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Started by Maiz, January 17, 2015, 11:37:13 PM

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Holiday break means I'm looking for some RP. You can see below for some ideas, but the quick and dirty is that I want something fantasy genre based, with some adventure and emotional beats. I'm really into the idea of people who thought they saved the world but find out they actually didn't while they're supposed to be living their happily ever after. You can see below for other ideas I've had in the past that I may or may not be into anymore


In General:

  • Looking for a roleplay or two. If you have an idea that might interest me based on the ideas below, feel free to PM me.
  • I prefer to roleplay romantic situations that are either gay or lesbian in nature. I'm not interested in straight couples. All these ideas, except those marked otherwise, can be for m/m or f/f pairings. I am fine with trans characters.
  • I love science fiction, fantasy, and (alternate) historical settings, in varying degrees.
  • I don't mind using some worlds like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, however I would prefer original characters/ideas/settings that don't involve canon. (Mentioning the fifth blight for a throwaway line is okay, having Alistair or the Herald as a character is not)
  • Check my ons/offs.
  • All images can be made bigger if you 'view image' and then in the URL edit 250 to 500 or 1280.
  • All images are safe for work. There are several gifs however.

Cravings (See next post for other ideas.)

  • Gang drama: Anything gay and gangs and angst and drama. Maybe a straight arrow cop is going under cover and runs into emotions they didn't expect and fall to a person they didn't expect.
  • Anything with vampires.
  • Some sort of courtly intrigue would be great too.
  • F/F


Concentrated Ideas (In order of newest to oldest)

  • Playing innocent: A noblewoman/nobleman hires a rough experienced bodyguard to escort them on a pilgrimage. The bodyguard slowly finds themself falling in love with their employer, but little do they know there's more to the story than just religious piety. The noble is on the run for political reasons to be determined. (I'm interested in either role)
  • Art and death: A revolutionary/politician and an artist struggle to keep their relationship going (one that just started or perhaps was started before they became established in their fields) as the world falls apart around them.
  • Second Thoughts on the Guillotine Steps:  Someone is spending their last months in a prison cell, imprisoned for treason or something like that, when they get a new cellmate. There had been others before but they were all released or executed before emotional bonds could be made. Original Prisoner (OP) is content to meet their end and has made their peace with this life, perhaps with the faith in reincarnation comforting them. This is vastly different from their personality before imprisonment, when they were passionate about whatever political movement got them set up for treason. Their new cellmate (CM) is angry at everything (the situation, the jail, the unfairness of it all), perhaps is part of a legacy movement or something that OP started/helped. Slowly, CM stirs OP again, enough to make them want to fight for their life. [A romance can happen between them, or not, depending on the route this goes.] Long story short, CM is executed* and it gets OP upset enough to actually break out. OP meets up with CM's crew and teams up with CM's leader to do Big Plot things. The rest of RP would follow that. OP and the new leader would probably have a romance brew up.

    • *This is how I originally thought this, but this can change. Maybe OP is just lead to think CM is dead and later rescues them. Or CM was working as a double agent and betrays both their own political group and then OP. Maybe CM and OP both escape, whatever. We can talk about it.
    • I don't have a preference for any character. This game will probably include us playing multiple characters and NPCs.
    • As for setting, I'm open to anything. Probably something a little fantastical
  • Penance: This idea is pretty basic but the idea is a sort of quest story set after the war. The evil (or maybe not so evil) ruler mad with power over centuries is set on the straight path again and goes on a penance tour in order to fix things they fucked up. Examples could be making a forest haunted, letting roam some dangerous creatures, creating vampires, etc. Their companion is someone who bitterly hates them. Reason can be decided later (maybe someone close to them was sacrificed to save ex-evil ruler? maybe a precious home town was razed?). They end up working together for reasons we can decide.
  • Summoning Consumption: So this is a rip off a webcomic thing from almost a decade ago. PM me and I'll send you the link. The gist of the idea is this: a person was escaping the Old World because of some unsavory politics, a betrayal, and scandal. Along the way they were captured by pirates and because of superstition left to die on a deserted island with their writing box, their beloved familiar, a bottle of rum, a canteen of water, and of course your traditional gun and single bullet. See, this person, while being of noble birth, is trained in the summoning magics and of bindings and other alchemical things. But what will kill the person first? Thirst and starvation? Or their worsening health?

    On death's door they are urged to summon something, anything, by their familiar. After all, could anything be worse than death? While the summoner tries to limit what can come through the summoning circle, they catch sight of an incubus/succubus before passing out. Turns out that incubi/succubi have been miscategorized. What happens from there is up in the air.

