Sweet Young Thing and the Big Guy

Started by BitterSweet, January 17, 2015, 10:16:43 AM

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So.  Basically, that’s what I’m looking for; my character is some version of a sweet young thing – naïve perhaps, inexperienced, vulnerable, petite and otherwise ripe for the plucking.  Your character is the Big Guy – older, wiser, dominant, experienced, harsher, and bigger in a variety of ways ;)

I’m not looking for a hugely complex storyline (RL is being difficult for me) and I am looking for a high smut ratio.  However, I still want decent, descriptive writing, a somewhat imaginative partner who is not passive in moving the story forward.  Weekly posting rate is preferred, as I can’t post daily.

What I’m looking for smut-wise:

Power dynamic/semi-to-non consent (which will shift to consent): Your character is taking advantage of mine in some way; physical, for one, perhaps an abuse of authority, or trust (my father’s best friend? The guard who is supposed to protect me?), and my wishes in the matter are only a nice condiment, not a deciding factor in what you want.  However, I’m not looking for physically brutal rape - some force, yes, black eyes, no.  More ‘no-no …. oh, oh, oh!’
Sexual education: Your character intends to give me a very thorough sexual education, teaching me the in’s and outs (and ins) of sex.  This also includes assertive, vigorous sex – fuck me against the wall, over a table, make be beg you to stop … then beg you to keep going.  Teach my character how to deep throat that big cock of yours, give me a sound spanking to warm me up.  My character may be emotionally unsure, but this is the best sex of her life!
Multiple Orgasm/Sexual Exhaustion: make my character come ... and come and come, until she's wailing and overwhelmed and still can't stop.  This can include drugs/aphrodisiacs to make me horny and desperate
BDSM: collars, leashes, spankings, bondage, gags … all sorts of naughty ways to show me my character’s place in your life.
Sex toys and wicked devices: anal beads, nipple clamps, fucking machines, sybian saddles ... the options are endless
Public sex/exhibitionism: part of the culture, or violating social norms – either way, my character will be used, shamed, exposed, and you’ll take your pleasure whenever and however you wish.
Gangbangs/multiple partners:share me with your friends!  Trade my booty for some booze!  Glory holes especially enjoyed.
Anal:  I don’t think I can emphasize this enough.   Anal sex should be enthusiastically enjoyed.
Emotional connection: Sure, you've got me chained to your bed but that doesn't mean you don't like (or even love) my character.  There needs to be some emotional connection between our characters that isn't hate or contempt.
Other kinks: bring 'em on!  I'm pretty flexible.

Story seeds:

Sweet Young Thing Learns from The Best
YC is a strict, demanding, experienced dom - either in an AU where BDSM is part of society or you’re part of an international underground community (think: John Wick but BDSM instead of assassins).  MC has been delivered to you so that I can be properly trained, becoming an eager, slutty, submissive pet for some rich, lazy jerk who can’t be bothered to train me themselves.  Awkward fact: YC knew mine when they were younger and YC had a thing for mine, though never acted on it (and the unspoken feelings were reciprocated).  Maybe you’ll keep me for yourself and nevermind the consequences!
Additional kinks: sex toys, fucking machines, pain play, training scenarios

Sweet Young Thing joins the Army!

In some future AU, YC is a veteran of the Space Military and, as such, received some medical treatment that mixed in alien/animal/other DNA that resulted in ... changes that make many people uncomfortable.  You’ve returned home, found you’re not exceptionally welcome - except by MC who seems determined to be friendly and sweet and ... so tempting.  YC deserves something for all the sacrifices they made and MC is just the thing.
Additional kinks: alien/animal characteristics, unusual cocks, possible pregnancy/breeding

Sweet Young Thing meets Aliens!
MC is a naïve daughter of some space bureaucrat, a tragic shipwreck sends her into unknown, alien space where she is rescued/found by YC - a previously unknown alien species.  YC sees all sorts of ... potential in MC, mainly around all those wonderfully welcoming holes, soft curves, and strangely enticing alien looks.  YC will train and use me, treat me as little more than an exotic (and erotic) pet, and inflict alien desires on MC’s nubile flesh.  The more alien YC is/looks the better - no space elves, please.
Additional kinks: alien sex, strange/unusual cocks, public nudity, pet play, possible pregnancy/breeding

Sweet Young Thing Believes in You: You're an ex-con, just out of prison for a crime you … didn't commit, honest.  Years behind bars made you a hard, dangerous man.  I'm the girl next door who, against all the odds, seemed to like you, even believed there was something worthwhile in you.  You've come to get the girl who remembered you when everyone else turned away.  You care about me (obsessively?? love?? think I'm in danger because of you??) but that care means ... you'll take me and treat me the way a girl like me should be treated; a pretty little slut to fuck and use to make up for all those years without a girl.  This can involve kidnapping!  Or, perhaps a space or fantasy version - you were exiled from your homeland to a brutal place due to politics and now you're back.

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