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Author Topic: Eva's Neverending Search (MxF)  (Read 942 times)

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Eva's Neverending Search (MxF)
« on: January 17, 2015, 04:02:45 PM »
Well, new year, new thread. This is my... third attempt at a thread (I think). I'm trying to stick with a format that I like the most but have not found good one yet.

About me:

-I have been roleplaying for a few years now. It started on another site at the age of twelve so I have been roleplaying for about seven years.

-I am currently in college. Actually, I start my second semester on Tuesday, January 20th. I am in two clubs, chess and gaming, because I like them. I tend to hang around later than needed so that I can play video games with other people, which is always fun since I can learn different attacks.

-I am studying psychology and still write in my spare time (both fandoms and stories purely out of my own head).

-I am a shy person, in real life and off, I tend to be awkward with introductions, and stay that way until I talk to people a little bit.

What I like:

-Please reply once a week at least. Me, I would like some freedom at this time to do just that, and I'm not going to say I'll reply every day because I most likely won't. I'm learning to live by my limits instead of trying to stretch them.

-MxF pairing. Other ones bore me, so I tend not to use those.

-I enjoy roleplaying over threads the most, if the plot is really good and I'm craving it a lot then I can do private messaging. I won't do roleplays over emails, IM's or anything else though.

-My O/O Thread

-I argue that nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes with grammar and spelling. I think faster than I type and I know I do it, as long as a reply is coherent it is fine.

-If you have any questions then just ask me.

What I don't like:

-People abandoning a roleplay without telling me. This is, seriously, the thing I dislike the most. I can't say that I haven't done this a few times, and each time I feel guilty until I tell them that I'm sorry and the reason why. So, when somebody just abandons a roleplay, I tend to dislike that quite a bit. Any other way of ending a roleplay, including telling me in some form, is better than abandoning it. Literally, do this and I won't roleplay with you again. I'm serious.

-God-modding: I sometimes don't see this happening until it is brought up. This is the second worst thing in my mind, but that has to do with controlling my character. Overpowered characters are not cool either. A character needs to have a weakness, a fear. My character Nadira, for example, is a half-succubus that is scared of flying and spiders. I even have a super powered human that controls fire but is afraid of fire.

-Replies of less than three sentences.

-And that is pretty much it. However, there is more on my O/O thread if you want to take a look.

Below are my ideas. Each one has the same structure that shall be explained... right now.

Name (ex. Lies Are a Pain in the Ass) 
Setting (explains itself)
Pairing (Character species, in bold is the role of my character)
Range (Light, Bondage, Noncon, or Extreme)
Plot vs Smut (Is there more Plot or Smut?)
Then comes the jist of the idea I suppose.
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Ideas for 2015
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2015, 04:27:45 PM »
I Can't Risk It
Setting: Modern Fantasy
Pairing: (m) Half-Demon x (f) Kidnapped Human
Range: Noncon to Extreme
Plot vs Smut: 60/40 or 50/50
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Beads of sweat... Hair sticking to her body... and her eyes are... they're-!

"No!" Fingers shaking, the man stared with wide eyes at the atrocity before him. There she was with nothing but a towel covering her body, cheeks flushed red... and no eyes. "No damnit! It's wrong!"

Frustrated, the man picked up his canvas and held it horizontally as his knee rose to strike the once blank cloth. The broken canvas pieces were dropped to the ground along with more destroyed canvases, all of which were almost complete. There was only one problem with those paintings-

"The eyes... Why can't I get them right?"

Though he was asking himself that, the man knew exactly why he couldn't get the eyes of women right no matter how many times he tried. He saw them on the silver screens, was able to look at as many pictures of women online as he wanted to just so that he may observe the beauty of a female body, but never before did he see a nude woman in real life. He never ran his hands down the soft, bare skin of a woman, looked into their eyes and wondered what kind of emotions they might be feeling. He needed to do that.

"But... I need one now. I need to- I must get one!"