    • Note: I only want this to be gay or lesbian, ie a man summons an incubus or a woman summons an succubus. This game is not your standard super sexualized demon thing. No transformations, no giant penises/breasts, no corruption, etc. The goal of this story is to eventually leave the island and deal with politics, the aftermath of betrayal, and sorcery.
    • I'm cool to play either human or succubus/incubus.
    • Setting: A deserted island out in the middle of nowhere. Formerly a pirate's ship. In the future, some vague European country.
  • Vampires: I'm looking for some sort of vampire plot to use this character in.

    • What I'm interested in: Exploration of symbols/metaphors, cultural differences, something interesting and new.
    • Necahual (in progess)

      Name: Necahual, Tepin (intimate that hardly anyone knows except her creator)
      Age: near 30ish in looks, born around 1475, turned around 1502
      Gender: Woman
      Sexual Orientation: lesbian
      Creator: Juan Velasco de Sandoval, Marques of Escavilla
      Occupation: Odd jobs.

      Appearance: 5'4, 155lbs, smooth round face, hooked nose, long black hair, dark brown eyes, and skin that is still fairly brown though with golden undertones. Long scar down her back, almost parallel to her spine.

      Likes: Fucking up the rich/noble/great people of the world, dogs, purification, poetry, music
      Dislikes: HUMANS, the rich, the noble, the great

      Personality: Muted anger threatening to break through her not quite calm veneer. Superstitious to a point. Bitter, callous.

      History: As Tepin she served a great lord and lady while her parents lived on the outskirts of their great house. The lord and lady cheated her parents out of wages for her labor and eventually died from lack of food when a famine hit. A bitterness filled Necahual since then, an anger that oozed from her very being as she continued to serve the great lord and lady.

      This changed not long after her twenty seventh year when a strange man came in the night to visit her lord. He had been a shipwrecked man from Europe, though she did not know that at the time His language and mannerisms were strange and he hinted at a change to come. He was of course de Sandoval and he noticed her bitterness and anger and changed her into something else. Tepin, as she was known then, had no word for what she was, but that did not bother her in the least.

      For the next two decades she preyed on the royalty, the nobility, and the priestly classes first of her home city and then of the cities near by, traveling by Coyolxhauqui's light through the jungle. Necahual adopted her new name then and called herself a tzitzimitl as she wrecked havoc. When the Europeans came she preyed on them too, as she saw her people die around her. And yet those well off seemed to stay well off as the Europeans forced new customs, new religions, new ontologies onto her people. Great lords and great ladies kept their lands as they kowtowed to a new god, enslaving her people and bringing over people like her from across the sea to exploit as well. de Sandoval found her again after she lashed out and nearly killed an entire hacienda-owning family and their handlers, allowing the exploited to go free. He taught her how to control her rage, how to eat without causing death, how to be subtle and keep herself safe.
  • Spells go Awry:In some random fantasy setting, our characters are an established couple and have done whatever great task to earn them respect.  The story would start at the death of one of the characters, something so sudden and abrupt that it leads the other to desperation. The forlorn lover performs some ridiculous ritual to get their love back and it works. To a certain extant. Things are not well after. I imagine this could get dark, or at least angsty.
  • Pirate queen: Pirate queen and a sea witch she accidentally stumbles upon. Or Pirate queen and a revolutionary on the run. Or pirate queen and _______ insert whatever. I love it all.l

Broader Ideas (In order of newest to oldest)
  • Picar@: My character somehow escapes the gallows (whether through cleverness, a mystical resurrection by a trickster god, or whatever reason). Your character is someone yearning for adventure and sees their chance to get out of whatever boring situation they are in. Then they get into all sorts of trouble: maybe defending a village from the King's soldiers or pissing off wizards or freeing smuggled booze. This will probably be episodic in nature and have elements of humor. My character is more antihero/trickster then the over the top bad ass villainous type.

    • Option B: Benny and Clyde or Thelma and Louise: A more serious/tragic version with more betrayal, angst and tears.
    • Setting: I'm thinking mostly fantasized versions of reality. This can either mean more stylized versions of the Old West or the 1920s, or include fantastical or science fiction elements.
    • Inspiration

      • Chaotic time periods with rapid changes and technological advances. People are flush with cash and not very wise which makes it easy pickings. Also, new forms of transportations or connections across lands make it easier for travel. The borderlands vs the City. Dashing tales of rogues/pirates/other antihero outcasts.
      • Images and music

        La Pareja by sicosa
        Soldadera look in 100 years of Beauty: Mexico by cut.com
        Musidora in Les Vampires

        The meeting, Wonder Bar 1934
             María Félix in Doña Bárbara (1943)
        from one of the Machete movies
  • Obeying the Gods: Character 1 is a ruler who sacrificed their lover to the gods for the country in the past. Character 2 is either their new lover or someone arranged to marry them, or their advisor with an unrequited love for the ruler. What happens when the gods favor is lost or war happens?

