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June 21, 2018, 03:56:11 AM

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Author Topic: Slasher Film Story: Love Beyond Hell (MxF)  (Read 269 times)

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Offline ManofDawnLightTopic starter

Slasher Film Story: Love Beyond Hell (MxF)
« on: January 12, 2015, 02:36:26 AM »

While I do already have a list of stories I'm interested in, this one of mine is something I'd like to play sometime soon.  It's just interesting to me in a way that I think could be fun.

Effectively, it's a Jason Voorhees story (Friday the 13th) with a few twists.  For one, I want it to be in Daytona Beach during Spring Break.  Two, my character will be similar but not exactly like Jason Voorhees.  Three (and arguably the biggest difference), the heroine of the story is to become the victim of sexual abuse and NOT KILLED.

So here's the story...

It was during the Great Depression, and everyone was scraping along just to stay alive.  My character was a giant for his time (2.5 Meters tall) and the best construction worker at the time.  Of course not much construction was being done, but wherever it was, he was involved in it.  One particular job was on the premises of a very wealthy family with a young and beautiful daughter.  The daughter was tired of her life being controlled by her father, and she wanted to escape before she was forced to marry an old and evil moneyman.  When the two young people caught sight of one another, they were in love instantly.  They would run out at night and enjoy the city together as true lovers.  Eventually, my character collected enough money to pay for train tickets out of the state.  They prepared their things to leave, but your character's father finds out and sends out men to teach my character a lesson.  He killed the men in a fit of rage and is shot down by the local sheriff.  Your character is heartbroken.  She marries and has one child, but soon commits suicide afterwards.

Now it's the modern time.  Your character is visiting for a release from college, and you brought your best man buddy along for the ride.  You're not into him, although he is totally built and very much into you.  On a drunken night, he tries to put moves on you, but you outright reject him.  Pissed, he leaves, wandering the streets.  He walks into some weird hoodoo shop and thinks if he buys a cool gift for you, you'll forgive him.  He's a bastard to the owner, and she sells him a bone mask that is absolutely beautiful.  He buys it, walks outside, and the idiot puts it on his face.  He is possessed by my character instantly, and his body changes to accommodate the evil spirit.  Unknown to most, my character had a godmother versed in hoodoo magic, and she dug up his corpse, made a mask out of his skull, and cursed him to exact his revenge on the city one day. 

He goes on a killing and destruction rampage, and somehow somewhere, he sees you.  You're the spitting image of his love (possibly a reincarnation), and with his hellbent mind, he has to have you over and over again.  When the sun comes up, my character goes away, and the man friend is seemingly normal with no mask in hand.  The story will continue this way until either he is dragged back to hell or your character embraces him as her soul mate.  We can add things like your character having flashbacks and demons from hell seeking out the escaped prisoner.  This is what I imagine him to look like...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Warning: It will be bloody.  It will be gory.  It will be non-consensual.  So, if you're interested in being hunted down by a hell-escapee and forced to pleasure him until you somehow rid him of his curse, give a holler.

Offline ManofDawnLightTopic starter

Re: Slasher Film Story: Love Beyond Hell (MxF)
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2015, 12:23:17 AM »
Taken.  Sorry.