Enter Miestro, a man with no history besides the basic one that he can repeat to every human who ask. The same cannot be said, however, to those who are not human. Anyone inhuman will be able to tell that Miestro is not who he says he is, though he tries to keep up the facade for as long as he possibly can. For years, the demon inside of him has been held in check while the supposed human did different things such as playing the piano, photography and, finally painting. Painting has helped to keep the demon inside of him calm more than anything else, but it has not worked out the way he wanted it to. The more than he painted, the more the man realized that his demon loved the female figure. At first he just drew sketches of women, looked at them and tried to paint them with clothes on. The demon stopped liking the clothed paintings. Miestro tried his hand at painting them naked, but it still was not enough.

The demon wanted something erotic.

Things went wrong then. Eyes were never a problem for him before but, now that the paintings were supposed to be more erotic, the eyes came out wrong. The looks in those eyes were never perfect, never as good as he needed them to be. He needed to see that raw emotion in order to sate the monster inside of him. And he would do anything to keep control of that demon.


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Ideas from 2014
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2015, 04:50:05 PM »
Lies Are a Pain in the Ass
Setting: Past Fantasy?
Pairing: (f) Witch x (m) Pirate
Range: Noncon to Extreme
Plot vs Smut: 70/30 to 50/50
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She was nothing more than a simple girl living in a small farm bordering a seaside town. Her father was a man both hated and feared. He would do things like shout at the sky, talk to animals, and chase away all the men that tried to court his daughter. People called him crazy, even the daughter he was trying so desperately to keep safe secretly thought he was insane.

Then, he came around. Nobody knew who he was when his ship made port, and she certainly did not. He looked like a pirate however, but she knew nothing of those kind of people. She was there, selling vegetables to anyone with a ship when the two of them first meet. The girl was swayed by his charms and soon broke one of the many rules of the small town she called home by sleeping with him. That would have been fine (sort of) had it not been for the naval ship that arrived during the middle of the night.

The naval was there when she was led off the pirate's ship. A single naval man saw the two of them together and another mistake was made: instead of going to others and telling them about the wanted pirate’s presence, he tried to catch the man himself. To say the least, this did not work out and the pirate escaped while the girl was left to earn the wrath of the navy. Sent to England, the girl was jailed for a crime she never knew she was committing: associating with a person convicted of piracy. She blamed the man for what happened to her, not just the sentence but what occurred while she was in jail.

Years pass and the pirate is doing well. There are whispers among the pirates of a ship called The Nightingale and the things they were doing. The captain was known for being ruthless, attacking all who came near the ship whilst sailing the seven seas. Each crew member is forced to be branded as soon as they join, making it so that all who sees know what ship they come from. Nobody leaves the ship. Those who try leave to are found dead the next day, or disappear altogether.

It is by chance that The Nightingale reaches a pirate-friendly port at the same time that the man’s ship does. The crew leaves the ship. The marks on the forearms on each man is surprising enough, but so are the animals that are left on the deck. Wolves, enough to make a pack in the wild. The captain steps down to the dock and with him a woman. Or a ghost? Their eyes meet for but a moment, and memories resurface. The captain finds himself the exclusive target of The Nightingale. The Navy is searching for him as well but, while the navy just wants him to be captured to pay for his crimes, she wants him dead. Can he escape death at the hands of a woman or at the gallows, or is it time for him to pay for his sins?

In the Heat of the Moment
Setting: Modern Fantasy
Pairing: (f) Student x (m) Teacher (I'll play either)
Range: Bondage to Extreme
Plot vs. Smut: 50/50
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two packs of werewolves live in the same city, two packs are always at each others throats because they live so close to one another. Even the humans know about them and keep their existence secret from the rest of the world. It isn't a big deal to them anymore. They know to lock their doors during full moons and to keep out of the way while two of them fight. The humans and werewolves go to school with one another as well. They don't mix the gym classes, knowing how much harder it'll be for the humans to keep up with the werewolves.

With tensions between the packs rising, the two alphas meet and come to a strange agreement. Their children shall be wed to one another once they graduate from school. The son doesn't mind because he had his eye on her, but she does. She thinks he's nothing but a brainless thug. With the alphas having set up times after school for the two to meet, she starts to spend more time there. It doesn't become a problem until her eighteenth birthday. She goes into heat while in her final class of the day, and stays after just so she can flirt with her werewolf teacher. Things get a little out of hand, and soon she's naked and being satisfied.

