaving Usagi abducted for the second time in one night.

Though Nuada craves vengeance upon Red, he cannot deny what the demon's beautiful and feisty daughter makes him feel...

What will happen?-Intended to be a romance between Prince Nuada and Usagi-

Offered role: Prince Nuada