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Author Topic: Interracial, Impregnation, Canons, and Lewd Debauchery of All Sorts (M for F)  (Read 13102 times)

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Offline NebuchadnezzarTopic starter

Updated Thread (CLICK HERE). This one is no longer active. Thank you for the good times. Updated 12/31/2018

Below you’ll see a list of my role play ideas and story-stems. I am usually extremely receptive to my partner's wants; it takes two to tango. But, if I do feel like we won't get along with a certain idea, we usually won't. So don't be offended if I turn down your offer. We'll talk about it. Now, before reading, keep in mind that I’m pretty filthy when it comes to erotic RP (probably like you) and I'm heavily invested in taboo themes that are personally relevant. I also do like smut as much as I like story. Those lurid details are always hot. Just browse down below to take a look at a few of my ideas and you’ll probably get what I mean. They are meant to serve as rough guidelines; we’ll talk out specifics together. Also, to put this out there, some of my top kinks include interracial play, risk of pregnancy, and often, adultery/cheating. As a reference, my complete list of ons and offs is right here: ►►►►►Click Me◄◄◄◄◄

Story Ideas/ Plot Stems: (feel free to mix and match or add your own setting/spin/idea!)
Note: A lot of these may be outdated. I will update them one day soon.

A Dark Turn for the Third Reich (NSFW links)
Maybe the idea is a little silly, but the basic premise is a female Nazi officer going black. Whether this actually takes place in the 1940s or it takes place in a present alternate universe in which the Nazis have won, I'm looking to include some heavy interracial focus. Black cock shock and heavier raceplay than usual is expected in this premise.

The Queen Goes Black (NSFW links)
Barbarians at the gate! YC's kingdom is in grave danger - especially with most of the men overseas, fighting other wars. Under immense stress, pressure, and desparation, YC, a Queen most noble, regal, and highly regarded, goes on a secret mission to negotiate with the barbarian warlord, camping at her gates. She offers money, land, anything the barbarian general wants to turn his men around. But he asks for the unthinkable. Will the noble white queen risk her pride for the sake of her people?...Obviously, there are layers upon layers to this we can add. Up to you how you wanna mess around with it.

Dr. Ziegler's PR Disaster (NSFW links, Overwatch Themed RP)

Dear Dr. Ziegler,

We are very sorry to hear about the recent incident reported by the mainstream media. This must feel horrible and we completely understand. Fortunately, at BBC Studios, we believe that person's reputation should not hinge upon a few silly remarks made in public. We believe in second chances. You have provided great services to society and your reputation should not be smeared for something like this. And so, in keeping with our goals, we are looking to provide you with an opportunity to redeem your public image and restore the good name of OVERWATCH. In case you are not aware, BBC Studios, has a great relationship with several media outlets, and we would be happy to broadcast your apology, and put in a good word for you. Everyone at the studio here is a big fan of you and we would all be happy to help show the world that you are anything but a racist.

If you are willing to work with us to meet our common goal, please report to the report to the Plaza Hotel, Room 169 this Friday at 7:00 PM. Our staff will be present there to help you clear your name. Thank you and good luck. We hope to see you soon.

Melvin Dufrane of BBC Studios

Niche Anime Idea with Lucoa

Sci-Fi Tribal Interracial (NSFW links)
I know, a lot of adjectives in the title. But I think that's the shortest way to describe this idea. Again, as always, I am open to variations on the theme, but here is an example outline: The year is 16718 A.D. and terrestrial humanity has been a space-faring civilization for several millennia. Despite much infighting, disease, and hardship, humanity has thrived: Your character can be some sort of a scientist/anthropologist. She is researching planets that humanity may have seeded long ago or even alien planets entirely. She happens upon a primitive (relative to 16718 AD!) civilization comprised mainly of large, strong black men - and of course, she would be interested in studying them. Unfortunately for her, she just happened to come across them during a very special time of the year: mating season. Now, she's definitely eager to learn all about this custom, maybe even write her thesis defense on it and get a professorship, become famous - and have a much more classier life for her her and her boyfriend back home. However, nothing in life comes free. For as the tribal customs go, outsiders aren't allowed a hundred foot near these sacred mating rituals. That is, not unless the outsider herself participates... I don't want to dictate your character too much, so just consider this as an example/template/outline. We'll definitely put out own spin on it.

