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July 23, 2017, 03:59:43 AM
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Author Topic: Sweet Young Thing and the Big Guy  (Read 453 times)

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Offline BitterSweetTopic starter

Sweet Young Thing and the Big Guy
« on: January 17, 2015, 10:16:43 AM »
Goodness my friends!  Closed while I take a look at the current contenders!

So.  Basically, thatís what Iím looking for; my character is some version of a sweet young thing Ė naÔve perhaps, inexperienced, vulnerable, petite and otherwise ripe for the plucking.  Your character is the Big Guy Ė older, wiser, dominant, experienced, harsher, and bigger in a variety of ways ;)

Iím not looking for a hugely complex storyline (RL is being difficult for me) and I am looking for a high smut ratio.  However, I still want decent, descriptive writing, a somewhat imaginative partner who is not passive in moving the story forward.  Weekly posting rate is preferred, as I canít post daily.

What Iím looking for smut-wise:

Power dynamic/semi-to-non consent (which will shift to consent): Your character is taking advantage of mine in some way; physical, for one, perhaps an abuse of authority, or trust (my fatherís best friend? The guard who is supposed to protect me?), and my wishes in the matter are only a nice condiment, not a deciding factor in what you want.  However, Iím not looking for physically brutal rape - some force, yes, black eyes, no.  More Ďno-no Ö. oh, oh, oh!í
Sexual education: Your character intends to give me a very thorough sexual education, teaching me the inís and outs (and ins) of sex.  This also includes assertive, vigorous sex Ė fuck me against the wall, over a table, make be beg you to stop Ö then beg you to keep going.  Teach my character how to deep throat that big cock of yours, give me a sound spanking to warm me up.  My character may be emotionally unsure, but this is the best sex of her life!
BDSM: collars, leashes, spankings, bondage, gags Ö all sorts of naughty ways to show me my characterís place in your life.
Public sex/exhibitionism: part of the culture, or violating social norms Ė either way, my character will be used, shamed, exposed, and youíll take your pleasure whenever and however you wish.
Gangbangs/multiple partners:share me with your friends!  Trade my booty for some booze!  Glory holes especially enjoyed.
Anal:  I donít think I can emphasize this enough.   Anal sex should be enthusiastically enjoyed.
Emotional connection: Sure, you've got me chained to your bed but that doesn't mean you don't like (or even love) my character.  There needs to be some emotional connection between our characters that isn't hate or contempt.
Other kinks: bring 'em on!  I'm pretty flexible.

Story seeds:

Sweet Young Thing and the End of the World: the end of the world is arriving; ecological collapse, plague, alien invasion, nuclear war, (basically, anything but zombies) and weíre two survivors.  My dying father begged you to protect me, and youíve taken on the task.  You know exactly what to do with a sweet young thing like me, and intend to shape me into a submissive, slutty sex pet.  You're a hard man and you'll use me hard, and perhaps you'll share me with your buddies too.  This can be a fantasy version too: dying ruler, pretty princes, barbarian/orc/etc.

Sweet Young Thing Believes in You: You're an ex-con, just out of prison for a crime you Ö didn't commit, honest.  Years behind bars made you a hard, dangerous man.  I'm the girl next door who, against all the odds, seemed to like you, even believed there was something worthwhile in you.  You've come to get the girl who remembered you when everyone else turned away.  You care about me (obsessively?? love?? think I'm in danger because of you??) but that care means ... you'll take me and treat me the way a girl like me should be treated; a pretty little slut to fuck and use to make up for all those years without a girl.  This can involve kidnapping!  Or, perhaps a space or fantasy version - you were exiled from your homeland to a brutal place due to politics and now you're back.

Oh!  Please use PMs, not this thread to reply.
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