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Author Topic: Min's Fantasies (Detailed Sci-fi and Fantasy Plots!)  (Read 2525 times)

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Min's Fantasies (Detailed Sci-fi and Fantasy Plots!)
« on: January 14, 2015, 04:54:02 PM »
Let me draw your attention to my ons/offs thread in my signature

Table of Contents
1. Intro and General Info
2. Fleshed out Plots
3. Less Concrete Ideas
4. My Games

Search Level: Looking for one or two new games.

First off, Who I'm looking for:
- Your gender is unimportant to me. I just want a good writer and roleplayer.
- I like to play multiple characters in stories. I'd generally like a partner to also be able to play multiple characters, but I don't mind if they aren't comfortable playing a bunch of extra people.
- I am just as willing to play males as I am females, and don't have a preference between the two.
- I'll write any sort of gender pairing, but I tend to prefer having a variety of genders and sexualities.
- I usually respond at least every other day. If the posts are shorter and the mood strikes (as it often does) I'll post multiple times a day. If you want to do the same I'll be super happy. If not, I'll settle for 2-3 posts a week.
- I'd be cool if we could work together to figure out where a story is going.

A General Description of what I'm looking for:
- I like smut, but I like a good story more. I'll get bored if there's no story or character development. I'd say I average at a 50/50 plot to smut ratio depending on what my partners prefer and what the story calls for.
- I usually prefer a fantasy or historical setting. I can get behind some sci-fi settings. I usually have little interest in a mundane, modern setting.
- Especially if the setting I'm doing is really, really serious, I enjoy throwing in some dark/insane humor into the mix.
- Generally I'm more interested in doing long-term games.

PM If you're interested. Don't post here, pretty please.
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Re: Min's Fantasies
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2015, 08:03:58 PM »
Fleshed Out Plots:
Underlined are the characters I want to play.

Note: Again, I happily play male or female characters with a wide range of personalities and sexual preferences

Setting: Cyrodiil (From the Elder Scrolls Series - Can be adapted to Skyrim)
Theme: Begrudging partners turning into begrudging lovers as they try to stop a servant of the Daedric Prince, Boethiah from taking over Cyrodiil
Sexual Themes may (or may not) include one or more of the following: Corruption, Domination, Romance, Young/Old, Forbidden Love, multiple sexual partners, deflowering
Pairing: m/ f
Description: (Inspired by a one-off, short-term roleplay I did a couple years ago)
Bosmer and Dunmer
Fellow Mage ~

You have been tasked with a matter of the utmost discretion. It must be stressed that timing is of the essence! It has come to our attention that a certain member of the University, missing for quite some time, has recently surfaced north of Skingrad. We are led to believe that his research has caused him to be kidnapped by Goblins!

Your mission is to travel north of Skingrad to Goblin Jim's Cave and rescue this man; it is preferred that he is brought back alive, however if you are too late, you must bring back his body. This situation needs to be kept as quiet as possible.

Attached to this memo you will find additional information and details; remember, you have been selected for this endeavor and failure is not an option!


The Council of Mages

   At the beginning, this will be a fairly typical Oblivion cave raid, but it should become a much bigger threat to the realm once things are revealed. Overall, I hope it to be an entertaining romp through Cyrodiil, Skyrim, and perhaps even the Shivering Isles to meet Sheogorath as our characters unfold the story. I have a good portion of the plot fleshed out (except how well the main characters will get along – I'll let them decide that) so, if it suits your fancy, you are welcome to sit back and let the story unfold as your character(s) react to it. There will be room for creative input, such as additional characters, potential for other relationships, and subplots. At it's core, however, will be:

   My Character: A pretty Bosmer (wood elf) healer, alchemist, ranger woman who is extremely serious, practical, curious, and fairly wise in the ways of interpersonal relationships. She's just beginning her adventures into the world outside Imperial City and has a good foundation of academic knowledge of the world outside... and not much else. She is also a virgin, due to her previous shut-in nature and lack of interest in that subject. Her virginity does not define her, because she's not shy, innocent, or especially prudish.
   Your Character: A good-looking Male Dunmer (dark elf) more versed in the ways of the world outside cities. The only thing I require of him is that he's an abrasive asshole who harbors contempt for everyone who isn't dunmer. It would also be great if he were on the older side of young (~50 to 60 years old.) Anything else such as additional character traits, back story, and appearance would be up to you.

