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Author Topic: Take me, break me (Sub F for Dom M)  (Read 428 times)

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Offline Servile SliverTopic starter

Take me, break me (Sub F for Dom M)
« on: January 11, 2015, 01:24:56 AM »
I'm an experienced roleplayer looking for dominant males to drag me through my submissive fantasies, kicking, screaming, and cumming. I'm more interested in smut than plot but background, set dressing, and the psychological underpinnings of a scene all make things more juicy. Domination is a smart man's game. Any brute can rape a bitch, but a real master is inside her head as much as his chains are on her body. I guess what I'm looking for is smart smut. My fantasies lie along the lines of being taken against my will and forced to submit to any sexual indignities my master might dream up. That said I prefer a more idealized take on things than a realistic one. After all, what is fantasy if we can't pick through for the dark, tantalizing bits that tempt us and lay aside the dark, off putting bits that repulse us?

PM me or post here if you're interested. I RP in threads.

Be Literate, but don't feel like you need to go overboard. A post should be like a cocktail dress, long enough to cover the subject but short enough to be interesting. I don't want just one paragraph but I don't want a novel either.

Don't Be Flakey. Leaving me hanging, say you're going to post and then not, or taking off without a word is not cool. I also prefer longer RPs, don't do a flurry of posts one day then leave me high and dry. I'd prefer to stay wet.

Be Patient. I hate the thought of leaving you hanging while you wait for me to post. I'm not the type of girl to throw up 9 posts in one night then leave without a word. I'll generally put up a post or two a day. Any more than that and I get burned out, any less than that and I lose interest. Sometimes I'll go a day or two without a post, writing sexy roleplay is a mood thing after all. I will never, ever leave a game without telling you.

Forced Exhibitionism
Multiple Partners
Piercing as ownership
Hidden sex toys in public
Forced Orgasm
Orgasm Control/Denial


My F-List

Plot Ideas

Chained to the Stars [sci-fi]
Mankind has reached beyond his cradle and begun to colonize alien worlds. But with reach come obstacles, and no species is more familiar with cruel necessity than man. Women are being signed on to interstellar projects and shipped out to serve as comfort slaves to mostly male crews. The problem is these women aren't told what they're getting into before they are sent off planet. Now, just as the ship breaks orbit and there is no turning back, our heroine is informed of her plight and the process of her breaking begins.

The Savage Wilds [fantasy]
A young princess and her entourage must take a perilous journey through the lands of the savage races. Spotted by scouts or tipped off by a traitor, a warband of orcs and hobgoblins descends on the pilgrimage and spirits off the princess. Now she must learn her place as a slave of the tribe, controlled body and mind by her captors as she is made a prize for the mightiest hunters, shared by the warrior cadre, and even forced to service their animals and beasts.

An Education [contemporary]
A highschooler runs afoul of a faculty member or fellow student when they catch her touching herself in school. Now caught up in a web of blackmail, she is forced to lie to her boyfriend and submit to her tormentors whims. But as his demands become more extreme and obscene she finds that she's losing herself to the pleasure and submission.

All Expenses Paid [contemporary]
A bookish coed is struggling with student debt and hears about a unique opportunity: Serve at a bdsm themed resort hotel on a tropical island for three months and return with half a million in cash. The only disquieting thing in the add is the cancellation policy. There is none. If you sign on, you're going whether you want to or not. She assumes that she'll be serving drinks and cleaning hotel rooms while dressed in a french maid outfit, maybe flirting with the guests for tips. She couldn't be more wrong. When she arrives she is whipped, stripped, and processed with the rest of the incoming slaves, her body offered up to every sexual perversion of her 'employers' whim. But as her mind breaks from the pleasure and the humiliation the question arises. When her time is up, will she really want to leave?

Prisoner of War [sci-fi]
The strong willed commander of an armored strike force is captured by a hostile star empire at war with her homeland. She proves surprisingly resistant to mind probing technology and conventional questioning and so an expert is brought in to break her will. Instead of pain she is sent into a double hell of plain and pleasure entwined. She is drugged with potent aphrodisiacs, Her body sensitivity is altered, and a nerve stimulating clitoral implant is installed that can inflict intense pain or unbearable ecstasy at the push of a button. Unable to resist, her will is slowly, surely, and brutally broken until she can't help but tell her captors anything they want to know, babbling and begging to be used like a whore.

Y [near future]
A mutative retrovirus escapes from a lab and tears through the human population, changing the genome so that humans have an extra sex chromosome. With an extra Y chromosome possible the statistical composition of humanity begins to shift. Instead of 50%/50% the genders are now distributed 75%/25%, three men for every woman on the planet. Two generations later mankind struggles to adapt to this earth shattering new paradigm. The precious few remaining women are guarded jealously, rounded up and enslaved en masse in an effort to save the population. Most are housed in communal pleasure houses where they are bred constantly by a depraved male population. But those newly enslaved have a darker fate, sent to cruel experts to be broken and trained as sex slaves.

The Sacrifice [fantasy]
A kingdom on the edge of a yawning abyss has only one way to pacify the dark forces that lap at its borders, a yearly virgin sacrifice to the dark beings that dwell there. The villagers shudder and leave the poor girl chained to the posts beyond the borders each year, trying to turn their minds from the dark beings that will feast on her flesh. They are right, but not in the way that they think. The sacrifice is spirited away to the demonic realm, a wanton place of raw pleasure and excruciating pain. She is bound and slowly broken, her mind and body re-shaped to fit her new master's dark whims.