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Author Topic: Vampires and blood dolls (Mostly based on Vampire Chronicles) F for M  (Read 356 times)

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Offline BeccaTopic starter

Welcome and thanks for taking an interest in my request! Do take a cookie, make yourself comfortable, and if you're interested in my idea for a rpg, please do not post in this thread but rather send me PM. I'll be sure to reply :)

Lately I've been having a craving for a good vampire story. Not the twilight kind, mind you. I could go different ways, but mostly, I'd love playing something based on the works of Anne Rice. It's NOT A MUST, and if you do have any ideas involving vampires, blood dolls and darkness in general, I'm more than happy to hear it out and discuss it. Whether it's a concept leaning towards Bram Stoker's Dracula, White Wolf's World of Darkness or basically any other kind of vampire which is not in any ways related to the twillight saga, you already have my attention.

That being said, Anne Rice's works are what I'm most tempted by right now. Depravity, fascinating characters and dark, obsessive romance is certainly my cup of tea. I'd adore playing against characters like Lestat, Armand and Marius, but also OCs. As for CCs for myself, Bianca, Jesse or even Merrick could be characters I'd be open to trying, but I'd much prefer going with an OC, specially a human being used as a blood doll by my partner's character.


Let's face it, Lestat is a brat. I'd love someone to be able to convey this trait, while also managing to show across his boldness, enthusiasm for beauty and defiant attitude. He delights in his own arrogance and conceited attitude. Though he can certainly be cruel, Lestat is capable of showing concern for the welfare of others, exhibiting a strong altruistic nature at several stages in the books.

Marius the romanus

First of all, please, please, if you want to play him, don't base him on the horrible movie adaptation of him (Small, ugly and with short black hair, when he's described in the books as a tall, gorgeous roman patrician with celtic roots and luscious long blond hair. Same goes for Armand being played by Antonio Bandera when he's one of the book's most youthful looking characters -without taking into account Claudia, of course-)
Marius is an exceptionally sagacious, wise and optimistic vampire, and yet he has a fiery personality, being able of an incredible rage which makes him take rush decisions he often comes to regret later on -like pushing Pandora away-. He has a great passion for the arts and is a master painter and great scholar. He loves to read and to write. Marius' interests include all manner of intellectual and artistic pursuits.


I adore this little chameleon. The way he changes his demeanor over time and his physical appearance every night with any whim he might have. Armand's personality is that of a typical teenage boy, though more refined. He is still prone to impulsive and extreme acts, and definitely can be the most sadistic out of the three characters, capable of as much obsessive behaviour as Lestat but seemingly less worries about the consequences of his acts, if that is at all possible. Forever youthful (After all, he was 17 when transformed. We can change it to 18 or 19 if underage is an issue, though he's well over 500 years old), and quite vain, I'd definitely see him taking a pretty little thing as his plaything.

Daniel Molloy

I'd also fancy someone to play Daniel, preferably after his transformation. His intense curiosity, intelligence and self destructive behaviours could certainly prove to be interesting to play against. He does lose his mind for a while after being given the gift, and that could certainly be played in the rpg, as he slowly recovers from his madness and his faculties are restored.

That's a small summery of these three main characters I'd love playing against, if anyone would be interested in playing as them. If not, as always, an OC can certainly be as appealing. I'd be open to hearing most ideas, and as for the actual plot, as long as we keep it dark and twisted, there is lots of room for discussion with my any potential partners.

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