   PS: The Elder Scrolls games have a pretty all-encompassing wiki. I frequent this wiki when doing an ES game to check for accuracy in lore and item creation. Most if not all of what my characters do/see is strictly lore-friendly


Setting: Fantasy (maybe Steampunk)
Plot Theme: An uprising crime syndicate - rife with necromancy, body and mind-altering drugs, and kidnappings of nobles – needs to be apprehended.
Sexual Themes may (or may not) include one or more of the following: Romance, Light Bondage, dub-con, other kinks
Pairing(s): m/f - I want to play the dude.
In Search of Sundial
  Cast of Characters:
Charles Sundial, Gentleman Alchemist:

The youngest, most disappointing son of the High Noble Sundial family. He, much to the annoyance of his father, sets up an alchemy shop instead of joining the army abroad as his two older brothers did. Charles is the spitting image of his father; handsome, athletic, clever, and skilled with a rapier. He does not, however, share in his father's ruthlessness. He can be very rash in his anger, but is generally an honorable person with the best intentions. This is my character.
Theif: Until events that began at the docks, she's extremely self-serving. She doesn't mind a bit of murder if it puts money in her pocket. Usually she sticks to breaking and entering noble houses and rich shops for their money and shiny things. She's very good at disguise and prefers to live life as other people rather than herself. Background and other details are up to you.
Paladins: These two can be main characters, supporting characters, or just a couple people passing by. They can be male, female, human, non-human, etc. They can engage in (pally approved) sexy times or be totally against it.

The story:
   It begins with a battle on the docks. A major shipment has been disrupted and sailors are getting restless to the point of violence. A career thief (disguised as a boy) and a gentleman alchemist are there to break the fight up for their own reasons. A couple Paladins come. The sailors do not have a good time. The thief, seeing an opportunity, follows the alchemist back to his shop with the idea of stealing some of his expensive goods in mind. In a stroke of bad luck, she gets caught and her real gender is revealed.
   Events (to be determined) lead them to work together along with the aforementioned Pallys. They end up being forced under a recently (explosively) demolished church to clean up some undead. Relics are found to implicate the alchemist's father, a high noble, in the destruction of the church and the raising of undead. Then the adventure truly begins.

   I have a lot of plot ideas for this one; it shouldn't run out of things to do any time soon. This will (hopefully) be long-term.


Setting: Medieval Fantasy
Plot Theme: Multiple armies REALLY want to ruin the overworld's day
Sexual Themes may (or may not) include one or more of the following: Power Struggle, Forbidden love, Multiple Sexual Partners, Public Sex, Rough Sex, Romance, Dominant Female
Main Pairing: female drow / male human (or similar overworld race)
Ashyr's Dilemma
Cast of Characters:
Ashyr: A female drow ranger who was sent into the overworld to stir up trouble. This task suited her just fine, as she tends to be an... abrasive individual. She has unique morals, and will often become adamant about fulfilling imagined obligations. Usually, that's due to a question of loyalty or honor and has little to do with her being a good person. Ashyr is not a good person. She also takes a good long while to warm up to men emotionally, due to her upbringing steeped in misandry. She's very sexually motivated and not too picky about who she bumps uglies with. I'll be playing her.
Camp Guard: Just a charismatic guy protecting a traveling theatric troop. Who happens to keep a set of masterwork thief’s tools handy. He's extremely loyal – to the point where he'd risk his own life for his allies. Other details can be determined by you.