It doesn't stop there either. They start to meet in secret, coming together even during assemblies, when they rest of the school is in one place and they usually can have an hour together. They start acting different though, him more protective and her more flirtatious until others find out about their relationship. She's soon blackmailed, using her love of him to benefit the werewolf she's supposed to wed. He goes back on his promise though, and the teacher is exiled, never finding out that she had been pregnant with his child.

Years pass and she has yet to forget her first love. That's why, when he appears with a pack at his command she's more than elated. What ensues is a war between the two packs, betrayals and the death of loved ones. Hunters begin to appear in the town and everyone is in danger. Will peace ever return?

Please, Don't Tell
Setting: Modern Fantasy
Pairing: (m)Student x (f)Teacher
Range: Bondage to Extreme
Plot vs. Smut: 60/40
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He was a transfer student. It was only the second month of the school year but things were bad in her class. It was full of delinquents it seemed, and after reading the files dedicated to his life it seemed that this student would be the same. What comes into the classroom is a weak looking boy though. The others instantly pick on him and a fight ensues in front of your character, their teacher. At first, everyone is sure that the new boy will be beaten. By the end of it though, he is victorious and it becomes clear why he is in that class and how he was able to get in so much trouble. The look that he gives them once it's over is frightening. Whenever somebody tries to talk to him, he usually smiles but the meaning behind it is anything but sweet. Unless he's talking to his teacher anyway. When it's just her he pays attention, as though he respects her. He is a diligent student, but trouble seems to follow him. By the end of the first week, it seems that half the male students in her class are injured after trying to fight him. Him though, every fight he enters he is able to get out of without so much as a scratch to his tan skin.

As the year continues, he continuously gets in fights and is suspended, until he goes to his teacher for tutoring. To do this, unfortunately, she has to enter the lion's den. Just being near him puts her life at risk, but entering the house seems to put a curse upon her. Suddenly, people are following her and she is seeing the same person around her all the time it seems. While walking home one night, she is pulled into a empty alley and almost raped. Before it can happen though, a wolf attacks the man. The man fights the wolf back and soon two wolves are fighting each other in front of her. The one who came to her rescue soon ends the fight by harming the other enough to force it to flee before collapsing beside her. Seconds after, he changes back into his human form, the student laying down and staring at the stars. "The sky looks so lovely tonight."

That's all he says before getting up and walking away from her. Things start to get worse around her as she finds herself in the middle of a battle between packs of werewolves, one nothing but a small family trying to live quietly while the other is a large pack with even the law in their hands. Protecting her the entire time is her student, who starts to demand a payment whenever he does so. It only gets worse during the full moon, when he changes forms and still wants her. As violence in the city spikes and the relationship continues, things aren't looking good for either of them and all they can do is hope to survive.

Setting: Modern Fantasy
Pairing: (m)Monster x (f)Human (though this can always be changed)
Range: Can go from Light to Extreme
Plot vs. Smut: 80/20
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Nobody ever said that freedom came easily. It definitely didn't come easily for EX-149. He was the one that they created by changing his DNA, a strange embryo put into the womb of a woman and grown inside her until he was big enough to be taken out. They kept him there for years, training him and never letting him see the light of day. Then he went berserk. He began to attack anyone who came close to him, angry for no reason it seemed. But he was ticked off. He heard them all as they spoke of the outside world, envied them because they could see the things he couldn't. All he knew all his life was concrete walls, the cold of stone and the light that came from light bulbs. He couldn't even remember his mother. He hadn't a friend in the world. When he turned twelve they were able to capture him and force him down the downstairs into the darkest part of the facility. Once there, they chained him to the walls and blindfolded him, letting him see nothing for years.

Six years after this, he wakes to the sound of fighting up the stairs and smirks to himself. By then, his hair was grown to the point that it tickled his cheeks. He should've been weak from the lack of nourishment, but he wasn't. He stood up and with a swift yank he snapped one chain, then another, and then the two binding his feet in place. He could've helped the humans being attacked but he didn't. He took the blindfold from over his eyes and walked out of the building. Within seconds it was up in flames, him the only survivor.

