Over thirty and on the shelf...... From caterpillar to butterfly.

Started by Jester, January 12, 2015, 07:09:55 AM

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(Seeking single frumpy woman to turn into a sexual beauty! - Possible Extreme)

She was over thirty and past it. He could tell she had no self confidence and very little self esteem. She did nothing with her hair, she ate badly and dressed in clothes for comfort and not fashion. But the world had missed her beauty. They had missed the shining personality inside and the beauty that could be raised with a little work, attention and effort.

I want to play this ladies landlord who owns the house that she currently rents in. He see's her boring drab life and seeks to bring some excitement into it. So when tragedy befalls he seeks to help her. He helps her both financially but also sexually and helps her open up and turn into the butterfly that she really is.

She will be surprised at first at his interest and desperate for help she finds herself experiencing a world she never knew existed.

In return for his help she finds herself

1. Providing sexual services
2. Changing her image and wearing clothes he provides.
3. Dealing with the shock and surprise of her family and friends. .
4. Watching her landlord have sex with other people.
5. Answering the door to strangers and doing as they ask..

And so on...

I quite like the idea that she becomes besotted with this man who has seen through her frumpy shy exterior and she is prepared to do anything he asks.

1. I like the idea of her being prepared to change her physical appearance e.g. Becoming dressed and looking like a tart or perhaps a boy?
2. I want her to be prepared to humiliate and embarrass herself in front of work colleagues, friends and family and prepared to lose them.
3. She has a sexual awakening with nothing too taboo.

So at the end of the story she is very sexual person getting involved in lots and lots of sexual deviant activities!