The Price of Peace (NSFW links!)
As always, I'm going to leave a lot of the details blank for this one as I like to do world building with my partners so there's lots of fill-in-the-blanks here. For this one, I was thinking an alternate world/sci-fi scenario where two nations or even planets are in a stalemate, cold war of sorts:

1. They have worked out a treaty in which your character's side offers a yearly tribute to the other side. But unlike classical war, this isn't a tribute of money, property, armaments, or anything like that. It's a tribute of goods. And this year? Your character is the good.
That is, the annual tribute is always a woman. She isn't killed, sacrificed, or anything like that - instead, she's just offered up and whisked away for a few months. They always return...but just not quite the same. Now, why this custom takes place etc. can be discussed for the specific RP we do. Maybe it's because of the extremely low female population on the other side? Or maybe they just want a "play thing?" Either way, the selection is made randomly, and your character would be selected to go on this several month long adventure, in order to maintain peace. This can be a rather light-heated plot where a curious character explores a new culture. can be a lot more sinister with brainwashing, mind-breaking, and racial/species dominance themes with a ploy to impregnate and breed out the enemy. I'm open for the female lead to be different kinds of characters: a nerdy bookworm? an outgoing college girl? a loyal housewife? Each has its own appeal.

2. Alternatively, your character can be a diplomat of sorts, coming abroad the enemy ship/enemy land in order to hash out some sort of peace treaty between the two forces. Of course, initially your character would be treated as a guest, but there would still be some animosity between the two civilizations and races. However, a woman might be tempted, coerced to do certain things for the sake of her people, in order to ensure peace. How low would a proud, powerful, intelligent and capable leader go for the sake of her people? Well, that part is up to you. Again, I'd be looking for some strong raceplay themes for this one, similar to the suggestion above.

Gangbang Related Ideas MM(+?)F -- See Above
Click here. (Ideas are a little outdated; I'll post more soon)

A Scientist's Quest (NSFW links)
Reference image for this scene.
A brilliant woman with a PhD in experimental genetics, your character is out on a mission to earn her place in the canon of great scientists. But being a female in academia is tough. In order to stand out, she has to do something amazing - unusual. And so, she decides to do one of the following (you pick):

1. Set out to disprove the theory that black men are more potent and are better lovers than men of other races. (She'd be proven wrong, of course.)

2. In a world where black men are near extinct or are rare, she sets off to try to collect African semen samples to restore the race/create super-soldiers. She'll have to use unorthodox methods to undertake such a taboo experiment.

A Southern Wife's Downfall (NSFW links)

Your character is a beautiful and elegant Southern housewife with a prim and proper, upper-class upbringing. She lives in a very WASPy, gentrified, peaceful area mostly filled with the families of doctors, statesmen, lawyers and other high earning professionals. She's very happy with her family and very much in love with her husband in their private little paradise. But things change when a black neighbor from the hard streets of New York moves into the house right next to her. Of course, the other residents of the little town are appalled, but no one says anything outright. Even though it's a Southern town in which things as simple as interracial relationships are frowned upon, no one wants to appear as an upfront racist...

I can see things going down a few ways, but all of which would end with your character having adulterous sex with mine and possibly ending up pregnant with a black man's child (optional):

a) Your character is blackmailed into something, or pressured or threatened to do ungodly acts with the blackman after he exploits her. Maybe your character, due to a secret gambling addiction, has wasted away all her savings. Luckily, she finds out that her new neighbor runs a discreet, underground porn business that pays well? She'd never even think of spreading her legs for a black man...but with children to feed and family pride to uphold, what choice does she have? She might even grow to like it.

b) Casual encounters with the new neighbor next door leads the honest but bored housewife down a slippery slope of adultery. Maybe it starts off with a few encounters, then it moves to visiting her neighbor's place, and then one day, she even invites him over. Things can escalate through some innocent physical contact, eventually leading up to mind-numbing sex. We can take things slowly if you're looking for the more escapist adultery route.

c) If your character is a little gullible and unassuming, I'm thinking that her neighbor can trick her into being adulterous by convincing her that not doing so would make her a racist. But this is more reserved for the bimbo type - not full bimbo, but semi-bimbo. So your character would have to be a little dumb or a little naive. If she isn't naturally like this, we can make it so some sort of mosquito is spreading a virus that messes with the pheromone/hormone properties in white females and makes them ache for African seed.