Ten years later he's no different. he never speaks to people as he walks across the country with nothing but a shaving kit that somebody gave him out of pity as well as clothes that people threw away. He stays in each city for only a week until he meets her. He doesn't learn what her name is at first but the two continue to see each at the same time and in the same place. He never asks her about her life, who she is or what she does. He just says whatever comes out, and if she happens to say something then he listens. He stays in the city longer than usual until he notices the presence of more government officials.

What I was thinking of playing (though with them still having a human form)

For Whom the Bell Tolls
Setting: Modern Fantasy
Pairing: (f)Vampire x Whatever kind of character can be thought of
Range: Light to Extreme
Plot vs. Smut: 60/40
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Many have said that Dracula never bore a child, that each one was as dead as he and his wives. That is not at all true. No. He bore one daughter, at least, before he was killed by Van Helsing though he never knew of her existence. After many long years this... daughter of Dracula was found and taken by odd people. They took her blood and played with it, injecting it into humans and animals to see what happened to them. Her blood changed each creature, but not always for the best. They were immortal, to a point, but were cannibalistic beast that needed to be killed before they could escape their cages. Humans could not tolerate the blood, and even mice were tainted. The people would not stop and started to use it on werewolves. The beast were not tainted like the others. They became different, thirsty for blood and much more allergic to silver than they once were. But, they were immortal... for a time. The effects were off each time and more blood was given to the beast as they craved the power they were given.

The only reason they were able to conduct these experiments is because the vampiress put herself to sleep years ago in order to avoid one of the men that she turned. One night, however, she wakes up. Scared and drained of almost all of her blood, the female vampire attacks the humans who moved her while she rested. The land that she wakes in is not one that she is familiar with, however, and she is without the vampires that were supposed to protect her in this "new" world. All she could do is find shelter from the rising sun. Who's home did she seek shelter in? Are they friend or foe? Are they a vampire, werewolf, hunter, or just a mundane human about to get pulled into a world they never knew existed.


-The time period can vary but I would like the year to be sometime after 1960 at least.

-My intro is... long for me. I don't expect anybody to match it really, mostly because I will probably go to one to three paragraphs once the introductions are done and over with. I like to have fun with my roleplays, it shouldn't be a strain on me to reply to unless I'm trying to challenge myself. I don't enjoy replies smaller than four sentences though and description is key with me.

-If anyone ever saw the Van Helsing movie (my favorite vampire movie so far) then those are the type of vampires I like. How they conceive children... I have no idea and probably wouldn't do it that way if I did. On that note, I like the Risk of Pregnancy in roleplays and usually will not roleplay with those who say "no" to pregnancy in rps. *cough* But to the vampires: they change into giant bats, hate sunlight, and don't sparkle. I like for my vampires to also have a miniature bat form, like they shrink down to the size of a normal bat for convenience.

My Intro
(Warning: there is blood and violence.)

The facility was built a few months ago, finished in a matter of weeks. Though the people whom lived in the city near it were told that jobs would be available after it was built, people were moved to the city to work in the odd building. Nobody in the city went near it as the land surrounding the facility was soon considered private property. None of the city folk knew what went on in the facility and stopped wondering after four or so weeks. It did not affect their lives in any way, so they slowly started to forget about it. Still, people drove out of the city and into the building. There were things being messed with, poked and prodded as blood was taken from them and put into different things. Most of the things were inhuman, but one was different from everything inside of the building. It was a vampire.

It had been months since she felt the presence of her turned, days, it seemed, since she was moved from her castle. Still, she had yet to wake up. She could hear people moving around her, talking about her. She felt like she was floating in the air, a feeling she didn't even feel while in her bat form. How long had it been since she opened her eyes? She wanted to see the moonlight again, yearned to feel grass between her toes. Sleep, most of her life she had been asleep, it seemed like forever since she fell asleep. Her ears picked up on something as one of the people said the date that they found her, July 4th, 1991. She couldn't help it, her eyes opened now in surprise. 'A hundred years?! It's been a hundred years since I last fell asleep!' she thought to herself.

She looked through the glass and at the people, watching silently as they pointed at her. She had moved before, quite a few times actually, but never before did she open her eyes. She looked at them, at the men and women wearing what appeared to be white overcoats. She seemed to be floating in water with a mask over her face. To say the least, she was confused and a bit scared, and a scared vampire was nothing to mess with. She opened her mouth behind the mask as her eyes turned red, screeching in such a high pitch that the glass around her shattered, the fluid rushing to the floor. Screams filled the room before a beeping sound was heard just as she fell to the floor. All these sounds only scared her more. A hand moved up to shove the mask off of her head. It bounced slightly on the tube that it was attached to, still pumping air the entire time.

