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Author Topic: From the Depths of Rhapsody's Mind: Ideas  (Read 798 times)

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Offline RhapsodyTopic starter

From the Depths of Rhapsody's Mind: Ideas
« on: October 09, 2008, 05:38:00 PM »
Following this post is a list of ideas I've been considering for short stories, game seeds for various roleplaying systems and the odd concept that crosses my mind.  Any and all titles are working unless otherwise specified.  If any of these ideas catch your attention, by all means feel free to FPM or IM me to discuss them. 

Piracy on the High Seas - MUL
A pirate and his lady, whether willing or otherwise.  Anything from a historically accurate pirate to a fantasy elven swashbuckler to Captain Jack Sparrow himself.  For this, I personally would prefer to play the lady, who can either be a proper lady taken prisoner to be ransomed off to her father later or a pirate herself.  For this type of scenario, I'd want high adventure, hijinx on the open sea and steamy romance to top it all off.

The Wyld Hunt - MUL
It's no great secret I love Exalted, and to some extent mixing the different breeds of Exalts.  While I'm iffy on playing or running Abyssals, any other type is pretty much kosher.  A Lunar running away from the Wyld Hunt and quite literally falling into the arms of her former Solar mate, a Dragon-Blooded who participates in the Wyld Hunt only to find her (or him) self falling head over heels for the target, even a Gold (or Bronze, to mix it up somewhat) Sidereal reluctantly trying to help one of the Anathema escape because Heaven told them to, only to become quite fond of their unwanted charge... All this and more would appeal.

Post-Apocalyptica - NC to EX
Desperate times, handful of people still alive, all that jazz.  In this vein, something akin to the Matrix movies, Tabula Rasa or Hellgate, complete with demons, machines and aliens threatening the very survival of humankind.  This does not have to be consensual either, as people will supposedly have degenerated into a "the strong dominate" sort of mentality.

My Fairest Lady - VAN and/or NC-H  Taken
Set in medieval times, a virginal lady finds her passion with ... an undecided gent.  A brigand, a highwayman, a noble knight.  Whatever you want.  Something about shredding petticoats and tearing corsets from heaving bosoms appeals to me lately.  Consent is not required for this story, especially if it deals with the more roguish type of male characters.

Possession Is Nine Tenths... - NC to EX  Taken
This one is rather sketchy for me, but I do want to explore the scenario somewhat.  An evil sonuvabitch who takes possession of someone relatively innocent for nefarious purposes.  This would be a game where I want my character broken to the role of pet and slave, but not completely destroyed.  There are a lot of gaming systems, including Changeling the Lost, that this could work for, or a freeform scenario works just fine too.

Pretty In Pink - EX, F/F
Lisa was an average wallflower in high school, who some people liked and most people didn't really think about, until she did a good deed for an old lady, who in turn granted her any one wish she wanted in the whole world.  What Lisa really wanted was to be popular, popular enough to have an unforgettable date for the prom coming up in a couple of weeks.  But you know what they say about no good deed going unpunished... Lisa finds herself in a world of trouble, with the cruellest (and most popular) girl in school now relentlessly stalking her.  Perhaps she should have been more clear when she said "unforgettable".
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Offline RhapsodyTopic starter

Re: From the Depths of Rhapsody's Mind: Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2008, 02:08:14 PM »

Added Pretty In Pink, and category tags to each seed.

Updated Possession is Nine Tenths... and My Fairest Lady as taken.
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Offline Ashleebabe

Re: From the Depths of Rhapsody's Mind: Ideas
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2008, 01:16:40 AM »
Hello there,

Do you play male characters or female?

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Re: From the Depths of Rhapsody's Mind: Ideas
« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2008, 07:38:10 AM »
I'm more comfortable playing female roles, but with the right character and context, I can play men as well.

Offline Ashleebabe

Re: From the Depths of Rhapsody's Mind: Ideas
« Reply #4 on: October 14, 2008, 02:23:46 PM »
In a romanatic setting would you be able to play males