College Student(s) x Posh Woman (NSFW links)
Reference image for this scene.
Simple pairing. I see a few scenarios we can do:
1. One-on-one: Your character is an adult woman who enrolls in a community college course. There, she meets my character who is another student and they begin to grow friendly. The pair can be assigned to do a project together, giving them ample time to know each other. Add in a little of white guilt and mid-30s white woman curiosity, and we have ourselves a fun time.

2. Gangbang 1: The black fraternity next door to Mrs. [Insert Your Character Here]'s suburban home has been making lots of noise lately. She had an intimate evening planned with her husband that night, but with all that noise, that doesn't seem like a possibility. Enraged and annoyed, she decides to march over next door in only her robe to give the rambunctious college boys a piece of her mind. Too bad she won't have much of a "mind" left in a couple of hours...

3. Gangbang 2: Woman visits her son at college. A son who happens to have a couple of strong, burly, black roommates who are enamored with the visiting vixen.

Canon Scenes (NSFW links)
Of course I enjoy these. But there are simply too many to list. Just ask me if you'd like to try something in a particular canon you might enjoy. I might know it. I'll just add some pictorial inspirations for now.

An Interview on Interracial Relations (NSFW)
You're a posh white girl who, for one reason or another, ends up in a ghetto part of town. You're suddenly approached by a small film crew of tall, strong, thuggish black men who claim to be doing a documentary on the urban area and are quite interested in your opinion on race relations and other things of that sort.  They're a little strange for a documentary camera crew though...they're not professionally dressed, they lack proper equipment, and their eyes are hungry and wandering all over you. But of course, you're not a racist, are you? You can't just refuse. So, the interview will go on and on...the questions will get more and more intimate...and hell, it might even come to a point where you'll have to prove you're not just some rich, careless, oblivious white girl. Because that's not you. And besides, whatever footage they get in their little cameras, they'll be sure to take out anything that's improper. They seem like nice guys. Just because they're black, doesn't mean they're inconsiderate. You can trust them with that much...It'll be a fun one time thing. Even if you have a boyfriend back home, it won't matter...I mean, you can't let anyone get away thinking you're a backwards thinking, racist person, can you?

Superheroine Gets Blacked (NSFW links)
It doesn't necessarily have to be a superheroine, but any girl who can put up a fight against intimidating odds can get thrown on the list here. This can include many canon characters but original characters are more than welcome as well. The scenarios below are very open to negotiation:

0. In order to save her reputation, a superheroine goes out of her way to prove she's not a racist. Check out my "Interview on Interracial Relations" idea to see what I might be getting at.

1. An encounter with my character (or characters) leads to a stunning defeat for yours. A harsh fight leaves the heroine disheveled, bruised, tired, and all worn out, with only tattered shreds of cloth left covering her body. This would give her attacker(s) the perfect opportunty to pummel her with (their) cock(s) into humiliating submission and utter defeat. It can be downright rape. Or it can be non-con turned to consensual. Up to you.

2. This scenario is a little silly, but it works if your character is the ditzy, gullible, or naive type, she can be convinced into accepting the merits of ingesting/intaking copious amounts of thick, virile, African semen. This could happen during the middle of a fight between your character and some arch nemesis. While she's weak and thrown aside to the ground, my character(s) can convince her that the potency of (their) semen can restore her to prime fighting form and give her the edge she needs. Instead, this can also happen while she's off duty, trying to discover the true potential of her strength.

3. Your character's secret identity or weakness is found out and through blackmail (or exploitation of this weakness), she's fucked and stuffed full of cum in every which way imaginable.