She stood up, looking at the people as her skin turned snow white, her eyes already red as they could get, the whites no longer seen in her eyes. They were human, that much she did know, but she wasn't going to keep them alive. She was far too hungry, and all she could do now was go by her instincts. She lunged at the nearest male as her wings grew out, spreading wide for all to see. She got him by his shirt before he could run, flinging him at a nearby wall. A scream erupted from one of the women as his head hit the metal. His skull broke easily, just as it did for every human. Josobelle could only smirk as she felt instinctual pleasure over causing pain. She lunged at the screaming woman, her wings pumping as she caught the human, picking her up as she flew to the ceiling. The vampiress stood upside down on it, holding the screaming and kicking woman by the shoulders as she leaned forward, biting into the fragile neck with enlarged fangs. The woman's body was dropped once all of her blood was drained. The vampiress looked out the door that the others ran out of while she feasted. "I guess I have to hunt," she whispered before blacking out.

When she came to, she found herself standing in a room, two dead humans at her feet, their blood starting to soak her feet. Her eyes were green once again and, to say the least, she had her fill. Her skin turned light brown once again as her wings went away, disappearing into her back where they belonged. She shivered as she looked around the room, seeing the many bodies that littered the floors, counters, tables, and panels. She didn't mean to kill them, she truly didn't. She shivered again as the cold air hit her skin, her cheeks flushing when she realized that she was bare. 'How dare they strip me of my clothing? It seems that humans have only become worse in their ways.' She thought to herself.

It couldn't be helped though, so she looked around until she found a female. The woman was dead so she felt no disrespect when stripping her of her clothing, only to put the clothes on herself. She put on everything but the coat, thinking that it wouldn't be at all nice. However, she scoffed at the length of the black skirt, thinking about the many dresses she once wore. All of the skirts went to her feet, but this skirt didn't even brush her knees. "Are they not even modest enough to cover such skin!? Men will grow tired of their looks by the time proposal happens with them, no doubt." She had been raised by her mother, a woman that was modest unlike the rest of her father's wives, who wore clothes that showed skin no matter who they were around.

She allowed a soft sigh to escape her slightly parted lips as she straightened herself up, remembering the way her mother would punish her if she didn't hold her head up high. Even if she was scared of this new world she had to be confident at least. Her mind spun as she tried to think about the changes that had been made, almost making the room spin. It didn't though, as her thoughts came to what she would do about money. She looked at the woman she took the clothes from, retrieving a purse from the floor near her. "It looks like a handbag," she said softly. She unzipped it and looked in at the beauty products and money. The green paper confused her, but she was sure she'd figure it out later if need be. She closed the purse then walked out of the room.

The building was easy enough to navigate through and soon she was outside, the light of the moon shining down on her frame. She breathed out a sigh of relief as the heels of the shoes she wore sunk into the ground. It was enough to please her, knowing that she was out of that strange building. She looked around, trying to think of which way she should go. She reached up, absently tugging down the white shirt as her eyes landed on a trail running through the forest. It seemed that it led to somewhere, so it was a path she would walk. With her head held high, she started to walk down the dirt path, going in the direction of a city and, possibly, into more trouble.

In the Dark
Setting: Futuristic Feudal Era
Pairing: (m)Hunter (any species) x (f)Kitsune
Range: Bondage to Extreme
Plot vs Smut: 70/30
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
"He came to our small time, a giant amongst ants.The things he said entranced them all, even me." She said softly as she turned her head around to look out the window. There It was, the town she used to live in before he came.

"What did he look like?"

"I... I can't remember. He's foggy, tall but I can't remember anything good about him."

"But, he's the father of your child."

The woman reached up to touch her extended belly, fingers gently feeling it until she felt a soft kick from within. "Yes. I-I don't think he wanted  me to remember him, not the way he looks, his name, or even what he did. I can't remember anything much."

