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Started by Brightsmile, January 14, 2015, 09:33:43 AM

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Hello  :-)

I’m looking for literate, initiative-taking and descriptive writers as I am one myself. Check out my On/Off to see if we’re compatible!

Sherlock [Johnlock]|Ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome
Vikings [Athelstan/Ragnar]|The Viking age
Supernatural [Destiel]|The Middle ages
Sons of Anarchy [Any pairing]|The Renaissance
Hannibal [Hannibal/Will]|The 18-19th century
Queer as Folk [Brian/Justin]|WWI & II
The Walking Dead [Any pairing]|Post-war Europe
Spartacus [Any pairing]|Russian & French revolution
|Present time

I’m more than happy to make up a plot together with you, but in case you’re curious, I’ve listed my current ideas below. These can be tailored after your liking and I’m all ears if you want to change things up. Ask for the full prompt if you’re interested as these are, believe it or not, just the shortened versions:

1. [Servant/Noble] 19-20th century.
During a party where few guests show up, a servant girl is ordered to act as a stand-in for a noble woman to fill out the crowd. But then the charade has to continue the next party, and the next. I imagine a rich, detailed 19-20th century setting, with massive three-story mansions, horse drawn cabs, night-long dinner parties, rustling dresses over corsets, gossiping and manipulation.

2. [MxM] Present time/post-war Europe.
A landlord’s son and a tenant share a balcony and spend their unemployed days in a luxurious, drunken haze, until the landlord returns and wants them both gone. Think of the word Epicurean – two males in unbuttoned shirts, dangling their feet from the balcony, a glass of red wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other, laughing when they accidentally spill onto some poor fellow down below, expensive cheese and figs for breakfast although neither can afford to pay the rent. Neither dares to come out as gay.

3. [Doctor/addict] Present time.
A nurse/doctor ends up comforting the same addict after multiple overdoses over a span of weeks. They barely talk but soon they start to recognize each other. Imagine the addict’s fear after waking up from being stomach pumped/being passed out, finding only a stranger in the room and clinging to that person for support. Then, when the addict is allowed to leave, he/she disappears for a long time – and the nurse/doctor doesn’t dare to hope that the addict will return, because that would mean another overdose. Think heavy emotions, suspense and a sense of belonging to one another.

4. [Prisoner/guard] Present time.
Prisoners overrun the prison by killing the guards – but one guard manages to save his life by hiding in a cell. He hasn’t noticed that a prisoner is inside the cell and is watching him. The prisoner doesn’t want more blood on his hands, but hiding the guard could put him in danger too. I’m thinking an imminent threat present at all times, the guard hidden underneath the bed, the electricity being cut and the two being alone in the dark, too frightened to speak to each other, the prisoner trying to scrape together food for the guard – whom everyone else is searching for.

5. [Sugar daddy/prostitute] Present time.
Neither wants a relationship. He wants someone to spoil and she wants to be spoiled. Then one night they run into his ex-wife, and since the prostitute wants to wipe the grin off of the ex-wife’s face, she says they’re a couple. The news spread like wildfire. I’m thinking a power struggle, as he’s possessive, whereas she wants to be independent. Luxurious settings like fine hotels and restaurants, obviously frequent sex scenes, you decide if things should take a more romantic, violent or complicated turn.

6. [Gladiator/noble woman] Survival and power struggle, Ancient Rome.
After years of spite towards her abusive husband, a noble woman has her gladiator kill him. But due to unforeseen witnesses of the crime, the woman can no longer blame the murder on the irrational blood thirst of a gladiator. Since she wouldn’t make it far alone, she flees together with the gladiator – who is not happy with her. Lots of orders, hatred and a power struggle as they flee through the beautiful Roman country side.

7. [Hostage/hostage taker] Viking story.
A young Viking builds a boat but it sinks. He’s rescued from drowning by his enemies, only to be taken hostage. His caretaker, about his own age, soon starts to trust him, and after discussing his failed boat with the caretaker, the Viking finds out how to build a functioning one. After abusing the caretaker’s trust, he manages to build a boat and sail back home. The caretaker is secretly happy about his escape. But will they meet again? The setting will be raw, grey and windy and wet like a Swedish beach in the fall/early winter and the Viking will be terrified, being constantly tormented by his enemies, finding comfort only in his caretaker – whom he then has to betray. Heavy on emotions and possibly violence.

8. Post-war Europe, around 1950. Student life.
A student, scarred from the past couple of years, decides to do everything in his power to avoid war, abuse and hatred. Then, during a drunken student party, plenty of his friends admit – over a game of truth or dare – to having abusive family members. The student decides to let them all move into his tiny student-loft to avoid the abuse. I’m thinking maybe 4-6 characters (2-3 each) that live a Spartan student life on the top floor of an old building, in a city that is slowly being rebuilt after the war. Some are traumatized and wake in the middle of the night, needing comfort, while others grow angrier by the day. Many potential outcomes.

9. [Prostitute/noble] Promiscuous noble woman, Ancient Rome.
Based off of the Roman woman Messallina: a Roman noble woman sneaks out each night to satisfy her bodily hunger at a brothel. But then someone recognizes her and accidentally spreads the news – leading to a huge scandal. She is forbidden to leave her home and her sexual appetite nearly drives her mad, when the person who spread the news comes to visit her to apologize.

Plots will be added/removed with time.  ::)
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