College Graduate's Descent Into Porn (NSFW links)
You know what sucks? Student loans. You know what pays well? Interracial porn. Your character is either a recent graduate or a new college student. She has been with other guys before...but hasn't really tried the dark meat. Well, college is a time for new experiences. So, whether she's on spring break or settling into the real world, fresh out of college, she'd be open for new adventures and a whole new world of experiences This can go many ways, ranging from studying abroad, a random hookup which turns into more, getting picked up at a nightclub/bar, a porn-shoot to pay off college debts, or a simple encounter with an upperclassman. Let's see where sociology 101 and her new curiosity can take her. #Blackcocksmatter

NieR: Automata - Interracial Idea (Video Game) (NSFW)
Reference image for this scene (SOUND INCLUDED).
Looking for someone who might be open to playing both 9S and 2B opposite of my character, for a RP. It would have to be AU considering the video game's universe. There are a few ways that this can go, but the basic premise would be 9S and 2B being sent on a mission (maybe back in time?) to scavenge human DNA. They have direct orders to collect several semen samples from a single specimen or even activate a fertility chip modification so 2B can breed and 9S can help. I think it might be fun to see Nines' reaction to sucking his first cock and watching 2B getting BLACKED.

I know it's a lot to ask for someone play two characters so I don't want to pressure anyone who is overwhlemed by the idea. I think the back and forth between the canon characters could be very enjoyable, especially if you're into exploring the mixed emotions of the experiences felt by the androids.

Interracial Breeding Program (NSFW links)
In the future, the black race has all but died out due to the spread of a mutated strain of virus. With the rest of the world once again having lost touch with the sensibilities towards their darker skinned brothers, the world government chooses to implement a system to foster racial understanding (and to restore the black race). And thus, they start a program in which every living black male is housed into a pre-existing family unit that has shown instances of racial intolerance or ignorance in the past. The household must tend to all of the black bull's needs while it is the job of the visitor to mark his territory, and make sure the family grows an understanding for racial differences. It may also be the case that the housed male is expected to breed with the women of the household and government propaganda is spread which encourages the women to mate with the black man. Failing to do so may result in social stigma, being labeled a racist, or hefty government fines. But it's all in the name of racism conversion therapy. I am open to HEAVILY ALTERING the details of this scene as long as we have a similar core idea as a base.

A Chocolate Surprise (NSFW links)
I'm looking to do a scene in which a slightly or mildly racist woman is tricked into doing something like this... This can go down a number of ways. Some examples I can think of is a swinging couple or a relatively conservative married woman who is tricked by her husband (with a bait and switch) into having sex with a black man. Maybe her partner is liberal minded and wants to teach her equality the hard way. Another example  can include her friends setting her up for similar reasons or something involving a pornography shoot. Those are only a few ideas. The woman need not have to be racist nor narrow minded - she can simply be inexperienced in this specific venue. We can of course discuss more and adjust the idea according to your opinions. We can further decide when the big reveal - the taking off of the blindfold comes. Halfway into them having sex? Once they've already done the deed? Once she notices something is up? We can make this long term if the scene calls for it too. Despite which way we go, the  gist of the idea would be (to put it in a crude way): have a blindfolded woman duped into sucking and fucking her first black cock.

MMF Threesome Gone Awry
You recently came across a pornographic video which showed a woman being penetrated by two men, simultaneously (or in general, having two sexual partners at once). This excites you, thoroughly...mainly because your husband/boyfriend hasn't quite been getting the job done since you've been with him and you're just aching for something more. Or maybe it's the case that you found a collection of such videos hidden away in his porn-stash. Since you're an honest woman, you'd never imagine cheating on your partner. But it's not cheating if he's okay with it, is it? So when your birthday comes along, you ask your partner for a special present - to share you in bed with another man just for one night. He's uneasy about it at first, but seeing the excitement in your eyes, he caves, wanting to make you happy. Now, you find the third member of the party, someone handsome, and someone you've probably had a thing for for quite a while. It all begins playfully enough, your significant other happy that you're getting what you wished for you're happy for obvious reasons. But things take a turn for the worst when it turns out the third member is very well endowed and much more pleasurable than your partner.....In terms of directions we can go with this, I'm thinking simple ideas and light cuckolding. As in, maybe you jerk off the characters simultaneously and make a joke that the first one to cum has to clean up while the one who can hold it in can blast inside. Or maybe the condoms you use with your partner are too tight and restrictive for the third party and you decide to go it raw while your exhausted and jealous partner watches. A single one of us can play the part of the husband/boyfriend or we can share playing him. Interracial themes can be added to the mix if you'd like.

The Mob Collects its Due (NSFW links)
A married couple is having some financial trouble. Without her consent,  her husband ends up borrowing from a loan shark/mob leader. One evening while hubby is off working, two muscled black men in suits come to collect the overdue payment. The wife answers the door and the two mobsters decide to extract payment off of her. Maybe it can start slow - at first her being coerced into doing a simple sex act and then, in a few days, being blackmailed/forced into doing more perverse things at the threat of her husband's safety.

