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Started by Malrunar, January 15, 2015, 01:36:28 AM

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I miss writing. I don’t do it nearly as often as I used to, but I try to find the time at least once a week. My life is pretty busy; I work six-days-a-week and try to tackle the daily chores on my one day off, meanwhile balancing a social-life in between and possibly dabbling in some video games when I’m not exercising. There are never enough hours in a day when you need them, is there?

Yet here I am, updating my Ideas list, hoping to fall in love with another plot that gives me something to mull over in the back of my head when I’m able to lose myself in my thoughts at work. Is there a word for that? There should be.

For those interested in writing with me, please possess the following:-

1. The ability to add to the story, rather than just follow along. I love it when my co-authors throw in creative curve-balls or contribute to the story in other ways. I hate having to kite-along my partner the entire time and be the only one progressing the plot.

2. Literacy. No one here is perfect. There are some fantastic writers on this site, and many I’m pleased to be partners with, however, writing-style plays a crucial part in all of this. I suppose I find myself losing interest in a story when teamed with a writer I’m not compatible with and struggle to interpret their words. Please don’t take this personally, we’re all adults here, and we all have our preferences.

3. Patience. This is pretty damn important. I work a lot. It’s a stressful job in a clinic setting and when I get home I’m so burnt out at times that just sitting on the couch and staring off into space is the most I can make myself do until I crawl into bed. The story is still going to be there, I’ll give you a warning if I’m thinking my absence is going to span past a week, but please don’t badger me because you’re impatient or bored.

4. Proper grammar. Again, this doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m not. I don’t expect yours to be. But that “l33t” speak, or whatever it’s called, drives me insane. Seriously… what the hell is that stuff?

Feel free to PM me with any interest you may have regarding my suggestions. PLEASE don’t post in this thread, especially since I asked so nicely! It’s rude, it tells me you didn’t read what I wrote here, (which suggests how little such individuals will pay attention to the story) and quite frankly I like to keep things neat and organized.

Now on to the good stuff…



It seems to be a universal method here on E, so I’ll do the same. I’ll indicate the role that *I* would like to play with a star, but I’m usually willing to negotiate! Some of these will be vague categories, others will be pre-existing from comic books or something of a similar feel. So, In no particular order…

Batman // OC*
Nightwing // OC*
Wolverine // OC*
Kurama // OC* (Haha… I admit this is a LONG shot, but hey… a girl can still dream! I feel no shame.)
Robin Hood // OC*
Secret Agent // OC* (I’m a total sucker for this kind of scenario)
Vampire // Human* (… and for this one…)
Shifter // Human* (… yup… this one too.)
Mercenary // Princess*
Monster // Human*
Drow // Human*
Elf // Human*



These aren’t solid plots… I suppose they’d be the seedlings; vague enough to grow up to be a story, yet it gives plenty of opportunity for us to prune and mold it how we see fit.

Mass Effect:- I’ve recently started to play this game… I’m in love. The story is pulling me in, the voice acting is phenomenal and I’ve found myself totally crushing on Garrus Varkarian with that delicious voice of his… so, you know, if anyone WANTED to play him that’d be cool by me. This could take place before the game, it could take place after, I’m content to discuss the timeline but please keep in mind that I’m only about a third of the way through (I think?) of the 1 game. No spoilers please!

Science Fiction:- I’m a sucker for this genre recently. This can be anything from Firefly to an original setting. I just like the space-exploration, the aliens, the dangers, the unknown thrills and advancement of technology. Humans against Alien-assholes, a small group of rebels against a military force, survival on uncharted worlds or something as basic as a first contact… I’m a huge fan.

Pirates:- I had a vague idea for a while around this concept, something mixed between Water World (I don’t care what anyone says… I love that movie) and Pirates of the Caribbean. A notorious sea captain is on the hunt for a mystical treasure, but first must locate a special map, a map that is said to always be changing and is written on a canvas of flesh. Long, exhausting quests have turned up empty, until the captain finds himself in the company of a woman who possesses what he seeks; a map tattooed on her skin which fluxuates and moves according to her mood and the dangers she is in.