The woman gave birth to a little girl named Eva. The child grew up fatherless with only her mother to take care of her. At the age of five Eva stopped changing to fox form because her mother would spank her each time she did so. Her mother didn't want anybody else to know that the girl was actually a kitsune. The mother didn't even know until she started to change forms as a baby, and even then she had to hide her away for fear of others finding out. In the woman's eyes, it would've been better if Eva were just human.

A few years later, the woman found herself on her death bed. It is only then that she remembers about the man who is her daughter's father, telling the girl what she can about him with her last breath. With her mother now dead, the girl stays where she is for another year (until she turned 18).

It was then that Eva was taken by the Emperor's son and made to be his concubine. A few months pass and she goes out one day only to find a stranger by the river. The stranger is a hunter, brought down by a mighty dragon that he tried desperately to slay. Eva takes him into a hidden area near the home of the crown prince and starts to heal him as best as she can. She treats his wounds and spends more time with him than the prince.

As soon as the prince finds out that she isn't in their home, he sends spies after her. They tell him about whom she spends time with, and, angered, the prince tells the spies to take the hunter and put him in jail. They do as told, much to the chagrin of the concubine. Instead of doing nothing and allowing the man to be killed, Eva does what she can to save him. Their escape from prison has yet to save them, as the two are hunted by both humans and monsters alike. What can they do now other than survive?

The Shadow Wolf
Setting: Medieval Fantasy
Pairing: (m)Shapeshifter x (f)Human
Range: Noncon to Extreme
Plot vs Smut: Heavily depends on person
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Shadow Wolf is said to be thousands of years old. There are tales of how it fought for your people, died for your people, and was born again so that it could protect them in the future. Nobody has ever seen it in human form except for those who he stole from a village in the night, screaming and kicking at him as he pulled them into the forest. Nobody would hear from those women after, but in a few months they would be able to see more black wolves around their village than before, and know what occurred. The story of the Shadow Wolf is told time and time again to naughty children to make them behave, though the Shadow Wolf does nothing to those it doesn't wish to mate with.

It has been years since the people saw a single black wolf, since one of their females were pulled into the forest and to the Shadow Wolf's lair. But they have started to hear the howls at night, and the elders have started to tell about the wolf again. They know that it will show itself soon, looking for a new mate to give birth to his pups. And this is true. At night he is restless now, after a hundred years of leaving the humans alone, so many years without a female in his den, the male can't take it.

This can go two ways-

1) The wolf starts to run into the village each night, jumping through windows to get to females (all over the age of 16 of course). He starts to take them without their consent, mating with females even if their husbands are watching, fucking the pregnant women and turning their unborn children into some strange halfbreed, and taking the virginity of those unmarried.

To do this one, you will obviously need to be able to play more than one female. For me to do this, then I need you to be able to use detail. You can take a week to reply if you must, but I desire detail with my smut heavy roleplays. Don't worry, I shall use detail as well, I won't give an entire paragraph about how a single tree looks but it'll be good.

2) The Shadow Wolf goes into town at night, eyes red and ears perked as it looks at the humans, listening to their heartbeats and the whimpers of children. And then, his eyes land on one of them, a female whose scent stood out from the rest. He leaps at her, grabbing her and dragging her into the forest with him, looking at those who try to follow and daring them to do so with his eyes alone. Once they reach his den though, he licks her fresh wound clean and just watches her, waiting for the sun to rise so that he might show his new mate the truth behind all those stories.

A Book's Cover
Setting: Modern Fantasy
Pairing: (m)Teachers/Demons x (f)Human
Range: Noncon to Extreme
Plot vs Smut: 80/20 (this can vary)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The plot (I suppose) is a bit gruesome. Just a warning, I don't think it's that bad though.
And here is where I digress. It's not really detailing anything enough to call it gruesome.


The things that were going on around him didn't matter. He continued to run through the fire with a look of panic in his eyes. The orb was so large that he had to use both his arms to grasp it against his chest. There was something moving within it, a being whose body couldn't be seen yet. "Give her to me!!"

He couldn't turn around, going as fast as he could through the flames and racing from the creature behind him with nine tails. Both could see it then, the portal leading from this heinous place and into the land of the humans. Before the large beast could reach him, the man leapt through the portal.