The Incubus’/Demon’s New Victim

It’s been 2 weeks since you moved into your new house, family and all. Things have worked out excellently – the house came at a cheap price, there were barely any reparations that had to be made, and it was located in such a notable neighborhood. You and your husband/boyfriend have been trying for some time now to have a(nother) child, but you’ve either had no luck or your partner has shown no interest. It does upset you, deeply, but you carry on. One day, while cleaning the cellar, deciding to get rid of old things that the previous owner had left behind, you come across an ancient, leatherbound book. Opening it, you take note of weird symbolisms, poetry, incantations and images. Now, either on purpose or inadvertently, you end up summoning an incubus/demon who was drawn out due to your lust an wanting. He can either take you by force  at first or you can be reluctant, but it all ends in deep, penetrative sex and pregnancy.

An Insidious Invitation (NSFW links)
My character would be some kind of mogul who makes a few public appearances but keeps his privacy for the most part (think Great Gatsby but a tad more extroverted). He’s well known for making hefty donations to different charities and pulling the strings behind operations economical large. Where does he get his money? No one knows. However, people do get a chance to meet him. Annually, he extends a 2 week invitation to five random people around the world to come live with him. It’s considered a great honor as very few ever get the chance to see his private mansion, replete with all the accommodations of a five-star hotel. For some reason, these random candidates always end up being stunningly attractive women…and this year, you are one among them. This RP can go a number of ways. Your character can be a reporter, an actress, anyone, really. It’s up to you. I’d also love it if you’d be able to play multiple females for the possibility of M/F/F scenes. But I don’t want to ask too much/overwhelm anyone. Basically, I was thinking my character would have some hidden agenda and the two-week vacation would be an all-out fuck-fest in which the women are seduced in one manner or another. We can involve drug-play/aphrodisiac usage if you’d or we can have them tempted in other ways. This can all lead up to some secret cult-like fertility rituals that takes place among our characters. I’m open to discussion.

Post-Workout Affair (NSFW links)
Reference image for this scene.
A relatively quick and simple set of scenes with minimum plot. I'd love to do this scene with a character that has a sporty, athletic body type (see gif above).

1. My character is your character's personal trainer. Session after session has drawn the characters closer together and finally, in a burst of mad passion, either he or your character makes a move. Emphasis would be on sweat, heat, risky sex, and the excitement of a sudden and abrupt outbreak of primal breeding.

2. The scene can also take place in a public shower setting. Your character hit the gym late at night for one reason or another and heads to the Women's showers to wash off. Unfortunately, the plumbing in the Women's room is broken. But instead of going home all sweaty, your character decides to head on over to the Men's shower, assuming (hoping) no one would be there this late in the night. Obviously, she's wrong. This scene could be consensual or non-consensual with singular or multiple men. That part's up to you.

Your Idea Here
I mean it when I say I'm interested in hearing from you too.

As a final note, you should know, I’m not an expert writer. Nor am I an aspiring writer like many of you talented folk. I haven't been RPing for too long (maybe 3-4 years on and off). I am however, literate, trying to improve, and getting better each day. Post-length depends on the RP and also on you. I usually mimic my partner's average post-size. But I'm comfortable with anything from a paragraph to multiple paragraphs. Also, my replies may be a little sporadic. Maybe I'll reply multiple times in a day. There will also be times you might not hear from me for a week. I don't usually drop a role play out of the blue. So just be forward with me, keep lines of communication open, and all will be well. No matter who you are, always feel free to say hi and we'll think up something amazing together. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Offline Envious

The Mob Collects its Due (NSFW links)
A married couple is having some financial trouble. Without her consent,  her husband ends up borrowing from a loan shark/mob leader. One evening while hubby is off working, two muscled black men in suits come to collect the overdue payment. The wife answers the door and the two mobsters decide to extract payment off of her. Maybe it can start slow - at first her being coerced into doing a simple sex act and then, in a few days, being blackmailed/forced into doing more perverse things at the threat of her husband's safety.

Love that gif!
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Offline NebuchadnezzarTopic starter

Love that gif!

Same here. One of my favorites.