   After a couple years aboveground, Ashyr is given new orders to go into one of the main towns in the area to cause some havoc therein. On her trek there, she encounters the theatric troop and learns from them that it has gotten increasingly hard to get into the town she is bound for, but that the troop can usually get in. She joins as another guard. Her place in the troop is quickly sealed when she helps defend them from a few harpies.
   When they get to the town, the find the security has stepped up even more than before. All the extra people of the caravan whose numbers didn't show up in the registration get pulled to the temporary holding cells for questioning. Instead of letting Ashyr go and likely getting put in the permanent jail, the Camp Guard goes in her stead, pretending to be the extra guard. Everything goes pretty much to plan. That one act by the guard leads to a stirring of Ashyr's sense of honor. This triggers her to endeavor to try to one-up this man, which pulls her through the events of the land. That is, until something much more important happens that leads her to question her loyalties...

I've got quite a bit of story content for this that I haven't elaborated on, with many twists and turns of the plot. Sit back and (hopefully) enjoy the plot, or help me make it that much more convoluted, it's up to you!
Permanently Taken


Setting: Historical(ish) Late Middle Ages
Plot Theme: An ambitious woman is forced to seduce a broken and dangerous man
Sexual Themes may (or may not) include one or more of the following: Romance, Bondage, dub-con, Rough Sex, blackmail
Pairing: m/f - I don't care which role I play
Wild Boar
This was inspired by the Robin Hood Series with Richard Armitage as one of the villains.
  Cast of Characters:
Sir Guy of Gisborn: He recently discovered his love for Lady Marian would forever be unrequited, prompting him to kill her in a fit of shocked rage. His motives before that event were simple; marry the love of his life and gain wealth and prestige for himself and his family name. Unfortunately, his friends and upbringing has led him to be a cruel, violent man who thinks far too highly of himself. This was why Marian rejected him, professed her love for his mortal enemy, and felt compelled to rub it all in her face. This was why she had to die. But with her death came the death of his ambitions. He's now a brooding husk of a man.
Lady Sybil: She's a woman who always felt that she was destined for great things (or, more accurately, great possessions.) Unfortunately, her only outlet for that in her time period is to marry a powerful man. This does not go well for her. Despite her devious cleverness, she failed spectacularly at winning the love of Prince John. Instead, she was taken as an 'involuntary houseguest' so that the Prince could use her skills of seduction for his own gains.

I can happily play either part.

The story:
   It all kicks off during the late fall at the castle of Prince John when Sir Guy has traveled after his ordeal. Sir Guy plans to winter there and return to his house and duties in the spring. To everyone else residing in the castle he is of very little importance, and therefore of very little interest. Prince John, however, has great plans for the man. It's well known, however, that Sir Guy can be very unpredictable and violent at inappropriate times – especially since he murdered Lady Marian. The clear solution is to give him another woman, one that would not leave him for the man he thoroughly despises. He spurns the first couple of young girls thrown his way, each fleeing the castle in fear of him. Thus, Prince John decides to bring out the big guns. Lady Sybil. He orders her to seduce and marry him, though she must not tell Sir Guy of her involvement with Prince John, and she must at least appear to love him back. That was where the other women had failed.
   Lady Sybil is very capable of this task, though it's pretty much the last thing she would ever want to do. She begins the game not at all attracted to the brooding Sir Guy, and rightfully very afraid of him. Rumors about what he did to the last woman he loved had emerged by this time. She doesn't have much of a choice. The Prince threatened to kill her if she didn't do as she was asked.
   Will the lady fail at her task and either run away or die? Or will she succeed and go to Sherwood forest to help her dangerous husband eradicate the vigilantes?

   This can go anywhere from medium to long term. I have plot ideas for if/when everyone goes back to Sherwood and would love to work out more story with whomever is interested.

   This is based off the Robin Hood series and would happen right after the events of the second season. My partner doesn't have to watch or be familiar with it at all. I can't recommend the show unless you're a big Richard Armitage fan (the series is what taught me to love him, but I couldn't stand the protagonists.) All you need is a very casual familiarity with Robin Hood lore.


