A Thing For Interracial (Male seeking female(s))

Started by KnowThySire, January 18, 2015, 11:37:08 PM

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What can I say? There's just something about it. Females playing females, please.

1) Curious Step - A girl lost her father when she was young, and her mom searched and searched for the right man who could take care of them. Eventually, she found a man worth more than she could ever ask for who happened to lose his wife in a similar fashion. Only, rather than having a daughter with his previous spouse, he had two sons.

When the girl heard of the new addition to the family, she was worried. Two older, Hispanic boys becoming her elder brothers... how ever would she get along with them? Shockingly, despite their racial differences, they treated her as if she were really their blood sister. The family had become perfect, and the girl couldn't have been happier, at least so she thought.

The girl was a virgin, which meant inexperience when it came to sex. So, when her best friend told her about a night she spent with two seniors guys, it would only be expected that she'd become curious of her own brothers, the two boys in her life that were men before any of the others around her at school.

Alt: Girl gets wind that the two college guys that fucked her friend were her step brothers, and confronts them.

2) A brother and sister have been having a secret relationship together for years. They've had to hide it from not only their parents, but their younger brother and sister as well. One week (or longer) their parents go on a vacation that leaves them all alone. On the first night, the two older siblings get into the liquor cabinet and begin drinking with their younger siblings. Upon learning that both are virgins, the eldest twins decide to take matters into their own hands. Could also be played with just one younger male or two younger twins. Could be switched to step to make it interracial.

3) A Game of Monopoly - She arrived from a small town. They were the top dogs in school. How they became friends, nobody knows, but it was clear she belonged to them in ways only the three of them knew. One guy will be black, and the other hispanic.

4) Had she known her step son would have grown into such a fine young man, she would have waited until he was of age and married him instead. Who knew her husband had produced a son with such a tremendous cock. She had to have it, even if it would break her. It was a good thing his father was always away on business. The only obstacle left was finding a way to sink her claws into him with her daughter there. What if she brought her in on her plans, even against her will? Who knew a movie night be could be so eye-opening for the innocent, virgin white girl? (Any race is playable for this)

Alt: The son was adopted instead of being brought in by marriage.

5) Breaking Traditions - She was a southern girl, born and bred. Her neighbor, however, was not. Far from it the young, 17 year old thought upon catching his dark, Latin features with her sky-blue eyes as he got into his car to leave early one morning. He was in college, or so she overheard from her older brothers. Though, they didn't have much else to say about him. It was the unknown that had them telling her to stay away from him. So, what was she to do when he offered her a ride home after she had snuck into a college party and drank a little too much.

6) Courting the Business Woman - She's all about her business. He's all about making her his. Will this office romance work out? (I'd be willing to play either a black or hispanic male, and the female character can be any race as well as long as they both differ.)

7) And I would like to base an rp off of this video:
The sleepwalking plot device can be discussed.

I'd also be more than open to discussing new topics for interracial rps, even ones where the girl is of another race. Please, let me know your thoughts by PM. I will be waiting.  ;)
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