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In the below pairings, if gender is not mentioned, it means either role can be male/female.



Father/Daughters Friend(s)
Mother/Sons Friend(s)
Brother/Sisters Best Friend
Boyfriend/Girlfriends Sister
Boyfriend/Girlfriends Friend
Boyfriend/Girlfriends Mother
Girlfriend/Boyfriends Father
Bride/Best Man


Anything for a Price Older man 50+ / Younger Female 16 - 18

Money can buy you anything - if you have enough of it.

Richard Nailor was one of those men. He was a billionaire. He had connections every where and with every one. What he got, he wanted. No questions asked. There were always rumors, of course, of pay offs to keep his family (and himself) out of trouble and the like, but did you really want to piss off some one with ties in the DA's office, ties with Royalty, ties with the President? Probably not. So Richard got to do what he wanted.

He was married and had three children - all young adults now - and he had never been accused of having an affair. But he hadn't had sex with his wife in a few years - not that he didn't want sex (it was her) but his Wife simply wasn't sexually active anymore. Besides, she was too old for Richard.

Richard liked them young. He liked teenaged girls. Nothing too dirty or illegal - they had to be 16 to 18 - but it was something he kept quiet. He knew some one who could get him the sort of girls he liked. He'd pay them a lot of money, fly them out to exotic locations and pay for everything, as long as they did everything he said.

The New Wife - Older Man 50+ / Younger Female 25 - 30

Richard was a wealthy man with an Asian fetish - something his son seemed to have inherited, marrying a slightly younger Asian woman. She was beautiful and Richard long had his eye on her. So much so that he did some digging - deep digging - into her past, finding a bunch of racy modelling pictures of her - and a sex-tape. Nothing too unusual, other then the fact that the sex-tape was made with her boss, two weeks before the wedding. And it was dirty. Richard knew that his son was rather conservative in all aspects of life and certainly didn't know that his wife had been cheating on him as recently as a few weeks ago.

Richard confronts her over the sex-tape but doesn't want to ruin her marriage to his son. Especially since he can benefit from the new arrangement - Richard gets to do WHATEVER he wants with her, in exchange for keeping it all secret. She quickly agrees to this agreement - she's always been a bit of a Nympho and now she can get it whenever and wherever she wants, from a man who knows how to treat her just right.

Not So Innocent Step-Daughter Older Man 40+ / Younger Woman 18+

Richard has remarried after his first wife ran off with another man. He has no children of his own and his new wife has a daughter. Richard has always had a fetish for Asians of all types and has a healthy sex life with his new Asian Wife - they act almost like a young couple, doing it anywhere and everywhere they can. The Step-Daughter has certainly noticed this too, often hearing and occasionally catching glimpses. At first, it disgusted her, but now it arouses her and, she has to admit, she has a bit of a crush on her new step-dad. She often listens to them going at it, touching herself, imagining it being her underneath her stepdad, not her mother.

She's started to flirt with him now, flashing him occasionally by 'accident', making offhand comments. He has certainly responded to such things in a positive way. And now her mother is going off on a week long business trip, leaving daughter and step-father alone for the week. How long can they keep their hands off each other?

SEXcretary Older Man / Younger Woman NSFW Pictures of Secretary

A new secretary is willing to do anything to help her boss relax or 'seal the deal'.

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Blackmail Brother / Sister Incest

Andrew had always been the shy, quiet type. He always had a camera with him, taking pictures of virtually everything. It was his way of dealing with things, of expressing himself. And he had long had a crush on his sister, one of the more popular girls at school. Not that she had any interest in him - hanging out with him, being around him, or anything. But all of that was about to change.

Andrew was walking around in the woods behind their house when he spied his sister sneaking through the woods and to an old building that was in the woods. Camera snapping away pictures, he watched her sneak in through a door. He followed and took pictures as she smoked weed - before he noticed the pot plants growing nearby. Highly illegal and dangerous! She could go to jail if he told anyone and their parents would certainly disown her.

The next day, he shows her the pictures of the evidence he found. He blackmails her into doing anything he wants her to do - starting with posing for some racy pictures for him. Its not long before he turns things more sexual, especially with their parents gone for the week.

Wife Goes Black Black Male / White Female, Cuckolding, Affair, Size Difference

Sarah and her husband rarely see each other these days, always too busy with work. Its almost like she isn't married anymore, given the lack of intimacy too. But busy work lives lead to that sort of thing. So Sarah has been more flirty than usual - with her boss, a muscled black guy that makes her knees weak whenever he looks at her just right. She's been flirting with danger lately, wearing more revealing clothes to work, flirting almost shamelessly with the man who flirts right back.

With her husband away on business, Sarah decides to see just how far she can take things. She has never been with a black guy before and is quite intrigued by all they say about a black man and what he is 'packing'. So, pretending to have left her work folder at home, something they were to discuss over lunch, she invites him back to her house in order to go over the contents of the folder. Though the only thing she is hoping to open is her legs for him...

Daughters Best Friend Older Male / Younger Female 16+

Mary had the perfect body. There was no denying that. Heads young and old, male and female, always turned when she entered the room. Girls got jealous and boys got horny. They all tried to get close to her, bumping shoulders or accidentally brushing against her boobs or ass. But Mary wasn't interested in boys. No, she was interested in real men. Specifically, her friends father. She had been flirting with him a lot lately and now she was going up to his log cabin with him and his daughter and a few other people.

It would be the perfect place to get a little closer with him. And she had the perfect little red dress that she would wear to seduce him. How could any one refuse when she looked that good in the dress?

Blackmailed at Work

Ashley is one of those girls, attractive and friendly and popular with everyone. All the guys want to get in her pants and openly flirt with her at work. And she flirts right back, though no one has ever laid claim to having slept with her. Most of the guys like her. Andrew certainly does, but she doesn't even know who he is - the lonely, shy IT guy who fixes everyones computers. Well, he is about to get what he wants. He finds [something] on her computer that can get her fired from work. So he confronts her - via annonymous email - over it, forcing her to comply with his demands.

It starts innocently enough, her flashing a little skin, but quickly escalates. Soon she is masturbating at home for the mysterious man, then wearing even more revealing clothes to work. And no panties! And it all turns her on, so much so that when he tells her to meet him for a little 'quickie' in a closet, she is more then happy to oblige. But even with the lights off, she can't tell who it is though it satisfies her like no one else ever has.

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The Last of Us Inspired Older Man  / Younger Female

Inspired by the world of 'The Last of Us', I would like a game where an older man (50's perhaps) teams up with a girl who is 16 - 18. She has no survival skills, really, so while he has to help her during the day, she 'repays' his help at night with her body. So yes, heavy smut elements but also day-by-day survival. We can discuss overall plot (aka why are the two travelling together?) etc.

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Your Dad is a...what?? Older Male / Younger Females

Details to be worked out. Essentially, a father was/is a former pornstar, a little known secret. His daughters friends have recently found out and are more then intrigued by what they have seen online.

What I am looking for is some one to play a couple of different teenaged girls - different looks, personalities, kinks etc - opposite my older male (former) pornstar. Details to be discussed.

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Added a 'The Last of Us' plot.

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