It was raining there. It wasn't long before his hair was soaking wet from droplets of rain. The portal leading back into the fiery world was still open however. Seeing this, the man turned and rushed down the streets of the human city, keeping a tight hold of the orb as the being inside moved about. He knew what he had to do even if he didn't want to admit it. It would be needed if she was going to stay safe. He quickly moved to one of the human homes and bent down to place the large orb down. When he did, it changed into nothing but a little wooden basket with a baby inside. It was sleeping peacefully, but soon it would be awoken as the beast of nine tails drew closer.

The man that had brought the babe to safety turned to the beast and changed forms until he looked just like the thing he had been running from. Only person saw the two of them fight that night. The human drew them as they reached the grassy area surrounding the city, looking up every now and again until he got a good idea about what they looked like. That was seventeen years ago.

The only reminder of what happened that night was a drawing displayed in the local art museum that the senior class happened to be visiting that day. Given that they happened to be in the same city didn't make it much of a good field trip, but as long as they weren't doing work it seemed as though none of the students were going to complain. Watching the class from the back were two of the school's teachers; Nozomu Takeda and Daichi Mikami. Takeda was the English teacher for both the 11th and 12th graders while Mikami was a Chemistry teacher. Both where well known in the community, Takeda strange because of his youthful appearance and white hair while Mikami was just thought of as a angry person because of the usual frown he has on his face.

One female who attends both their classes has a unknown past. All her family knows is that she was found at their doorstep the same night the drawing was made. As soon as her eighteenth birthday passes, strange things start to happen around her. Shadows are seen out of the corner of her eyes but when she turns there is nobody. When she finds herself alone it seems as though somebody is watching her. Then it happens. A strange creature appears before her and tries to kill her. Before they can however, both of these teachers appear wearing traditional Japanese garments. This isn't the strangest thing though. It's the fact that both have horns sticking out of their foreheads and swords in their hands, cutting down the demon before it can harm her.

Unfortunately, neither wants to fill her in as to why these beings are attacking her. Others in the city start to notice strange happenings as well. It isn't until there's a earthquake that both are open with her, telling her that she is the only one who has the power to either destroy Satan himself. Well, that or even take his power. The tell her the bad side of this of course, that demons are attacking her in hopes of being able to eat her and take her hidden power for themselves. And, though both appear to be helping her, one has his own ulterior motives.

((This is a bit of a different way to do things, but I want to try it. And, no, I'm not going to tell my roleplay partner which is evil.))

The World After
Setting: Supernatural Futuristic
Pairing: (m)Arch-Demon x (f)Half-succubus
Range: Noncon to Extreme
Plot vs Smut: 50/50
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Story behind it
The war between angels and demons was fought, but it didn't come out to a stalemate for once and angels didn't win. The demons won. For years, they flooded out of hell and into the realm that humans called home for so many years. When they came, the humans could do nothing against these strange creatures. They feared them instead and all who did try to fight were soon killed, making any and all resistance appear futile. Whether they wanted to or not, humans had to accept the fact that demons were just better than them. Maybe the creatures didn't use "weapons of mass destruction" or even a simple pistol, but these things couldn't kill an army of them no matter how much the humans tried to fight.

That is why, 200 years later, the world has been changed. Zoos are no longer a things and the animals that were once within have moved to places they can survive in, needing to now live side-by-side with the demonic creatures the humanoid demons brought up with them. Schools aren't something for the humans, only for the demons who want to learn a thing or two about the past of their kind or just to learn how to fight. It is usually the children of archdemons that are allowed to go to school, and they are taught how to lead an army during times of war. The cities have been destroyed and burned years ago and the time in which humans ruled this earth has become nothing more than a story.

The humans live in nothing more than villages that are maintained by lesser demons. Each continent is ruled by an archdemon, of which there are always seven. The archdemons are usually bored things, and so they have each decided that a contribution of some kind is meant to be given from each village at least once a year. Most of the offerings are nothing more than food grown by the humans themselves. They have forgotten years ago about being great beings.

Your character is one of those archdemons. As always, on the last day of October, it is time for the villages within his domain to bring a offering to him. There isn't anything unusual about anything that day, until it seems as though one of the village representatives didn't come for once. It isn't until late that they arrive, once he has grown angry with impatience. They finally come, four men leading an ox that is pulling a cage. Within is a succubus woman. It is the first time that such a thing ever happened. He takes the offering but kills the humans that brought her anyway. He keeps her, deciding to use her as a slave for his enjoyment.

