Sub F Seeking Dom Male

Started by AngelOfDarkness, January 12, 2015, 01:09:44 AM

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First and foremost I'm looking for a long term story in which we are both active.

Okay now I was looking for someone who could play the type of dominant who is patient and interested in developing a submissive girl who is new to having a dominant. Was thinking of us creating a world where slavery is okay as long as rules are followed. Rules for the safety of the slaves and rules for the slaves to follow.
A girl has been orphaned when her parents are killed while they robbed a store, she inherits their debt and to pay it off she is put into an auction house and up for auction. She is shy naive timid and scared, she will need a dominant who is willing to be patient and mould her, teach her the right ways to behave and act. But also teach her that this life is more than just serving, that a dominant cares for his submissive.
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Hi Angel,
Well just your age might be a blessing, so many hereabouts are in their teens or barely out of them. NZ? Well we're certainly on opposite sides of the world.
Yes to long term..... I'd love to be a dominant to your submissive. A master/slave relationship with an element of gentleness .......... sounds good.
Let's talk about this and maybe come up with a plot.  Punishment? Kinks? Fetishes?

Multiple orgasms? Why not me?
Sigh. God's too cruel, isn't She?