    • Option B:
    • Setting: Either a fantastical ancient kingdom/empire from history or something completely made up.
    • Inspiration

      • Fairy tale or mythological tones. The story of Bluebeard, the horror of finding out that maybe you will be the next sacrifice to please the gods. Or, the story of Hadrian and Antoninous: the monarch's lover dies and is deified. Also: the legend of Semiramis and Ara the Beautiful, Maybe this takes flavor from Ishtar and Tammuz or Aphrodite and Adonis. Was it suicide? Self-sacrifice? Murder? Elements of mystery and thriller.
      • Images and music

        by Lynn Nguyen
        Photo by Rick Owens, Model: Grace Bol

        Tilla Duriex as Circe by Franz von Stuck
        Paulo Pascoal by Franncisco Martins
  • A city on fire: One character is involved with radical politics while the other is upholding symbols of authority. What happens when their eyes start to open to the horrors that are really going on? How does the first character deal with becoming more radical in their ideas?

    • A plot point that would be great to throw in is if one of them is replaced, whether with a clone/doppelganger/whatever. Think Battlestar Galactica or Marvel's Secret invasion. Is the replacement aware of what they are? Do they have a plan to stop the revolution? Or do they actually fall in love with the other character?
    • Setting: Preferably scifi. Think a huge metropolis. Can be inspired by 1920s-1940s cities such as Berlin or Shanghai or wherever else.
    • Inspiration

      • Think Hawke/Anders from Dragon Age 2, or Continuum season 3 when Kiera finally realizes that maybe Liber8 has the right ideas after all. Also, China Mieville's Bas-Lag series, especially Iron Council. Corruption, hyper-capitalism, corporations with more rights than citizens. High tech and surveillance.
      • Images and music

        Gran Fury Read my Lips
        from Nintchka 1939

        María Félix in La Devoradora 1946
  • Kingmaker/Queenmaker: One character tries to orchestrate their lover's rise to power (whether in court, military, a Church, etc) and the two have a passionately fraught relationship with a lot of headbutting, duplicity, soft betrayals etc.

    • Setting: Anywhere, really. 'Modern' times, historical, the constructed, scifi, fantasy, anything.
    • Inspiration

      • Think of Shakespeare. Think of Throne of Blood or A song of ice and fire. Think of murders, treachery, and sacrifice.
      • Images and music

        Rekha (idk which movie)

        Juana Romani- Giuditta
        by steendraws
        Vengeance is sworn by Francesco Hayez
        Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch
        by marian Churchland
  • The search for the end of the world: Two characters are on a hunt for some quest object to save their dying people. What they find isn't pretty.

    • I'm thinking that these two don't know each other and so the start of this could be the two adventurers travelling and getting to know one another.
    • Setting: Some sort of post-apocalyptic situations where magic comes back after the end of the world. Think of Adventure time or Kalpa Imperial or any number of works.
    • Inspiration

      • Haunted forests, a land that fights back, ruins with ghosts and glimpses into the past. Think of horrors like Lake Roopkund and other mysterious things.
      • Images and music

        Vasilisa the Beautiful by Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin
        http://i.imgur.com/2UOwTub.jpg  The Star by bluefooted
        Priscilla Dwomoh by Gabrielle Shamon
  • Meeting in MMORPG: Two (or more) people become friends in the world's hottest MMO. Then, weird shit happens in the form of an in-game virus that affects the real world.

    • Setting: 20 minutes into the future. The MMO can be whatever setting.
    • Inspiration

      • Blatant .hack//sign rip off. Think haunted computers, glitches, M.I.A. style graphics, stuff like that.
      • Images and music

        by Lisa Hanawit
        by Jennifer Hom
        Laforet campaign by Rikako Nagashima
        by Sachin Teng


added another idea; right now im on the search again for mostly anything with a lesbian pairing


added another idea; still looking for anything with a lesbian pairing



added a new idea, a character

subtracted old ideas and cleaned up things

looking for just one roleplay preferably f/f or lesbian or whatever you want to call it


added a new idea, cleaned up some old ideas

looking for 1-2 roleplays right now



It's been a long time but I'm interested in rping again. Added an idea too.


Feeling an RP itch again, especially for some f/f. All the ideas here are old, so feel free to bring me an idea if you think I might fit.

Oh and if we had an RP before, PM me and maybe we can restart/reboot it or do something different :)