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Author Topic: GMlless 3.5 DnD system  (Read 1467 times)

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Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

GMlless 3.5 DnD system
« on: January 18, 2015, 12:53:55 AM »
As title hints at this thread is mostly meant as means to develop a rule system how to play 3.5 DnD without a GM. Overall point is not strong plot element but rather self-managed sandbox approach. You could name world, city or such into established setting or you can start game off entirely custom made world.

However, point being that as there is no GM how things are decided then? Well, so far I have thought that simply by dice rolling. Example if you use this system start a new DnD game you randomly roll world history and nature of the world (it can involve many rolls as you want but there are lots of tables to roll off to).

Then same fashion roll randomly a starting area (a city example) statistics and then roll up a starting event (handful of those) and then once all rolling done the roller then 'acts' as GM for opening post and then others post until all have posted. Then in game OOC is decided 'rolling order' where players in turn roll encounters, subplots and what have you and they take turns to control NPC's (which stats are predetermined from a list).

Example if they want a 6th level barkeep (NPC class levels) then they check from appropriate tablet. There are barkeeps for PC classes as well (handful variants with level progression from 1 to 20 level in simple format which takes no race accounting expect feat suggestion for humans).

So overall purpose I guess is for this system for players to have fun without needing a GM to narrate and create events which to players react and as they all are rolled and so they are random (so cannot be expected either). There could be world plots also like 'randomly roll a zombie apocalypse scenario' as main overarching plot. How it manifests is determined by the dice then and creativity of the group of players who take turns to build the story by rolling and then writing it.

Of course to make all this needs a massive database which to take information from. So thought to discuss and work on information in this thread and then work actual thread where all rules and such are neatly piled in. So the rolling can be quickly done and so forth.

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Re: GMlless 3.5 DnD system
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2015, 12:30:59 PM »
So, this might be a bit of thread necro-ing, but I figured I'd offer a quick pointer here.

D&D, as a DM-less system, is very hard to pull off.  The lack of a central story such a dynamic creates makes the game super difficult to work properly.

I would say you should look into a game called Houses of the Blooded ( ).
It isn't a standard D&D game (it focuses more on courtly matters of the Ven race) and it plays almost exactly like what you want.
Players build a dice pool from their character and roll.  The highest roll gets narration privileges, but players who "bet" dice can add more to the scene.
I've run a few games of it at cons, and it's really interesting.  Sometimes I will end up sitting there for an entire four hour spot and I will say almost nothing.  The players just take it and run with it.
Obviously, this is open to power gamers to completely run rampant through.  But, as the book calls out, if you are worried that the people you are gaming with are you going to disrupt the game, or take fun away from other people, why are you playing with them in the first place?

PDFs of Houses of the Blooded aren't hard to find.  But you should really consider looking into it.  With a tweak or two, it might give you the kind of game you are looking for.

Offline Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: GMlless 3.5 DnD system
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2015, 01:02:54 PM »
Thanks from the tip, this project is kind of ice atm but I plan work on it. It's interesting everyone get some dices in start of 'game' and then they bet dices and roll to get narrative rights on scene or story as whole.