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Author Topic: Looking for partners for RP  (Read 634 times)

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Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

Looking for partners for RP
« on: January 16, 2015, 02:01:54 PM »

I am looking for one or two Rps at the moment and I will be on the slow side, slower on some days, due to RL family induced BS and among other things.

General Notes

-I play multiple characters, prefer M\M and play primarily anthros though I do play the occasional human though they always have an anthro partner since I find human character only RP boring
-Pique my Interest. I find it rather disheartening opening a PM and there's a one line response to my request thread.
-I strongly favor AU's and Crossovers.
-I like OOC chats, so even if you just want to pm me and say hi, feel free to do so
-I do not Rp over e-mail. I RP only on forums and IM is reserved for plotting and the like. I only RP on IM with people I know well
- I need a partner who is willing to communicate and add to a story instead of making me do all the work
-Never use the 'but I don't know anything about the fandom' excuse around me. I get it so often its irritating. Almost all my fandom characters are from AUs or they are head canons so there's really no need to know much if anything about the fandom they come from since its AU it can be changed how we see fit.

General Likes

_Walking Dead AU.
-Walking Dead cross over.
-Last of Us Au.
-Last of Us cross over.
-Five Nights at Freddy's. I'm a huge fan of it since it
-Transformers Prime
-Anthro cyborgs
-Darker plots and themes
-Anthros, real anthros, not humans with animal ears and tails
-Abuse Of Trust

Things I have no interest in

-Humans with animal ears and tails
-any school based
-human character only RP
-One liners

A story that you're interested in NOT listed?

If we share interests then send me one of your ideas. I have currently only a few ideas at the moment but I'm willing to hear your ideas. Anything involving Five Nights at Freddys WILL catch my attention.

Humanity's last stand

Walking Dead Au. The dead are not staying dead and instead are getting up and walking around. And they are hungry. It doesn't matter if its human or aniaml they will try to eat it, driven only by very basic instincts. Cities have been abandoned since they have become nests for infection. And the dead are not the only issue, rape, murder, theft, starvation and worse all await the survivors.

I'm looking for a partner to play a fellow survivor to join a group of three, two of which won't be human or join my head canon Daryl and his companion. There's no need to be concerned about the fandom my characters come from since its AU

Truth or Dare

During the apocalypse, there were two kinds of people that could be put into two categories, the practical and impractical. Practical people did practical things. They looked for safe places, they gathered food that could be kept for long periods of time and gathered useful supplies and weapons. Impractical people, how ever, did impractical things. They looted stores for useless cash and electronics, they build stockpiles of drugs, booze and junk food.

The house the group had stumbled on had once been home to very impractical people.

This would require you to play at least two characters. A group of four characters stumble across a house that belonged to impractical people, there's a stock pile of sugary junk food, lots of booze and largely useless junk. But its safe and secure. It leads to a drunk game of Truth and Dare that involves things like drunk lap dances and the like. And someone sleeps with someone else and walks up with them in their bed. This is were it gets a bit dark, more so if things were revealed during the little party that they character didn't want others to know and the like.

The Warehouse

Add in the local paper

Help Wanted at Funtronics Warehouse
Night Guard Shift from 11pm - 6am
Monday - Friday $8/hour
254st East Elm Street, inquire at the reception office

Not responsible fore death, injury or disembowelment

Funtronics, one of the largest robotics companies around that makes extremely complex high end animtronics and cyborgs for personal use, has a massive warehouse that takes up nearly a hundred acres. Inside is a labyrinth of towering shelves, piles of boxes and equipment. Night guards never seem to last long, a few weeks at the most. Among the hushed rumors of disappearances and locked rooms in the back and strange projects there are darker undertones of something that Funtronics is covering up.

The Dead Hours

WD AU, post apoc, survival, dark themes, cross over

Another story based RP. Midnight till dawn. Once considered the witching hours, its not considered to be the Dead Hours. Its that time of night when its the darkest and shadows are thier longest and deepest, concealing all manner of horrible things. And the Walkers are not the real monsters, the living are. The things the living due in the Dead Hours often go unseen by prying eyes.

Places like Alexandra are not exception..........what are its citizens up to during the Dead Hours? Sleeping, planing, or something less.....wholesome. Prying eyes and the curious who go around sticking their nose into places they are not meant to be could end badly for someone

Don't Mind me

FNaf Au, futuristic, human, anthro cyborg

Inspired by my  wonderfully creepy avatar. Your characters gender doesn't matter through I do prefer M\M. I'm looking for a character is largely a loner, is socially awkward, doesn't form close attachments to friends and may even 'sleep around' but its more like mutual sex then anything. As to why your character is such a loner that's up to you. May be they had something happen int heir past that makes it hard for them to trust or open up to others.

Your character either stumbled across something at an abandoned location or got something at an auction, something that needed some major work but your character is up for it. Far as your character knows, mine is harmless, inert, non functioning at them moment and is a bit creepy. And doesn't know his darker nature or his origins. But hey, he's someone your character can talk to with no fear of judgement and feel a little less lonely. Unknown to your character, mine is very much awake and capable of moving about and what not, he only hides that fact and hides it well. 

While his 'master' is gone he uses the computer and the like, figuring out where he's at and trying to figure out what happned to him. When your character realizes that the thing they brought home is not only awake but self aware, things should get interesting. Its mostly a bare bones idea.

My FNaF only ideas.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
sooo many ideas...........I'll just post the ones that are at the top of my head.

-Its the Golden Years. Early in the restaurants history. Spring Bonnie and Fredbear are innocent naive things that are not aware of the dark days rapidly approaching. After the bite involving the bullies basically shoving the poor crying kids head into Fredbears mouth, the restaurant shut down and is bought out by a competitor. Its in this new restaurant where the killings happen but not by the Purple Man. its Fredbear himself that kills the kids. The PM is just some poor bastard who was the head guard at the time who found the remains of the poor kids and tried to save them. Since he had blood on him the orginal crew automatically thinks HE'S the one who killed him and attack him. He survives but can't tell any one about what really happned due to the company lawyer forcing him to sign papers.

Not that it will stop him from hiring a private detective to investigate the restaurant. As for Fredbear AKA Golden Freddy, he's a changed bear. He's become moody, with drawn, lashes out at times.

There's a lot of potental for it to go all manner of directions


I came up with this when the first spoilers for FNaF three came out. Instead of Springtrap, in my head canon is was Bonnie who was in the Fazbear Frights. A chewed up, scruffy looking Bonnie. He's handled the whole thing rather well. Its a toss up if the owner of the small time cheap carnival that is compromised of cheap flat rides and crooked games is aware of what he has or not. If he knows that he has a sentient being on his hands, no doubt he will exploit the rabbit to the fullest. Whether Bonnie likes it or not.


After the second restaurant shut down, not all the Toys were desotryed. One survived thanks to Bonnie's carefully thought out if not complex plan of using the large shipping crates to hide him so Toy Bonnie ends up being shipped to the new restaurant. When night falls Bonnie helps him out of the crate and since the toy animtronic is shorter and lighter he can hide all manner of places his heavier counter parts can't.

Needless to say Freddy is not happy about the sitation at all.
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Offline cookierulz127

Re: Looking for partners for RP
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2015, 03:42:46 PM »
I would like to do a roleplay with you based on an obessive relationship.

Offline Smoketail

Re: Looking for partners for RP
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2015, 09:43:44 PM »
I'd be up for doing something with anthros, if you're still doing stuff.

Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

Re: Looking for partners for RP
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2015, 11:00:41 AM »
Completely forgot about this. Did some very heavy editing and added a lot of new stuff