Setting: Pandora (Borderlands II)
Theme: A pair of vault/bounty hunters do odd jobs around Pandora while dealing with one partner's crippling insanity.
Sexual Themes may (or may not) include one or more of the following: Bondage, pain, rough sex, female dominant, danger. This could run anywhere between bondage and extreme.
Pairing: Krieg and Maya
Description: Video Inspiration , Picture 1, Picture 2
A Meat Bicycle Built for Two
   Krieg: A man driven completely insane by the unforgiving creatures and animals of Pandora. He's now a violently (and often humorously) insane psycho with an inner voice that more or less keeps him from murder-raping his companions with moderate success. Both he and his voice are completely enamored with Maya when he first sets eyes on her.
   Maya: A siren with a magical ability to restrain people at will, a talent that turns out to be incredibly useful when her new companion gets a little... out of hand. She can be a carbon-copy of the Maya from Borderlands II, or you can give her her own personality and backstory.

  The two characters meet just like they do in the video. Here's a quick summary if you can't watch it: Both are wandering through the wastelands and encounter each other at a small train station. Thinking he's a run-of-the-mill psychopath moments away from running at her screaming horribly violent and often nonsensical things (to be fair, he did claim that he was the conductor of the poop train,) Maya opens fire at him and forces him to take cover. What she doesn't notice is the pack of slightly mutant scavengers coming up behind her. Krieg notices them, though. Just before she gets shot in the head by one of them, he throws his chainsaw axe just past Maya and kills her would-be murderer. Together they proceed to take out the scavengers. By the end of the fight, Maya has also saved Krieg from death.
  The game would start sometime after this moment. Kreig decided that he wants to work with Maya, and she decides to let him. They form a strange bond that turns physical. Since Kreig is too insane to completely trust – especially at the beginning – their sexual interactions have to be done while he's tied up or otherwise incapacitated. It can just be as simple as that, or they can get a lot more... creative.
  When they're not getting naked together, they take up bounties and other quests the citizens of Pandora give them. They could be just a bunch of random and unconnected events, or we can make up a more concrete plot. It will be either after the events of Borderlands 2 or be in an alternate universe where things don't happen like they did in the game.


Setting: Star Wars ep. 7 
Plot Theme: Light and Dark are forced to get along to survive
Sexual Themes may (or may not) include one or more of the following: Bondage, dub-con/non-con, corruption, romance, sexy force powers
Pairing(s): Kylo Ren / Rey
You Need a Teacher
  Cast of Characters:
Kylo Ren / Ben: The unstable, confused son of Han and Leia. He thinks he's carrying on the good work of his grandfather, and that the Dark Side is the only way to true power. But there's still light in him, something that he hates and struggles with every day.
Rey: Not even a padawan yet, but clearly strong with the force. She's stubborn, self-reliant, and desperate to get back with her family who left her when she was a child.

I'd happily play either character.

The story:
   This would happen immediately after the scene where Kylo gets in Rey's face and tells her that she needs a teacher. Except this time, when the world begins to crack beneath them, the two of them are not conveniently separated. Rey does not safely fly away in the falcon. Instead, through sheer will, Kylo manages to subdue her and get her off of the planet before it implodes/gets replaced by the sun it just absorbed (perhaps with the help of a trooper pilot.) They end up stranded in the wilderness thousands of miles away from whatever civilization was on a habitable planet. Now they have to survive, and the only resources they have are each other and a broken-down ship.
   After this, I see it going two ways:
   Wonderfully cheesy romantic route: Kylo Ren finally collapses from blood loss due to him continuously punching the wound Chewy gave him. Rey can sense his inner turmoil and begrudgingly takes pity on him. She uses the skills she was forced to gain being self-reliant for so long and patches him up. With the powers of her healing and his strength in the force combined, Kylo Ren recovers. While they wait for this to happen, Rey works toward fixing their ship and Kylo Ren instructs her how to use the force. By the time they're ready to escape the planet, they've accidentally forged a Force-bond and become irreparably tied to each other mentally and emotionally. What happens next is up to them.
   Dark Route: Kylo Ren manages to keep Rey incapacitated long enough for him to recover. He then begins to slowly bring her to the dark side through a combination of physical and mental abuse. Her will is strong, but he eventually brings out her vulnerabilities from being left alone by her family. He turns that childhood injury to anger and hate. A Force-bond occurs here, too, but it's forced from Rey whether she likes it or not. When they finally escape the planet, Kylo Ren is determined as ever to finish Darth Vader's work, and Rey is finally willing to help him with that – as long as it helps her get revenge on the parents that left her.
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Re: Min's Fantasies [F looking for Any]
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2015, 02:21:18 PM »
None of my plots interest you? I'm happy to make things up as we go!