My Character
Name: Nadira Stern
Age: 20
Breed: Half-Succubus
Family: Mother - Dead
            Father - Might still be alive
About her: Virgin - Yes, her mother did well to keep her from having sexual contact with anyone and anything.
                Fears - Heights, spiders, and rodents
                Likes - Anything that taste sweet
History: There isn't much to say about her. She spent much of her life in the mountains with her mother, hidden away because the woman feared what would happen if others found out that a human gave birth to an incubus's child. The mother died once while going out to try and find food for her and her daughter.

             Nadira stayed in the home for many days before trying to go out and find herself some food. By then, she was so hungry that she raided a village. It kept going on into the next year. She would go into the village during the night, the hellhounds guarding the area leaving her be since they could feel the power in her. She killed their cattle, partook of the food meant to sustain them until the next year. One day, she ate a plant that had been poisoned and fell asleep. They captured her during that time and locked her in a cage. One demon tried to confront her but was killed. So, they let her starve, bringing her to the brink of death and only giving her water so that she would continue to live. That's how she is when they bring her to the archdemon, unable to fight because of the lack of nutrients and wishing for some kind of release.

Where this can go
1) The archdemon that is her father comes around and recognizes that Nadira is his daughter because her scent is similar to his own. He is angered over the fact that another has been using his daughter and demands that YC hands Nadira over to him. YC doesn't however and the angry archdemon declares war on him.

2) The angels aren't gone yet. They are still around but growing in numbers. They start by attacking the archdemon, an entire army against him and his servants (which consist of both demons and humans). The battle doesn't end well and they have to flee to another continent. Despite this, during the war that ensues he is in command of a fleet, keeping her around so that she can give messages to commanders within the demonic army, forcing her to get over her fear of heights at the same time. During a battle that she witnesses, he is seriously wounded and his fleet is taken captive. Will she risk her life for the demon that enslaved her or join the angels in hopes that she can live peacefully?

3) This would be with your character as an angel instead of a demon. The angel is one of many about to overthrow the demon that currently has my character in his possession. Instead of killing her, he takes her with him once he sees how much she doesn't want to be there. She soon finds that the angel isn't nearly as good as he ought to be. If it wasn't for his species then he would be exactly like the demon she was given to.

4) Of course, it can always go to the archdemon starting to train her to be a good slave for him. He starts to breed her. Any children are taken away to be raised by others.
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Taken Ideas
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This is where anything that is "taken" or no longer available goes.

Anything to Appease
Setting: Modern but away from Civilization
Pairing: (f)Monster Girls x (m)...Something (whatever you think of)
Range: Noncon to Extreme
Plot vs Smut: 40/60
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Their land was far from the civilization that is now China, Japan and America. Their little island is located between Japan and America, closer to Hawaii but still unknown. They lived in what is called the "Bermuda Triangle" of the Pacific. Radio waves are blocked in that area, satellites can't see what lies there no matter how long they stay in a single position, and all who enter do not return. So, nobody knows about the strange females who live there. They are ebony skinned beauties, slender after years of needing to move about each month just to follow the animals they hunt. The strangest of them all is their new leader, a young woman of eighteen with blonde hair and bright yellow eyes. She is the shaman of their people, the one they all go to with each big problem so she might ask their god. And do they have a big problem. There are no men.

With there being no males about and the females, of course, growing concerned about their dwindling numbers the shaman goes out of her way to make it to the mainland of the civilized land.

Once she reaches the new land, she sets out to find a suitable male for all of the women on her island. She knows that it is her duty to chose a man right for such an honor, one who is fit enough to please multiple women in a day (hopefully) and who seems to be fertile enough to impregnate them. In days, she finds a suitable male. She tries her best to sway him and in the end does nothing more than puts him to sleep with a spell.

He soon finds himself is in the middle of their modest village, surrounded by females with barely anything covering their bodies and each wants him for their own. Neither is what she seems, each with a strange curse from the land that they lived on.

((I wouldn't mind having a Marvel character or someone from X-men be the male taken by her.))
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