My Favorite Settings:
Red = Craving
The Elder Scrolls (Oblivion and Skyrim)
Middle Earth (LOTR)
Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
Alera (from the Codex Alera by Jim Butcher)
Mass Effect Universe
Fallout: New Vegas / Fallout 4
Generic Medieval/Renaissance Fantasy
Dresden Files Universe
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Star Wars Universe

Plot Bunnies and Random Inspirations:

- I've been really interested in the dynamic where both our characters really hate each other but are forced to work together. They constantly fight, which usually devolves into them trying to physically hurt each other. This, however, keeps leading to very unintentional intimacy, much to both of their chagrin. They finish, get up, brush themselves off, and go right back to hating one another.

- I want to play a game where the characters are pretty much conscripted/tricked into starting a brand new cult of The Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath. One represents Mania, the other Dementia. Mania is affably insane and quirky, Dementia is more of the tortured artist sort. I don't care which I play or what genders they are. Once their place is cemented within the cult and the Madgod, they go around Tamriel and spread the love *coughmadnesscough*

- Star Wars has been on the mind recently, and I want to do something just after the events of the sixth movie when Luke gets a chance to begin training the new generation of Jedi. One character is an impressionable wannabe Jedi with a kind heart and the other a hardened stormtrooper-turned-scoundrel that the aspiring Jedi discovers lost in the wilderness of the planet the new Jedi Order is training on. The renegade in their weakened state gets captured. The Order then sees an opportunity to use the renegade for their own gains. They have good information and could help with the training - whether the scoundrel likes it or not. I would play either role.

I'm also open to other ideas/plots. If you have an idea you think I'd like, let me know!

Some less concrete things I've been hoping to take a shot at:

- Arranged Marriage (For some reason I've never done this)
- Pirates! (sci-fi or more traditional, either sounds fun)
- Sheogorath / ?? (from Elder Scrolls lore, though this can be set anywhere because, you know, Sheogorath be crazy)
- Jedi / Sith
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Re: Min's Fantasies
« Reply #4 on: May 14, 2015, 01:03:24 PM »
UPDATED: Added more info, Added "Wild Boar" to my fleshed out plots, added a plot bunny section with three new ideas, updated my current games. Lots of new stuff to check out!

Also, I've been really inspired to write recently. Take that as you will.

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Re: Min's Fantasies (Detailed Plots Inside)
« Reply #5 on: July 23, 2015, 12:23:42 PM »
Update: Added "Meat Bicycle Built for Two"

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Re: Min's Fantasies (Craving some Mass Effect or Skyrim)
« Reply #6 on: October 14, 2015, 05:20:02 PM »
Looking for a couple new games! Some minor updates to the thread: cravings and such.

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Updated: Added "You Need a Teacher," edited a few things.

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Updated: Minor Edits. Looking for a couple new games!

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Re: Min's Fantasies (Detailed Sci-fi and Fantasy Plots!)
« Reply #9 on: August 01, 2016, 11:26:18 AM »
Updated: Minor Edits again. Looking for some active partners!